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Ever since the outing of serial sexual attacker Harvey Weinstein, men have been on public trial. They have been subjected to an across-the-board character assassination. Innocent until proved guilty in the law maybe, but in the trial by media that’s followed they’ve been presumed guilty without recourse to due process.

One man is dead. Several other men’s reputations, family lives and perhaps their careers too have been irretrievably damaged.

Yet the bullying continues. Women commentators, instead of re-directing women to the law to pursue their grievances, continue to encourage the media witch-hunt,  the viciousness of its tone scaling up, not down the while: ‘Almost every day’, Nesrene Malik wrote, ‘there is a man’s sneering, hovering head sitting on top of a few hundred words of what is really no less than the sort of existential hysteria of an animal whose cosy ecosystem has been disturbed.’

If such derogatory commentary is anything to go by, Carl Sargeant’s death is not proving the watershed moment some of us hoped for. In what appears to be a cop-out, Labour now says its investigation into allegations that led to Mr Sargeant’s death can’t continue. If the police don’t take it up his reputation will  have died with him.

So this ever more ludicrous trial by media  goes on, its justification still insisted on, not least by one of its instigators, Jane Merrick.  As my co-ed commented yesterday, it must take a huge amount of self-delusion to be invested in such nonsense. Who do they think they are? Rosa Parks? Not one of these women seems prepared to take any responsibility for her own actions.

But men are silent. They stand accused of  sexual harassment en masse; of creating a climate of fear and intimidation in which women have to work, an allegation serious enough  for the PM to put it before other business, but they still stay silent.

Where’s their protest? Will they not speak out even in self defence? Not even to condemn the casual conflation of  flirtation, inconsequential body-touching or familiar or derogatory comments (all of which women are ‘guilty’ of too) with serious sexual assault?

Of the four hundred and twenty two male MPs just two have had the guts to do so. Veteran member Sir Roger Gale alone dared take to the airwaves, while Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 Committee, remarked on ‘a degree of anguish that these things also unfairly tarnish the vast majority of MPs who are committed to public service and to doing good for their constituents’.

Are we to believe the rest are in accord with the vindictive Mrs Leadsom? That they stand squarely behind Jeremy Corbyn’s denunciation of a culture of degradation in Westminster? Do they want us to believe they are all guilty?

The silence is deafening. As the united front of Corbyn, Cable and May met to ‘collectively signal their virtue’, as one commentator on this site put it, we heard not so much as a bleat.

You would think men would be infuriated by the double standards, the aspersion cast on their sex, the myths perpetuated by attention-seeking ‘I too have been abused by ten Tory MPs’ Guardianista female columnists and by the idea that we live in some sort patriarchal theocracy, rather than a society in which women are already on top.

Newspaper editors appear totally uninterested in exploring men’s reactions to MeToo, in finding out whether men feel angry, abused or despairing. Do men not count? Or is it that editors fear ‘unpublishable’ responses that would ‘label’ them as unreconstructed in the eyes of the feminist thought police, should they print what they find out?

The mainstream media’s male commentators seem as cowed as the male MPs. Perhaps they are all genuine converts to the feminist cause,  fearing  Marina Hyde  might turn on them having dealt with Westminster. ‘I read recently’ she joked, ‘that parliamentary authorities spent £130k on pest control, but it turns out to have been the wrong kind of pest’.

Are they as fearful of the feminist columnists as male MPs are of the feminist MPs like Jess Phillips who takes any witch-hunt talk by male colleagues as a mark of their guilt?

Imagine, for one minute, the furore were a man was to write about women as pests to be eliminated. This, surely, has to be the real culture of harassment and one that has crept up on us.

Perhaps it is a case of who needs enemies when you have ‘friends’ like the insufferably smug Guardian commentator Jonathan Friedland who says ‘on sexual harassment we men need to be clear: the problem is not women, it is us’.

No, Jonathan. The problem society has today with bad, coarse and aggressive behaviour, online and off, with the breakdown of respect between the sexes (which appears to infect Labour’s ranks  particularly badly) is one of women’s as well of men’s making.

Dare say as much, as former political editor Michael White did –  that female hacks could prey even on ugly old backbenchers (as Melissa Kite was later to confirm) and you’re smacked down – by another man, namely the Sun’s Tom Newton Dunn who told him he ‘may want to apologise’ for his ‘outburst’.

The question remains of why far less PC men than he are kow-towing to this harpy led onslaught on their freedom of expression? Is it their innate chivalry? Do they not like contradicting women? Or are they genuinely scared?

Perhaps the answer is to be found in Niall McCrae’s  response to David Kurten’s article on this site, that modern men find themselves caught in a cleft stick: ‘ . . . hit with their (the feminists’) unshakable dichotomy of power relations. So (that) just like a black person can never be racist, a woman can never be sexist, because she is of a disempowered group’.

If the silence of the men lays bare one thing, it is the myth of their male privilege. What it reveals by contrast, I fear, is the reverse, an appalling crisis of male confidence. It is not men’s masculinity that is toxic but the feminist attack on it.


  1. Phillip Davies (MP for Shipley) is continuing his battle into true equality by highlighting the injustices to men. For this, he is laughed at by many in the HOC including the repulsive Jess Phillips.
    I don’t know whether young men going to universities are battling against the mandatory (pre-crime) sex classes they are forced to undertake but I imagine no. They probably see themselves between a rock and a hard place where they can either suck it up and carry on or complain and be harangued by leftist groups and feminists.
    Why are men silent? Probably because they don’t want to be highlighted as the next pre-crime rapist/sex offender regardless of whether they have committed any indiscretion or not. Women, on MSM, will continue to deny that it is a witch hunt against men, revenge for all those years of oppression, but it is.I have no problems/issues with women fighting for equal rights but it must stop at that – they get their equality and it ends there. Many feminists have taken it further because for them, it’s not about equality, it’s about supremacy. Force the man to experience some form of degradation and they’ve evened things up. That said, I can’t remember, when women didn’t have equal rights, men publicly humiliating women and driving them to suicide by falsely accusing them of crimes they didn’t commit.
    As far as Carl Sergeant is concerned, many will see it as a tragic end to a ridiculous campaign of smear against him. Others, who led the assault on him, will see it as one man down, move to the next.

  2. It is a mistake to think that men are not reacting; or still less, in abject retreat.

    Two important points: firstly, do not equate male politicians and media bigwigs with regular guys in the population at large. People who live heavily in the public eye and depend on popularity and the judgement of their peers for their professional survival, will live under very different conditions from most of the rest of us, who don’t have to give a damn about what the chattering classes think of us – and generally don’t do so. Very few of us will ever get anywhere near the lifestyle of the Harvey Weinsteins of this world – and even fewer would copy their disgusting habits if we did.

    Secondly, men have their own ways of reacting which are very different from those of women. We do not make a song and dance about our feelings. We do not wear our emotions on our sleeves, make histrionic claims to victimhood at every opportunity or try to recruit massive support groups on social media for every grievance, minor or major, real or imagined. Look how tough it has always been simply to get men even to talk about such serious issues as male suicide and prostate cancer, let alone do anything about them. No, we just get on quietly with things. But we are very capable of reframing our attitudes. Which can and does have profound effects. Ever wonder where the marriage strike comes from, for example? It has been a revolution in male attitudes, and women have felt the impact big time; but it has happened in almost total silence. No wonder women are left wondering where all the good men have gone; they failed to pay attention when they were alienating them on all fronts, and did not notice all the nice guys walking off in the opposite direction.

    The current rape hysteria and vilification of male sexuality are most likely to go the same way. Being insulted is not attractive. Men will just switch off from women whom they see as toxic and dangerous to them. We do not want to fight women; that goes completely against the grain with us. We much prefer to love, nurture and protect them. But if we don’t see anything worth loving, nurturing or protecting, then we will just withdraw. It is already happening. And repeatedly screaming “misogyny” at us when we do so and when we try to tell you exactly why, only has a limited effect and shelf life. It is again already starting to wear thin.

    Timmy’s post below, his reference to the growth of MGTOW (remember how that was just a joke a few years ago?) and the link to the article is spot on. Men will not attack women; they will just stop working with them. This is the male way of doing things; and like most of what men do, it is extraordinarily effective, whether you like it or not.

    • I used to have contact with people who had served overseas on operations. Some of them have severe PTSD, which sensitised me to media reports of people who were struggling with the same condition. They, too, were ‘getting on quietly with things’ and didn’t ever enlist help because they felt that to do so would have been unmanly. They killed themselves or attempted suicide. What you’ve outlined there is as perfect a description of toxic masculinity as I’ve yet seen. You might think it doesn’t matter, but it does. This mindset kills people on a regular basis.

    • The problem is that this is what they want. Fundamentally this is about depopulation so they have to make relationships as toxic as possible and we must not let them win by staying away from women. If you see my post on another #MeToo thread I talk about my interaction with young women who are using rape hysteria to cause male entrapment for social status purposes on social media. This behaviour is by design and what #MeToo was set up for and women like this ought to be avoided. However for the women that do get it and treat men as men, they should be rewarded in spades. Unfortunately we are all over the shop and some men will bend over backwards to appease women unaware that their kindness will be exploited ruthlessly.

    • Applications for teacher training are dramatically down: it is SOOOO puzzling 🙂
      Incidentally, there’s a teacher, in Oxfordshire, who has been suspended for a gender-pronoun incident. He wasn’t officially told about this ‘student”s status, nor had any training in this highly nuanced field: he is suing the school, and I hope he talks them to the cleaners.
      Yes, this reduction in teacher training applications is most puzzling.

  3. I’m far from sure about the truth of many of the allegations by women and the recent rape acquittals have tended to reinforce my views.
    From my experience before I retired, I felt that there were quite a few women who were far more predatory than any of the men. There was one divorced woman who was determined to find a new husband; it was seemed unimportant as who it was provided that he was on a decent salary scale. She managed in the end, and the man concerned was divorced by his wife.
    I just wonder at times as to how many of these women making historic allegations are “women scorned” who now see a chance of revenge. Otherwise I can see no reason for wrecking someone’s career because of something trivial that happened years ago.

    • This exploits male disposability that is hard wired into female psychology. Unless a man has status, wealth, looks or is kin then men will be invisible. Under these conditions it is much more probable that men will be thrown under the bus and that is why the globalists ‘liberalised’ divorce law to ensure that this will happen. I find its men that have more universal empathy unless its members of another tribe.

      • It is probably that the feminists are making a noise which is totally disproportionate to their numbers. Neither of my daughters support the feminist causes, indeed they are mostly against them. Indeed, I don’t know any women who would admit to supporting the feminist causes.

  4. I think what we’re facing now in the West is a major crisis of masculinity and male identity which is leading to serious social problems.

    Men are increasingly unable to fulfill their main family role of breadwinner as more and more women move into career jobs and send their kids off to be cared for by the state. Having a good job and prospects for the future was once the best way to find a wife, but men are denied this now.

    Men also have a diminishing role in the upbringing of their own children, even more so than women do, and so do not disciplining of children, no educating them. Many of them of course were themselves without a father growing up and their own children have no father either, no one to teach them how to be a man at all.

    Add to this increasing numbers of young men are living with their parents well into their 30s, sitting about masturbating of flitting from one meaningless relationship to another, maybe fathering some children, but never actually taking the role of a father, never growing up.

    Abortion, pornography and the acceptability of family breakdown has in turn led to a proliferation of attitudes that settling down and being responsible is no longer something to aspire to. We have legions of men who never grew up, who don’t know what they’re supposed to do, who have no hope.

    Is it any wonder boys increasingly struggle at school, that male suicide rates keep on growing, that violent crime, drug and alcohol abuse are so rife? This is the poisonous legacy of telling men and women that they are the same and that their individual pleasure is all that matters.

    • I’m not sure I’d want my father teaching me how to be a man. His experiences were considered appropriate in the fifties and sixties and involved being physically beaten by his father. He had a wretched time of it. Many other men report something similar.

      • Define “many”. Of course such things happened and were no doubt awful for those that suffer then, but I doubt it was widespread. My own grandfather used to get hit with a belt buckle in the 1930s but only when he misbehaved. Consequently he didn’t misbehave often, worked hard at school and received a scholarship which took my family out of the middle class.

        • My dad was beaten regularly and for no reason. He hated it and hated his father. Much as I love him, his lessons on life have not served me well and I have had to improvise my own rules as I’ve gone on. The idea that one person can teach you what it means to be a man is intensely fallacious.

          • ‘…and their own children have no father either, no one to teach them how to be a man at all.’

          • Well what’s untrue about that? No father, no male teachers, no male authority in their lives of any sort. The absence of fathers and other male role model figures in the lives of Children cannot possible be a good thing, even if in small number of cases, their father is abusive. For the vast majority, that is not the case.

          • Increasingly men are not entering the teaching profession, as they are not entering many other professions including clergy, the police force and so on.

          • There are less and less of them though, particularly at primary school age. It all adds up to the lack of role models for young men.

          • Yes. There is a lack of role models for men. That we can agree on, but I’m unsure why you need to learn ‘how to be a man’.

          • It’s all too easy to learn from actively bad role models even while rejecting their example. The evidence does seem to suggest there is some correlation between stronger male role models and higher educational achievement and success in life. One need only look at disparities in achievement and cultural differences in our wonderful vibrant multi-culti social experiment to see correlations emerge.

          • I think boys can determine between good and bad role models, so a few bad examples can be trumped by a few good ones. This means that having more than a few examples should generate a better future.
            There is the problem of ‘feminised’ spineless men, often in academia where competition is frowned upon, even though it is ‘part and parcel’ of their world.

      • Yet other men have very different experiences . A clear indicator that lumping all men together as either potential or actual bullies , rapists , misogynists and so on and so on , is just as bad as being such a creature . My father was a wonderful man who set a great example to his 3 sons and 2 daughters by simply being a good person who , while having a different role in the family to my mother , was half of the partnership . No more no less !

        • This is what I was going to add. Instead of worrying about being ‘a good man,’ people would be better worrying about being good humans and not assigning certain virtues to each sex. It’s starting to look like a very dated mindset.

      • Globalists. This is all by design to weaken society upon Cultural Marxist guidelines as feminism is gender based CM, which simply is about removing all accountability from women and placing it all on men. Women are out of control indoctrinated to believe they can do what they want including open hypergamy which means they make very poor partners. It is not easy for them to recognise that what they have been given is to destroy society as its presented as unalienable rights.

      • The root causes are two:
        1) tradcucks being too chivalrous towards women since at least 50 years.
        2) women not caring about their sons: if they truly cared, then feminism would never happened at such extent.

  5. Trying to tell feminists that they’re wrong is like trying to bathe a cat. You’ll achieve nothing but a lot of hissing and scratching and pain.

    We’ll just have to ride this out, let the extremely damaging results of this hateful, irrational wave of female supremacism speak for themselves and *hope* that society matures enough to take notice and begin repairing said damage.

    Sadly, I fear that “many more will have to suffer, many more will have to die. Don’t ask me why.” Doubtless, any response I could give would only be condemned as “mansplaining”.

    • Will Western Society ‘mature’ soon enough to defend itself or will the Feminists and Gays have to step in to do the job?
      When those teddy bears were being handed out to those Peaceful Folk, I knew they were the wrong sort of teddy bear 🙂

    • See the Mary Beard thread where any disagreement with one particular feminist bully there results in an accusation of being a “rape apologist”.

  6. I am as frustrated as anyone should be by the lack of response to male-bashing. It is as if most men have taken the position that these acid-mouthed feminists are somehow justified in their vitriol. My position is that every slight that comes to my attention is answered, even if there is no such thing as having the last word with a feminist.

    However, the point I wish to make is for every male to speak out, and to continue to speak out. I’m sure I don’t have to remind anyone that silence denotes consent, and consent by default is as bad as the slur or insult.

    Do take the time to respond. Otherwise, it is a losing battle for the rest of us.

    • Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.’

      ~Napoleon Bonaparte

      The silence isn’t a lack of a reaction. The silence IS the reaction. The rope is being given. Men are now waiting to see if women are going to hang themselves with it or not.

      There is no need to speak. All that is left is to allow the history to be written, so that all future actions that it prompts will not only have a solid rational basis, but will be indisputably in black and white.

      The women deserve to have their day.

      Ours will come after, as it always has. We are still hunters, and are still patient to wait for the traps that are being laid to be sprung; we are patient enough to wait for the fish to bite; we are patient enough for the animal to cross our path for the Ambush.

      The silence is strategic.
      The silence is purposeful.
      The silence is reactive.

      When one group cannot war with another, it has no choice but to war with itself.

      Speaking, emotion, and hypoagency is a woman’s prerogative.

      Silence, patience, and action are a man’s.

  7. Easy answer: MGTOW, just walk away from women and be done with it. The rewards (if there are truly any rewards at all) are not worth the risk. So with a low ROI (return on investment) why bother? One would trade currencies, or stock, with the inherent risk, that is present in the courts when it comes to child custody (US), alimony (US), etc.

    If one is looking for a “friend”, then keep it only as friendship, nothing more. Romance? learn to live without it. Men will be surprised how much more they can accomplish.

    MGTOW, is the answer, and the cure.

  8. Just wait until all of the stories like the one I am about to link start coming out. They need to get the MeToo train back on the rails, otherwise the narrative WILL be co-opted and the movement will be discredited as they lose the moral outrage and moral high-ground that is giving the movement its power: (and this is only one story, there are more than enough)


    Things won’t go well if things aren’t brought back under control.

  9. Gotta love SJW activists that abuse the spam function to have your viewpoints stricken down…… THAT’S why there is a president Trump, and that’s why you’re going to lose again.

    You’re not winning me over by silencing me or anyone else. I had a well reasoned post, you abused the spam function to have it removed…… please, keep doing it, and I will keep voting AGAINST YOU.

    This is the reason I left the Democratic Party after almost 30 years of voting the party line.

    So please, give me MORE reasons for me and people like me to vote with our middle fingers again!

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