One of the few traditional Conservatives to have served on the Tory front bench under Cameron, Paterson was Secretary of State for Northern Ireland before being promoted to the more high profile role of Secretary of State for Defra.

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One day to go and Sir John Major has weighed in. “Labour divides to rule. To win votes they will turn rich against poor; north against south; worker against boss." We hope we don't wake up with them on Friday.

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Another awful Labour woman. The fact Ed Miliband’s carved his pledges in stone doesn't mean he might not break them, campaign chief Lucy Powell has said.

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Back marriage. Restore grammar schools. Leave the EU.

Lefty Lunacy: RSPCA declares fluffy class war

The RSPCA has been going door-to-door asking for people’s bank details in an attempt to raise ‘fighting funds’ to go towards court cases. Kindly old ladies be warned.

This is despite being put ‘on probation’ by ministers for two years due to their overzealous legal meddling and  their unfair pursuit of pet owners and hunts.

TCW wonders whether the RSPCA would be so desperate for your money if they hadn’t morphed into a fluffy branch of class war?

(Image: Betty Longbottom)

The Conservative Woman

  • Labour_is_bunk

    Wot? Expecting you to hand over bank details just like that?

    Surely this (if not illegal) contravenes some “best practice” code or other – or perhaps it’s another twist in the downward spiral of collective madness in the world today.

    • Corblimey

      Some of the charities send dubious characters to pester old people in their homes. Winter nights the old folks just get settled and adjust for draughts and there is a knock. They have started dressing them in ill fitting incongruous, charity store jackets and ties with plastic IDs available to anyone. One character when told to vacate was about to argue the toss when his training kicked in. The CEO’s who earn significant amounts must be made legally responsible under the law.

  • Colkitto03

    Maybe if they had not spent vast amounts on trying to prosecute Fox hunters they would have some spare. The RSPCA morphed into a highly political organisation in the last 10 years and abused its position as being one of the few bodies able to take forward prosecutions.
    A lot of regular donators grew sick of this, especially when they, to be blunt, expect their money to be spent in saving cats and dogs.

    • Lagopus scotica

      Especially as the ban was introduced against the (Labour) Government’s own scientific report which found that fox hunting is the least cruel method of fox control.

      Yet the RSPCA would not support fox hunting, because, as you say, they are highly political.

      • simonstephenson

        Yes, but we both know that the ban was 0% to do with foxes, and 100% to do with urban leftists seeking to make a vivid demonstration to their critics that they, the Left, now held the reins of power, and that they could now do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, regardless of any unwelcome consequences that may result from their actions.

        • Lagopus scotica

          Exactly, showing the RSPCA to be the politicised urban leftists they are, who no longer care about the welfare of wild animals.

          • Colkitto03

            Quite agree,
            I honestly believe it was things like this and hundreds of other that fed into the Brexit vote.
            It wasn’t just about the EU, it was about punishing an establishment which has stopped listening.
            The unending imposition of the views of the metropolitan elite.

          • simonstephenson

            Yes, I agree, but I think that the prime cause of the polarisation and intolerance may be that fewer and fewer adults have developed the means to behave in an adult way. It’s not so much that they have decided to act like children, it’s that their upbringing has left them no choice but to do so.

            Worrying times, if this is true, but even more worrying if we are so fearful of it being true that we deny out of hand the very possibility that this may be the case.

          • Mary Ann

            What has brexit got to do with hunting. Although I expect the “unspeakable” were a large part of the brexit vote.

          • Colkitto03

            Its about an urban political elite imposing its politically correct will on a rural minority.
            A fair society relies on us feeling like we are all ‘in it together’
            It was a massive establishment miscalculation. The worst mistake you can make is to even think it was about foxes (the uneatable).
            When you tell the indigenous population for forty years to respect foreign cultures and then attack them for thier own traditions, well chickens come home to roost (free Range).
            Not a peep out our establishment about how halal or kosher meat is prepared is there? The public are not fools, they see the hypocrisy.
            People who oppose fox hunting are the ‘useful fools’ of big corporate money. Its diverts the attention from a mass of real animal cruelty. That is a crime.

          • dexey
          • Colkitto03

            Its about attacking a huge straw man set up the establishment. Use your passion ,energy and commitment to fight real animal cruelty.

          • Little Black Censored

            It is about hatred for people who ride horses.

          • dexey

            Why would a Conservative hate somebody for riding a horse?

          • Mary Ann

            Lets see, a ban on hunting is cruel to wild animals. I’m sure that makes sense.

          • AKM

            Of course it is, the alternative is to have no Foxes at all; just wipe them out like the wolves were.

          • Colkitto03

            And that is the truth. AKM, spot on.
            i come from a rural farming community. Ive seen the slaughter in a hen house after a fox’s visit.. Where i come from a fox would be tracked and its den ‘dug up’ and if needed killed with a shovel over the head along with any young. Its not pretty but it is required..
            Fox hunting relies on a lot of Foxes (wouldn’t you guess), they are even fed during the winter. Without fox hunting what value do foxes have?

      • Adrian Johnson

        The real reason is that Labour can’t bear to see Conservatives wearing elegant clothes having fun with dogs and horses in elitist sports.

        • Fubar2

          What, like show jumping then, for instance or three day eventing? Yeah, those sports are over-run with anti’s, regularly, arent they? LOL.

        • Mary Ann

          I suppose that is a good enough excuse for a cruel “sport.” Don’t tell me, the fox thinks it’s great fun as well.

      • Fubar2

        No, its because it is cruel. You’re conflating cause and effect.

      • Mary Ann

        Great method of controlling foxes so efficient the hunts had to breed their own foxes to hunt.

        • Colkitto03

          i don’t mean to be flippant here, but what is your point? Is it better these foxes never existed? A young, fit fox will lose a pack every time (i agree its stressful, but so is life)
          Hunts will pick off the old and the weak which is not a bad method of control.
          In the wild, a pack of wolves will always target the old or weak. Its a story as old as time.

        • Aaron D Highside

          Who on earth told you that?

    • Fubar2

      The only reason they did move into spending money on prosecutions is because the law did not and still does not, even when the violation of the law is flagrant.

      • Colkitto03

        I appreciate your stance, I’m genuinely no fan of fox hunting. But my point is not a moral argument promoting fox hunting.
        A law that is unenforceable is a bad law. The RSPCA learned this the hard way. At the end of the day it is prohibitively expensive. Add to that, that it is viewed as putting animals before people. Public support for implementing this way is very low.
        In the end it makes a mockery of the law if the public see that it cannot be enforced. It damages the institution we depend on.
        One case cost the RSPCA a million pounds of donors money. Personally I would like to see that money directed against factory farming or puppy farms.

        • Phil R

          Iast sentence said it as it is.

          Worry about a few foxes, but ignore million of animals reared in tiny cages for food

          • Colkitto03

            I only buy free range eggs, I only buy British free range pork, when I heard Morrisons were selling milk from non intensive dairy herds I went and bought it.
            But none of them have long furry tails. Foxes have a big place in our folklore and I can understand why they are loved. I love seeing a fox in the wild. But as George Orwell reminds us ; ‘some animals are more equal than others’

        • Paul Robson

          Don’t I recall them really pushing a prosecution in Cameron’s constituency ? Coincidential, I’m sure.

  • Sheik Rhat el Anrhol

    They are not `fluffy’. Like Oxfam and many other leftist `charities’ they are mostly in business to enrich their executives, which they do very efficiently.

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracies, which is essentially that, eventually, in organisations like the RSPCA, all the idealists will be driven out by cynical nest-featherers.

  • weirdvisions

    If you love animals you don’t need to donate to the RSPCA. I donate to the local independent animal shelter. They are in it for the animals, not the glory or the loot.

  • simonstephenson

    It may seem like splitting hairs, but I think that in reality what has happened is that the RSPCA, with all its historical goodwill, has been colonised and subsequently taken over by the class-war, everything-is-political Left. It’s not that the people running the old RSPCA have subordinated animal respect to political points-scoring, it’s that they have been replaced on the quiet by people to whom political points-scoring is what life’s all about, and to whom the taking over of the direction of well-funded, ostensibly non-political organisations is all part of the game.

    • Adrian Johnson

      They’ve done the same thing with what used to be respectable newspapers. . .

  • Fubar2

    Sorry guys. I dont agree. I’ve been donating to the the RSPCA for a number of years, am quite happy to see them fight the court cases against illegal hunting etc, which the law should be taking care of but cant be bothered to.

    And, I can assure you, I’m about as far from being a bleeding heart fluffy class war lefty as it is possible to get. Seriously. I find hunting an odious anachronistic practise with not a single redeeming characteristic about it that stands up to even the most cursory of examination, be it either rural employment, be it “pest control”, be it protection of livestock, or anything else. Every single one of the arguments put forward in favour of it can be comprehensively overturned inside two paragraphs. All that remains to support it is “tradition”.

    While it could be argued that the legislation itself was ineffective, full of holes and possibly motivated by elements of the Labour left figuring they were going into class war against the toffs, the thing is, there are a growing number of people, be they urban or rural who agree with the thrust and the intention of the act and do support the ban, however ineffective it might be.

    No one is saying that you cant trail hunt. No one is saying that you cant ride across the countryside, dressed as whatever you want. But you cannot choose what laws you obey and decide that this is just lefty hate filled vindictiveness to spoil your fun that the great urban unwashed dont understand and carry on deliberately killing wildlife because you always have done. You could not be further from the truth.

    • Phil R

      Rural communities have developed traditional sports for a reason.

      They bring people together, provide employment and keep the wildlife in balance.

      Like everything the government tries to regulate with its iron fist from schools to people’s thoughts, we end up with more expense, less virtue and less freedom

      • Mary Ann

        Hunts breed foxes to kill chickens so as to give them an excuse to kill foxes.

        • Phil R

          I live in the countryside.

          I sssure you, Foxes need no special breeding. ….

      • Colkitto03

        Hear Hear,

      • Sheila

        Wildlife doesn’t need human Intervention to balance it
        That’s just a sorry excuse to snuff out a life for no valid reason whatsoever

        • Phil R

          I suppose you never kill flies and your shoes are made of…..

          Only a vegan diet?

        • Aaron D Highside

          Rabbits worldwide? Cane toad plague in Australia? Mosquitoes?

        • Adrian Johnson

          You are obviously not an ecologist; nor aware of the damage caused by introduction of aggressive American grey squirrels, which carry a type of contagious cancer-virus which kills our native red squirrels. Without human intervention, the red squirrels population wouldn’t have survived into the 21st century. The grey squirrels “need their lives snuffed out for a very valid reason”. Same with the over-population of badgers, who no longer have a natural predator–because of badger overpopulation (because people don’t want badgers culled) the hedgehog population is endangered –badgers eat too many of them– and “innocent” dairy cows have to be shot when the;y contract TB from too many badgers infesting their pastures.

    • Sheila

      They spend too much of the donations prosecuting the wrong people
      They know it but in order for saving face they refuse to admit spending an average of £30,000 on court cases after stealing well cared for, well loved family pets
      Oh and they plead they are against BSL while they steal bull breeds and try their damndest to kill them

    • Labour_is_bunk

      Question of priorities isn’t it?

      I make no comment on the rights or wrongs of hunting foxes, but going after a few “toffs” in fancy clothes is far easier (albeit more expensive) than tackling the ongoing cruelty towards domestic animals right under our noses in urban areas.

    • Philip Walling

      How do you feel about shooting foxes to control them?

      And the animals sacrificed in their hundreds of thousands for scientific experiments that you no doubt benefit from?

      And what about halal slaughter? Why isn’t the RSPCA campaigning against and prosecuting muslim slaughterhouses for breach of the animal health regulations?
      Why do they appear to support so-called ‘religious’ exemptions and yet they foam at the mouth about foxhunting? Have you ever seen halal slaughter? Do you know that over half the sheep killed in Britain are slaughtered by having their throats cut without stunning?
      Do you know that all the lamb in some supermarkets is slaughtered halal so the muslims will buy it and the rest of us don’t care enough not to?

      What about pet dogs made to wear silly little coats by the very ‘little old ladies’ who donate to the RSPCA?

      • Adrian Johnson

        Hear hear about the ghastly halal slaughter !
        Last year secret cameras caught some halal slaughter-men teasing & tormenting animals before they killed them.
        That sort of brutality is as far from British sensibilities as you can get.

        • Busy Mum

          A big problem is that the halal abbatoirs can pay farmers much more for the animals than non-halal abbatoirs can afford.

  • Charleston

    They also run a monthly clinic near me where local pet owners can get subsidised vaccinations and neutering for their pets. Which I am more than happy to donate to.
    Or is this a lefty plot too ?!

    • Busy Mum

      Maybe pet owners should count the cost before indulging in something they cannot afford?

      • Charleston

        Is rescuing an animal an indulgence ? How would you solve the problem of strays if not by rehoming and specifically neutering ?

  • animalnut

    Anyone who gives their bank details to a stranger at the door deserves all they get !