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A fresh new look to celebrate TCW’s tenth birthday


SOME of us are at that interesting age when you begin to feel the need of a facelift, though none of us TCW ladies have yet resorted to that, you’ll be pleased to know. What we did feel necessary however was a TCW facelift to mark our tenth birthday. And that is what you can see today – a brighter, fresher look to send us energetically and positively into our second decade. Though it hardly seems believable it’s ten years ago to the day (International Women’s Day) that Laura and I launched our broadside on feminists and big C Conservatives for betraying their country. While Labour was a lost cause per se, they were never out of our sightline. Where they went the detox desperate Tories always followed.

On the first day of publication we set out our stall with a lead article on International Moaning Day and the ‘more victimhood than sisterhood’ movement. By 2014 no one could possibly say women were deprived of any choice or right, but then, as now, ‘more is never enough’ for feminists. The Conservative Party’s lurch to the left, its capture by the woke feminists doing their best to mimic Harriet Harman and the feminists’ domination of the mainstream conservative outlets – the Daily Mail was an honourable exception – had infuriated us. Did anyone care apart from us that stay-at-home mums were being told to get out of the childcare debate? In fact they had never been allowed in. Palpably discriminatory to say nothing of insensitive yet, as Laura said in her article, ‘they just don’t get it’. They never have. Far from getting kinder, these vocal moaners won’t be satisfied until their every whim is met and they’ve crushed every motherly value.

Worse is the rise of gender politics and transgenderism that feminism opened the door to. Anti-trans radical feminists lost the turf war. Drag Queen storyteller bullies won it. Perverted, dehumanising and brutalising. Gender identity insanity is as off the scale as it is doctrinaire. Women who put up with it are either woke and foolish or simply too scared to challenge trans and ‘gender affirming’ demands whether in schools, hospitals or at work. Such is the culture of fear and self-censorship. Is this where the rights culture has led: to mutilating children, to no longer defending or respecting life? Funny that female MPs who push for abortion to term (baby killing in other words) and female film directors who glorify sadistic women killers like the Killing Eve ‘heroine’ are never labelled ‘toxic’, but they truly are.

It makes you wonder exactly what a Parliament full of women MPs has achieved? Compliance with lockdown. Reckless child vaccination. Toddlers in masks. Children locked out of schools (their teachers on full pay!) Care home isolation, neglect and the miserable death of frightened old people. Did any resign over it? And just where has this advantaging of women led? To over promoted jobsworths, that’s for sure. Worse than that, it has risked turning girls into the worst, not the best, of men, like this young policewoman whose psychopathic behaviour was witnessed here just recently. 

Is that the feminist concern of the year? I don’t think so! What they are worried about is that only one in six movies will be directed by women in 2024. And that’s not for want of a shedload of positive discrimination. Oh yes, I forgot. There’s also the pressing issue of ‘only 26 per cent of working-class female professionals’ offered a promotion at their company. Umm. How many of anybody can a company promote?

Our fifth birthday in 2019 found us reporting an industry dedicated to ‘gender imbalance’ at work. Today this has bankrupted councils such as Birmingham. And who was the Treasury’s sponsor of this marxist-feminist activism at the time? One rather confused anti-trans Liz Truss.

We marked other aspects of the accelerating cultural revolution that day. Robert James’s article ‘We’re at a fork in the road to hell’ was prescient. Looking back, this was indeed a point of no return, the start of the final stage of the surrender by the police to the politics of victimhood and offence, hate crime and critical race theory ideology – the neo-Marxist interpretation of crime and state policing of a fabricated far right. Yet still in the flush of the Brexit win, Andrew Cadman lived in hope of a reinvigorated and re-masculinised post-EU Britain. His dream was to be short-lived. That opportunity to take the right fork in the road was missed. Under Boris Johnson’s leadership, Brexit was squandered. Instead Johnson first led the country down the garden path to Net Zero and then to the hell of of lockdown. 

It was during his premiership that we changed our name to TCW Defending Freedom to ensure we could not be even mistakenly associated with the Conservative Party. We expanded our remit to reflect all aspects of the cultural and political revolution and our loss of freedom.

The last five years have brought these dramatically to the forefront of our lives – changes most of us couldn’t have anticipated, nor the speed with which they been implemented without any discussion. The Great Reset has happened under eyes. Borders are a joke with a 100 per cent gap between rhetoric and action, democracy is in decay, the established Church has abandoned Christianity in favour of wokeism, stabbings and crime are normalised, our streets are taken over by bullying thugs whom the police support. Patriots are treated as the criminals in this inversion. We have voted for none of this. Our country can no longer be called civilised. 

At the national and international level we are moving ineluctably, it seems, into Corporate State fascism, Big Tech and Big Pharma harnessed both to the state and to international globalist bodies like WEF, the WHO, CEPI, and the billionaire foundations – a small global elite calling the shots. This is the terrible price of the failure to defend marriage, family and faith-based values. Only a society already trapped one way or another into state dependency could have succumbed so compliantly to lockdown and mass vaccination. We used to think it was only Jim Jones-type cult followers who were so gullible. No longer. My worry is most will be blindly led down the road to serfdom or to a caliphate Britain, or both. Unless they start to fight back now.

In a very small way that’s what the reorganisation of TCW‘s front page is about on this tenth birthday. We have tried to cover all the bases to make it easier for readers to navigate the site and find the latest articles, the different subject matters, issues and favourite writers as well as our incredible archive. Our articles will now stay up longer (they won’t fall off the page every day as they did before). Basically many more of our ‘wares’ are on display and it won’t be so easy to miss articles, yet nothing has been lost that was there before. It’s just a much better use of the space! We hope we’ve covered all the fronts in this battle for freedom, our country, our families and our children against this rising tide of autocracy.

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Kathy Gyngell
Kathy Gyngell
Kathy is Editor of The Conservative Woman. She is @kathygyngelltcw on GETTR and is back on Twitter.

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