One of the few traditional Conservatives to have served on the Tory front bench under Cameron, Paterson was Secretary of State for Northern Ireland before being promoted to the more high profile role of Secretary of State for Defra.

Candidate of the day

Owen Paterson

One day to go and Sir John Major has weighed in. “Labour divides to rule. To win votes they will turn rich against poor; north against south; worker against boss." We hope we don't wake up with them on Friday.

Hero of the day

Sir John Major

Another awful Labour woman. The fact Ed Miliband’s carved his pledges in stone doesn't mean he might not break them, campaign chief Lucy Powell has said.

Villain of the day

Lucy Powell



Back marriage. Restore grammar schools. Leave the EU.

Rev Jules Gomes

Rev Jules Gomes

The Rev'd Dr Jules Gomes is pastor of St Augustine's Church, Douglas, on the Isle of Man.
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‘Rebel Priest’ Rev Jules Gomes: We were happiest in 1957 – and highly religious

Happiness is a serious problem. Happiness in Britain peaked in 1957. It has never returned to that level in the last 70 years, says the Understanding Happiness study conducted by the University of Warwick and the Social Market Foundation. How do we solve the problem of happiness? Will roping in Nanny State Governess Mary Poppins […]


Rev Jules Gomes: Religious belief is not about wearing hijabs or crosses. The ECJ is right

If you were a private employer would you want the freedom to prohibit your employees from wearing conspicuous and recognisable religious, political or ideological attire in the workplace? If a particular employee refused to remove her headscarf and told you it was her ‘right’ would you want to sack her, or if another insisted on […]


‘Rebel Priest’ Rev Jules Gomes: Feeble feminists abandon their Muslim sisters

It was the best of times for the women of the West; it was the worst of times for the women of the Islamic world — even the Muslim women who live in the West. So what did Western feminists celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) last week do to help their oppressed Muslim sisters blanketed […]


‘Rebel Priest’ Rev Jules Gomes: The false gospel of feminism is a pagan gospel

(TCW’s Rebel Priest writes on how feminism has affected the Church in the first of our series of articles to ‘celebrate’ International Women’s Day on Wednesday.) Hell hath no fury like a feminist scorned. The Itchy and Scratchy Show featured in The Simpsons is being replayed by the feministasi of the Church of England. Only […]


Rev Jules Gomes: The myth of the militant Muslim minority is a placebo

The most common argument used to support immigration from Muslim-majority countries is that the vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving and those who support violence in the name of Islam are only a tiny minority. That’s what we are told. But how small is that minority? That’s what no one is telling us. Finally, after […]


‘Rebel Priest’ Rev Jules Gomes: Synod fiddles while Canterbury burns

Twice a year, around 500 adult Anglicans come together to play adult Anglican games. Games played by the General Synod of the Church of England include Blind Bishops’ Buff, Bible Bingo, Fudging the Faith, Blowing Hot Air Balloons, Let’s Pretend We’re Parliament, Covering your Backside and Tailing Balaam’s Ass. This year, in the interests of […]