About Us

The Conservative Woman is a platform for post-feminist culture war fighters! Our mission is to challenge and expose the modern orthodoxies that inhibit freedom of speech and corrode choice – in education and human relationships alike – from oppressive and irrational feminism to ‘diversity’, identity, gender and victim politics.

Feminism’s job is done. Women’s battle for equality was won years ago. Today, in this country and the Western world, women are a product of their choices.  We are not victims of our circumstances though that is the negative and pernicious ideology that modern feminism fosters.

It has driven family and marital breakdown, harming men, women and children, inviting evermore compensatory state intervention into family life, increasing dependency, marginalising men and undermining both maternal and paternal responsibilities for children.

Our values are unashamedly those of faith, married family and nation-state. Why? Because these are vital for a small state society and the notions of personal responsibility on which it depends. Only a small state society based on strong and independent families will have the resilience and adaptability and deal with and survive the technological and social revolution that is already upon us.

About the Editors

Kathy Gyngell

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Kathy is co-editor of The Conservative Woman. A graduate of Cambridge and Oxford she had a career in TV current affairs before quitting in favour of full time motherhood. Home with two infants horrified by the devaluation of motherhood and indifference to babies’ needs she founded Full Time Mothers, to lobby on behalf of stay at home mothers and the single earner couple families.

Later, with David Keighley, she started up Minotaur Media Tracking (the precursor to News-Watch) to monitor BBC bias – specifically their EU output.

In 2006-7 she chaired the Addictions Working Group of the Conservative Party’s Social Justice Policy Reviews: Breakdown Britain (2006) and Breakthrough Britain (2007) subsequently publishing two critiques of drug policy: The Phoney War on Drugs (2009) and Breaking the Habit (2011) at The Centre for Policy Studies where she is a research fellow.

She has written for the Daily Mail, The Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph, The Times and the Evening Standard and appeared on BBC and Sky News and BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, PM, the World at One and the Today programme.

She is a trustee of the drugs prevention charity Cannabis and Skunk Sense.

Laura Perrins

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Laura is co-editor of The Conservative Woman. She was born and raised in Dublin. She is a graduate in law from University College Dublin and Cambridge. She is a former barrister who practised at the criminal bar before taking a break from her career to care for her family.

She has written for The Telegraph, the Daily Mail, Conservative Home and the Catholic Herald.

She has appeared on the BBC TV’s Question Time, Newsnight and the Daily Politics and Sky News’s paper review, ITV Daybreak and for Radio 4, on Any Questions; World at One; Bringing up Britain; Woman’s Hour; and You and Yours.

She appeared in the Sunday Times News Review and took part and debated in the BBC 100 Women ‘Half the World Speaks’ event at Broadcasting House.

Contributors to The Conservative Woman

Jill Kirby

Jill Kirby

Jill is a freelance writer, commentator and policy analyst specialising in social policy.

Karen Harradine

Karen Harradine

Karen was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has lived and worked in the UK, Singapore and Canada. Karen writes on politics, anti-Semitism and Islamic fundamentalism amongst other topics. She has studied at Rhodes University, the University of the Witwatersrand, Cambridge University and the University of Suffolk. She has a Masters Degree in Anthropology and a post-graduate diploma in Journalism.

Philippa Taylor

About Us - Philippa Taylor

Philippa is Head of Public Policy at the Christian Medical Fellowship.

Dr Laura Keynes

About Us - Laura Keynes

Dr Laura Keynes is an academic, writer and critic based in Cambridge. She writes for Standpoint magazine, the Catholic Herald and The Tablet.

Chris McGovern

About Us - Chris McGovern

Chris McGovern is a retired head teacher with 35 years’ teaching experience in both maintained and independent sectors at all ages from 5 to 18 and in both co-ed and single sex schools. He is the Chairman of the Campaign for Real Education and was an advisor to the Policy Unit at 10 Downing Street under Margaret Thatcher and John Major.

David Keighley

David is a former BBC news producer, BBC PR executive and head of corporate relations for TV-am. He is now the director of News-watch and writes our regular BBC Watch column.

Niall McCrae

Niall McCrae

Dr Niall McCrae is a lecturer in mental health at King’s College London, and a ‘pale, male and stale’ social conservative. A campaigner for free speech, Niall is a trenchant critic of campus censorship, divisive identity politics and metropolitan snobbery. He has organised several debates at King’s, and encourages students to think for themselves rather than complying with prevailing ideology. As well as almost a hundred papers in academic journals, Niall has written two books: The Moon and Madness, on the legendary notion of lunar influence on human behaviour, and Echoes from the Corridors, a history of nursing in the asylums.

Patrick Benham-Crosswell

Patrick Benham-Crosswell 150x150

Patrick Benham-Crosswell is a former Army officer who spent over twenty years in commerce, including several years in the defence sector, before starting to write.

Andrew Cadman

About Us - Andrew Cadman

Dr Cadman is a London-based Data Scientist/Developer with extensive experience in scientific research, IT development and entrepreneurial start-ups. He is a member of Ukip.

Paul T Horgan

Paul works in the IT Sector and lives in Berkshire.

Nick Booth

Nick is a freelance technology writer.

Belinda Brown

About Us - Belinda Brown

Belinda Brown is author of The Private Revolution and a number of well-cited academic papers. More recently, she has started writing and blogging for the Daily Mail and The Conservative Woman. She has a particular interest in men’s issues and the damage caused by feminism.

Jane Kelly

About Us - Jane Kelly

Jane was a journalist with The Daily Mail for fifteen years. She now writes for the Spectator and the Salisbury Review.

Caroline Farrow

About Us - Caroline Farrow

Caroline is a Columnist for the Catholic Universe.

Mark Ellse

About Us - Mark Ellse

Mark is a former headmaster.

Campbell Campbell-Jack

Campbell Campbell-Jack

Campbell is a retired Presbyterian minister who lives in Stirlingshire and blogs at A Grain of Sand where he looks at the Church and the world and wonders where it all went wrong.

Tamara Chabe

About Us - Tamara Chabe

Tamara is a Legal/Business Advisor with a special interest in Business, Current Affairs & Leadership matters.

Rob Slane

About Us - Rob Slane

Rob writes a mix of both serious and satirical pieces for TCW covering a wide range of social, political, theological and geopolitical issues. He also writes regularly for Samaritan Ministries International and Reformed Perspective, and is the author of The God Reality: A Critique of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion. He lives in Salisbury with his amazing wife and their six wonderful children, and blogs regularly at www.theblogmire.com.

Rev Jules Gomes

Jules Gomes 150x150

The Rev’d Dr Jules Gomes is pastor of St Augustine’s Church, Douglas, on the Isle of Man.

Rev Julian Mann

About Us - Julian Mann

Julian is vicar of the Parish Church of the Ascension, Oughtibridge, South Yorkshire.

Ken MacIntosh

Ken MacIntosh

Ken MacIntosh has worked in healthcare for the past eleven years. He writes on mental-health issues, the NHS, and on culture.

Andrew Tettenborn

Andrew Tettenborn 150x150

Andrew Tettenborn is a professor of commercial law at a well-known UK university, who also teaches in Europe and elsewhere. In the 2001 General Election he stood as Ukip’s candidate in Bath.

Tom Gallagher 

Tom Gallagher 150x150

Tom Gallagher is a retired political scientist who taught and researched on recurrent waves of conflict in Europe for over thirty years. He has written 13 single-authored books. He is completing a novel entitled ‘England Tested By Fire’ which is set a decade from now as the country faces stark divisions flowing from earlier policy failures.