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A charter for our liberation from tyranny


BRITISH society, culture, history and our centuries-old Christian traditions (righteous laws, family, marriage, education, health, liberty, privacy, freedom of worship) are under a massive unprecedented, coordinated assault from our government, the deep state, large corporate businesses, the media, Big Tech, academia, the unions, charities (eg the National Trust), celebrities and the Church of England.

The agenda is driven to a greater or lesser degree by the Prime Minister, Cabinet members, woke police officers, trendy bishops, professors, TV producers, talking heads, CEOs, as well as the sinister meddling of offshore players such as Soros and the WEF.

There are at least three immediate battlefronts:

o   The mythical climate crisis

o   The draconian, excessive response to Covid

o   Institutionalised wokism/cultural Marxism /political correctness

Collectively, the above factors have resulted in the single greatest loss of liberty to the British people in our history. Each of these has fundamentally disempowered the people without any open democratic consent, either because it was gradually/stealthily introduced, summarily imposed, or because there was no real, viable alternative at the ballot box.

Those of us who care about such issues now have some sources of reliable information to expose these issues (such as TCW Defending Freedom, Daily Sceptic, Not A Lot Of People Know That etc) but there is no collective, synchronised opposition in terms of direct action, rather than mere words.

All the major political parties, in effect the ‘Unaparty’, promote, with only minor differences, these same beliefs. Today’s so-called ‘Conservative’ Party (with a few honourable exceptions) is now to the far Left of Blair’s 1997 New Labour.

Media and Big Tech (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Amazon) actively suppress, cancel and de-platform any and all opposing views, such as those of renowned epidemiologists who oppose mass vaccination. In a slight shift, GB News and the excellent Nigel Farage are beginning to address some issues, but it’s a mixed bag.

The British people have urgent need of a co-ordinated means of focusing effective opposition in specific, targeted areas such as green surcharges, energy price rises, the war on the motorist, lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates, forced Covid testing, critical race theory in schools, LGBT indoctrination in schools and restrictions on public Christian worship.

No single political party meets the British people’s requirement to oppose these policies now, nor is likely to in the future. In fact, they become increasingly more entrenched against the public as time goes by, wholly unaccountable. Even friendly media and websites shy away when it comes to taking action.

If we value our way of life and liberty, it is clear we must counter this wickedness ourselves through what I’ll call ‘direct democracy’. The response to this situation must identify and directly address, the root causes – rather than mere symptoms – of this societal shift, in effect defining ‘what to change?’

Simply stated, I believe this can be defined as the lack of a common base from which collectively to crowd-source our opposition. Ukip is gone, the new ‘Reform’ Party appears weak on opposition to eco-madness, so what to do? Doing nothing is not an option.

I suggest the establishment of a loosely affiliated movement, a confederation of groups, who share this concern and are motivated to take action through direct democracy.

What is direct democracy? I’d suggest this may be expressed as applying pressure through multiple avenues to attack – including challenge, oppose, disrupt, slow down, interrupt – the globalist agenda. This will be achieved only by mobilising effective, focused local activists, completely bypassing the national and local government and mainstream media, to disempower, defund, remove revenue and embarrass the perpetrators through all legal means.

Be in no doubt there will be opposition and ridicule. It will require time, effort, money and guts. The war won’t be won in a day, so prepare for the long haul.

The idea requires a period of sharing and promotion to seed it, cultivate and encourage it through friendly, supportive media, websites and social media. Out of this, a name for the ‘Freedom Confederation’ will eventually emerge. The same friendly media would regularly report on the tactics, victories, failures etc to share learning, encourage and direct these ‘micro-movements’.

It is vital to avoid relying on Big Tech, as they already have shown their ruthlessness in pulling the plug on Donald Trump’s Twitter account, as well as Amazon’s cancellation of Parler. Instead, our activists should leverage the open arms of the new wave of social media, for example Telegram, GETTR and Rumble. By all means exploit legacy Big Tech to multiply the messages, but expect to be cancelled.

Our new, revolutionary movement requires and will have no central leadership, figurehead, funding or apparatus of any kind. It is above all, a confederation of ideas shared by highly motivated and like-minded activists.

No doubt some reading this will object: ‘But I can’t do anything!’ ‘They’re more powerful than us!’ ‘It’s inevitable’!’ ‘It’s too late!’ If this is your mindset, you’re already beaten. But remember: government of the masses works only by consent – slave plantations worked because these poor, oppressed people passively resigned themselves to domination and control, even though there were far more of them and they were physically stronger than their ‘masters’.

Here’s why the plan will work: 1. There are more of us than them. 2. We’re more committed, more localised, have more time, more local knowledge, more belief. Our very way of life, for which many have fought and died over the years, is at stake – isn’t that worth fighting for?

Our counter-strategy may be summarised as ‘Local Action – National Impact’.Many small victories will coalesce into significant national impact. Initially, the MSM will disdainfully ignore us, then ridicule, then downplay these efforts. Eventually, however, the plan will start to bite and gain traction at a national level. Politicians, businesses, charities and others will start to listen when their money and power is threatened.

A few pointers:

·       Keyboard warriors aren’t welcome – it must be action-based.

·       Many small victories – parish councils, boycotting events, demos.

·       We need to be creative, innovative, law-abiding, polite but resolute.

·       Individuals can remove their custom and support from businesses who espouse and promote the oppression, for example by writing to the CEO of John Lewis to tell him you’re taking your business elsewhere because of their mis-gendering of children policy. Yes, it may be inconvenient to shop elsewhere, but this is a battle and it will cost you. I removed my custom from Sainsbury’s after 20 years due to their relentless promotion of LGBT. I reckon this costs them £12,000 a year. Do the maths, it all adds up.

·       Identify national champions as spokesmen/women for each group

·       Appoint local champions, create a national network, create synergies

·       Benchmark/learn from/connect with similar international groups such as ‘American Moms against CRT’

·       Support righteous legal entities with donations who share this belief, eg Christian Concern

·       Some of the above already exists in part but needs fostering, encouraging, multiplying – current examples include the National Trust membership boycott

Let me know what you think. Comments welcome.

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Neil Turner
Neil Turner
Neil Turner is a retired defence industry consultant, author of a book about the end of the world as we know it and rides a large red Ducati.

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