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A World War Three on free speech and thinking


AS WE are led down the garden path to Covid-19 endemicity, we are blindly entering what the Pied Pipers of the post-Covid International Order refer to as the infodemic – a World War Three of sorts on autonomous thought and free speech which is unlikely ever to end.

Under the umbrella of combating ‘dangerous disinformation’, every manufactured national security threat – be it Disease X, climate change or Vladimir Putin – will be steered with an unprecedented degree of precision, and not one by one but all at once.

Many of the pandemic architects-elite made it clear at the turn of the year what flavour 2022’s global war on terror will be.  

Director General of the WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said: ‘We all have a role to play to end this pandemic and infodemic,’ outright differentiating between the two threats as if one were Aids and the other cyber-terrorism.

Vaccine kingpin Bill Gates said the infodemic is one of the things he is ‘most worried about heading into 2022’, and that ‘social media has played a huge role in spreading misinformation that makes people suspicious of their governments. I believe that governments need to regulate what you can and can’t use social media for’.

Anthony Fauci told Radio Davos that: ‘One of the things that I believe the entire world is facing . . . is the amount of disinformation that is accompanying what should be a problem where everyone pulls together against the common enemy.’

Even Pope Francis began the year sermonising: ‘We can hardly fail to see that these days, in addition to the pandemic, an “infodemic” is spreading’, going on to condemn the ‘distortion of reality based on fear’ that he believes to be a violation of human rights.

At home, the draft for the forthcoming Online Safety Bill says: ‘The largest online platforms with the widest reach, including the most popular social media platforms, must address content harmful to adults that falls below the threshold of a criminal offence.’ No let-up in sight, then, to the hijacking of self-governance designed to inoculate us against all non-state-scripted narratives.

Whether by coincidence or design, on March 24 both the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) published pieces on disinformation which merged the global war on Covid-19, war in Ukraine, and the war on climate change. But given that BIT blogged as far back as 2014 that its chief executive, Professor David Halpern, had become co-chair of the WEF’s new council on behaviour – objective: ‘to increase awareness and understanding of behavioural insights amongst the WEF community’ – and that Halpern maintains a resume of sorts on the WEF website, I’m more inclined to think the timing is by design.

BIT’s offering, titled What Works in Disinformation Wars?(the WEF’s: Will the world clean up information pollution in 2022?) cheekilyopens with the warning: ‘The Russian government is taking full advantage of its state-owned media outlets to spread false information about what Russian officials refer to as a “special operation” in Ukraine.’

Parallels to the work undertaken by the Cabinet Office’s unofficial Nudge Unit at the onset of the UK’s lockdown-phase of the pandemic are stark. After all it was BIT who advised the British Government to take full advantage of its state-controlled and regulated media outlets to promulgate artificial fear around the spread of a gain-of-function-created virus – the ‘special operation’ (read biological weapon release) we now know as Covid-19.

Yet BIT say that Russia’s (surely no longer enviable) disinformation machine isn’t working as effectively as it usually does this time around, due to the Nato allies’ strategy of ‘prebunking’ – essentially the quashing of lies and secretive narratives and plans before they surface publicly, thus subsequently weakening their chances of success (see here and here for the two recent, familiar examples to which BIT refer).

BIT then accuse Russia of sowing Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy by highlighting a 2018 BBC report on Russian social media trolls spreading MMR vaccine misinformation on Twitter. The elephant in the room being of course, that no matter the intentions of these vodka-swigging bots, the Covid-19 vaccines do indeed have an unaddressed global trail of human destruction in their wake.

So who is prebunking who? Did Russian intelligence already know in 2018 of SARS-CoV-2 and the great plan to jab the world with an experimental, occasionally lethal mRNA vaccine? With a rather ‘disappointing’ mere 50 per cent or so of their population fully vaccinated, maybe they did, and have simply spared the other 50 per cent the indignity of becoming sacrificial geopolitical pawns. I’m pretty sure Russian intelligence has the nous to sniff out the patent trail of engineered genetic codes behind the virus. Even the Daily Mail can do that when instructed to do so.

Yet even if that were the case, why vaccinate any of the Russian population at all? Or was Putin, despite all spurious reports of him being Covid-obsessed, in on the hoodwink right from the very start?

The more likely theoretical scenario is that the British Government, taking full advantage of its straitjacketed media outlets, could in fact have been prebunking the domestic Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy it already knew would arise from within its own population two-and-a-half years later, thus laying the foundation of a collective, subconscious association between what is currently known as being ‘anti-vax’, and the national security threat emanating from malicious, Hollywood-style Russian agents now handily fighting a globally condemned war.

All that is required of the public is to swap the NHS rainbow for the Ukrainian flag. Mission accomplished.

Putin’s forces invaded Ukraine, fuelling trumped-up claims of his being open to the use of chemical or biological weapons, triggering a move away from our dependence on Russian energy, which plays into the climate and economy-based aspects of the WEF’s great global reset; all of which conveniently distracts from the bio-weapons attack of the last two years – a Gordian knot of disinformation, prebunks within prebunks, and ideological inoculations the creation of the ultra-elite only, not we the ‘misinformed’ global public.

Yet WEF executive chairman Klaus Schwab (as he perhaps does to Johnson) inevitably also has his own strings pulled by others further up the chain of command. So who is Stromboli and who is Geppetto? Maybe the arch-puppeteer is Putin himself? Or is he Pinocchio? Who has the longest nose in this great Disney tale of duplicity? It’s enough to make one’s head spin.

Talking of spinning heads, in his latest book The Great Narrative, published on January 5 this year, Schwab says of the infodemic that it is ‘part of the reason why powerful anti-science movements prolong the waning of the Covid-19 pandemic, hindering both public health and, more fundamentally, our ability to move forward in unison . . . How can we make these ideas [his remedial policies for a now divided world] palatable, so that a large majority of citizens embrace them? The magnitude of the task is head-spinning!’

Yet when Klaus Schwab talks of his head spinning, I envisage a Chucky doll, not a wise owl. And how exactly is Schwab attempting to make his ideas palatable? We already know: by recruiting the services of people such as Professor David Halpern and his coven of behavioural engineers.

Yet BIT’s methods, as always – and just like the lockdowns they helped engineer public adherence to – remain experimental in nature:

‘Most of the research on debunking disinformation is from simulated environments, and we don’t actually know what happens in the real world. These academic theories need to be tested in real world settings to give us greater confidence in the right way to tackle misinformation.’ 

Ever get the feeling you live in a Petri dish?

The behavioural scientists, social engineers and ideological-inoculators, the real manufacturers of the infodemic, at least have their basic arithmetic in order, if not the more complex maths of their wildly inaccurate modelling: Zero Covid by stealth plus Net Zero does indeed equal zero tolerance.

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