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After Trump, I’ll never trust the lying mainstream media again


IF A presidential election is stolen in plain sight and the media refuses to report the fact, does it mean that the theft never happened?

The depressing answer to this variant on Bishop Berkeley’s metaphysical question about the tree falling in the forest is: ‘Yes, mainly. To a surprising and shocking degree.’

You quickly realise this reading not just the commentary on the Biden presidency in every mainstream media publication but even in comments like this one which I found at a Trump-supporting website.

‘Joe Biden is President because some Americans loathed Trump’s style so much that they were willing to overlook the substance of what he accomplished. To them, the “moderate” Biden was the lesser of two evils.’

Nice theory – and you find variants on this everywhere – so long as you completely ignore the facts of what happened on the night of November 3. Trump was winning by a landslide – DID win by a landslide, gaining more votes than any candidate in presidential history – until, in the middle of the night, his victory was snatched from him by a variety of illegitimate methods, ranging from old-fashioned ballot stuffing to electronic trickery.

‘No evidence!’ insisted the mainstream media, aided and abetted by almost the entirety of the US political and legal establishment. The states refused to acknowledge the fraud; so, barring a few maverick honest men such as Senator Josh Hawley, did Congress; so – despite including three justices who owed their elevation to Trump – did the Supreme Court; so even did Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence.

But that doesn’t mean the fraud didn’t happen. It just means – how difficult is this to understand? – that the various institutions (the media, the judiciary, the legislature, the states) which should have looked at the fraud quite deliberately and cynically found excuses not to do so.

So now we live in a bitterly divided world. The division lies between those who have done their research, which includes the majority of the perhaps 80million Americans who voted for Trump, and know that there is now a cheat and an imposter in the Oval Office. And those who still take their pabulum from the mainstream media. There can never be any reconciliation between the two groups.

For those who still trust – or for the sake of convenience, affect to trust – the official mainstream media version of events, the Trump loyalists are sore losers and conspiracy theorists who really need to move on. Those of us who know that Trump was cheated of his victory, however, will never be able to forgive or forget what has just happened.

A Leftist coup has been conducted, with apparent impunity, in the country that leads the free world. And we’re supposed to shrug our shoulders and go: ‘Ah well. There’s always 2024 . . .’? How can any of us logically do that when we know that exactly the same methods used to cheat this election will be used not only for the presidential election four years hence, but for the midterms in two years’ time. Democracy is dead in the United States of America. It’s difficult to imagine – short of a second revolution – how this is ever going to be resolved in liberty’s favour.

It gets worse. One reason many of us set so much store by a Trump second term is that it was our best hope of stymying the Great Reset. The Great Reset is the World Economic Forum’s well-advanced scheme, in co-ordination with the United Nations and the various world leaders and influencers who have enthusiastically embraced the plan, to remake the world anew in the interests of a technocratic elite. They’re perfectly upfront about their plans. They even have a slogan – ‘Build Back Better’ – which you hear being chanted, mantra-like, by everyone from the US ‘president’ Joe Biden to the Prince of Wales, Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock.

You can quibble all you like over how quickly they’ll be able to implement this scheme, the ultimate goal of which is a world where we don’t own property, don’t eat meat, where our behaviour is governed by a CCP-like social credit system. But you can’t deny that this is what they’re planning because it’s in all their literature and their Davos conferences. The WEF’s Klaus Schwab has even published a book spelling out the fact that Covid-19 is basically a handy excuse to flatten small businesses, render populations more dependent on the state, and bring about something he calls the ‘new normal’.

Donald Trump was probably our best hope of maintaining the ‘old normal’, not only because he’s the enemy of ‘globalism’ and the Davos elite (aka ‘the Swamp’), but also because in his second term he would undoubtedly have rowed back from all the mask and lockdown hysteria which has crippled the US for the last year, and got the economy back up and running. This would have shamed or galvanised other Western economies into doing likewise. Which, of course, is another reason why ‘They’ were out to get him: he interfered with their masterplan.

Knowing all this, as most of us Trump supporters do, do you think we will now suddenly agree to lobotomise ourselves and accept the mendacious fantasy version of the US elections being presented in the mainstream media? Of course we won’t. The MSM lied to us about Trump; it lies to us about Covid, about the vaccines, about everything that matters. We feel towards the mainstream media rather as a wife might feel after she’s caught her husband cheating on her one too many times. There can never any be going back to such sleazy traitors.

That’s why a growing number of us are casting loose from the mainstream media. It has been many months since I allowed any BBC station, even Radio 3, to play in my car. I no longer read the newspapers because even the ‘conservative’ ones are just government propaganda sheets. And I’m utterly unfazed by the mockery of my former colleagues or the personal insults I’ll inevitably get from the trolls below this column. If what matters to you is the truth, why should you care for the good opinion of the sell-outs, cowards, useful idiots and megalomaniacs who inhabit the world of lies?

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James Delingpole
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