One of the few traditional Conservatives to have served on the Tory front bench under Cameron, Paterson was Secretary of State for Northern Ireland before being promoted to the more high profile role of Secretary of State for Defra.

Candidate of the day

Owen Paterson

One day to go and Sir John Major has weighed in. “Labour divides to rule. To win votes they will turn rich against poor; north against south; worker against boss." We hope we don't wake up with them on Friday.

Hero of the day

Sir John Major

Another awful Labour woman. The fact Ed Miliband’s carved his pledges in stone doesn't mean he might not break them, campaign chief Lucy Powell has said.

Villain of the day

Lucy Powell



Back marriage. Restore grammar schools. Leave the EU.

Laura Perrins

Laura Perrins

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Lay off the oldies. It is not necessarily their fault that ‘young people’ are now screwed. A new study by the Resolution Foundation has found that pensioners have higher incomes than working families – but only after household costs are considered. “Before household costs, those of working age actually have a higher average income than […]


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If there is one thing I intend to save both my daughters from, it is the poisonous, odious feminist ideology. If it takes my last drop of blood, I will prevent their minds being warped by this destructive nonsense that tells them they will face a lifetime of discrimination in the workplace and personal attacks […]