One of the few traditional Conservatives to have served on the Tory front bench under Cameron, Paterson was Secretary of State for Northern Ireland before being promoted to the more high profile role of Secretary of State for Defra.

Candidate of the day

Owen Paterson

One day to go and Sir John Major has weighed in. “Labour divides to rule. To win votes they will turn rich against poor; north against south; worker against boss." We hope we don't wake up with them on Friday.

Hero of the day

Sir John Major

Another awful Labour woman. The fact Ed Miliband’s carved his pledges in stone doesn't mean he might not break them, campaign chief Lucy Powell has said.

Villain of the day

Lucy Powell



Back marriage. Restore grammar schools. Leave the EU.

Karen Harradine

Karen Harradine

Karen is an anthropologist and freelance journalist. She writes on anti-Semitism, Israel and spirituality.
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Karen Harradine: We should ally with Muslim reformers to conquer the Islamist threat

Our human primitive and tribal response to threats – honed by thousands of years of battling to survive – is to identify the enemy so we can protect ourselves and our children. If this does not happen we become panicked and retreat into mob mentality. We may then latch onto preposterous conspiracy theories or vacuous […]


Karen Harradine: Terminate the atrocious, socialist NHS

(In the first part of a series of alternative manifesto ideas, Karen Harradine sets out her ideas on healthcare) My friend was beautiful, intelligent and kind. In the spring of 2015 she experienced crippling stomach pains. Her symptoms were repeatedly dismissed by various GPs as viruses, IBS or stress. Three months later my friend died from ovarian cancer. She […]


Karen Harradine: Corbyn should quit now to save democracy

The politics of the jealous, the stupid and the negative do not win votes.  Nothing could exemplify this more than the routing of Labour in the recent local elections – in which the Labour Party lost seven councils and 382 seats. The Conservative Party by contrast gained 562 seats and four mayors, some in traditional Labour […]


Karen Harradine: DFID’s inverted colonialism could cost May at the polls

This is part two of Karen’s profile of DFID, read part one here. The Department for International Development (DFID) should be disbanded and a policy put in place which allows for an emergency reserve of funds to help those in humanitarian need. The UK is a relativity wealthy country but is heavily in debt. A […]


Karen Harradine: DFID indulges shady people in sunny places

How clever of Theresa May to call for an early election. But how stupid of her to re-commit to ring fencing 0.7 per cent of state spending for the Department for International Development (DFID). In principle the idea of DFID is a good one. Our Judeo-Christian ethos and heritage teaches us that we must help the less […]


Karen Harradine: Red Ken’s risible suspension is the tip of Labour’s anti-Semitic iceberg

The Labour Party has just vomited all over the annals of history. Their weak response to the vile anti-Semitism of the new poster boy of Holocaust deniers – Ken Livingstone – is a disgrace. A year’s suspension is meaningless but unsurprising given that Labour is the go to party for Jew haters. Perhaps Labour’s cowardly […]