Theresa May told a ‘star-studded audience’ at the Pink News Awards that her Government ‘will seek to streamline and de-medicalise the process of changing gender to reflect that being trans is not an illness’, and promised to press ahead ‘with inclusive relationships and sex education in English schools, making sure that LGBT issues are taught well’ to ‘eradicate homophobic and transphobic bullying’.

Elsewhere a 30-year-old woman, who from a child was convinced she was a boy, has spoken of how grateful she is finally to feel comfortable in her biological sex, although she has been left with a deeper voice, facial hair, and fears that she may never have children. She concludes that 50 years hence the ‘treatment’ of children with ‘gender dysphoria’ may be regarded as ‘one of the great medical blunders of the 21st century’.

After a string of political blunders, understandably Mrs May seeks a positive legacy, but her idea of ‘teaching well’ to avoid bullying involves indoctrinating children in half-baked ideologies and bullying any who dissent, in the vague belief that she is being ‘modern’. Unfortunately innocent children and conscientious objectors will pay the price of her delusion.


  1. “.. the process of changing gender to reflect that being trans is not an illness’,”.
    I wish they would make up their minds.
    “Gender dysphoria is an acknowledged mental illness. The textbook definition can be found in the American Psychiatric Association, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition.”

    • It would seem that new mental disorders are made up every day.

      All candidates for the ‘Darwin Awards’, the lot of them.

      • New ones made up, and old ones normalised or “de-medicalised”. I guess this idea could run and run. Or is that the whole purpose?

    • This is nothing more than de-sensitisation so that normalisation can proceed.

      “Theresa May told a ‘star-studded audience’ at the Pink News Awards that her Government ‘will seek to streamline and de-medicalise paedophilia to reflect that being a paedophile is not an illness’, and promised to press ahead ‘with inclusive relationships, sex education and paedophilia in English schools, making sure that LGBTP issues are taught well’ to ‘eradicate paedophilic, homophobic and transphobic bullying’’.

      Theresa May ~ 2024

      Pandering to mental illness is catering to the thinnest end of the wedge. All of this is nothing more than the complete subversion and undermining of western society.

  2. The good news is that in relabelling the most profound personality disorders on the planet as political identities, the NHS will save a fortune in expensive psychiatric treatments.

    The bad news is that the GRA will, in effect, eradicate women from legal and political existence, expose our wives, mothers and daughters to some of the most sexually and psychologically disturbed men in society, and deny people with mental illness and psycho-spiritual disorders the help they need.

    Still, that’s progress, and we should be proud to have a progressive Conservative government under a progressive leader like Theresa May delivering such wonderful progress.

  3. Come the next election I will be voting for Jeremy Corbyn. There’s a good reason for this. The Tories are now no different from the Labour party in social policy, and the only difference between them and the Labour lot is their love of money, and the preservation of family wealth.

    I don’t consider myself ‘rich’ and I would laugh myself silly to see people who are rich like Benedict Cucumberpatch, Lilly Allen, Bob Geldoff (despite his non dom status), JK Rowling, Michael Hesseltine etc subject to a wealth tax.

    Of course I can hear the cries, but they would just leave the country, well yes some of them might, and all the better for our country when they expose themselves as the hypocrites they really are.

    Maybe then, just maybe Mays wealthy backers will get it through their thick heads that there’s more to being a Conservative than rank greed and avarice.

    • How about the Democratic Unionist Party – encourage it to come over to Britain. They have a wise stance on most things.

    • And when the wealthy run away and the wealth tax runs out of targets, so you become one in your turn, what then, you muppet?

      • in 5 years ?
        And then we see the hypocrisy of these people! If you don’t vote Corbyn it’s 5 years more of May and what’s so good about that?
        Insulting people ALWAYS means you do not have the intellectual capital to win the argument !

        • Corbyn is a communist, you idiot. He claims to be a Trotskyist, but he happily hobnobs with Stalinists and Maoists, so the precise flavour of his extremism is irrelevant. Communists never, ever surrender power at the polls.

    • Good luck with that. You will be voting for a party that is so ideologically rigid that they will raise Corporation Tax even thought that always lowers the receipts. And as for “re-distributing wealth”, well one thing Socialism always does is destroy wealth, leaving none to re-distribute.

      Go for it. And read up on “capital flight” as well.

      • It’s the fact there is none left to distribute which is so very attractive!

        Labour Tory it’s just the same so far as I can see, only the vote for Labour destroys the madness faster than the vote for Tory. The sooner it dies the better, and that can be achieved by Corbyn.

        • Quite so. Labour no longer care about the working person, and the Conservatives are anything but conservative.

    • My dad would have been subjected, if we had remained in the UK, to taxes in excess of 90% in the previous trotskyite Labour Government, and I’ve met one kind gentleman who told me his own taxes would have amounted to 102% of his income.

      Those with “rank greed and avarice” are Commie Corbyn and his despicable gang of ideological thugs.

    • Please don’t! A vote for real socialism is still worse than a vote for progressivism – and I absolutely detest progressivism. Real socialism can only survive by brutal force as its core ideologies run contrary to common sense and the laws of nature.

  4. I am trying to get my head around “de-medicalising the process of changing gender.”

    Does that mean you just change it by a click of the fingers, or a stroke of a bureaucrat’s pen? I never knew it could be that easy.

    Nice too, to know that being trans is not an illness. Unlike being a boy, then.

    Also it’s a relief to know that we will be eradicating homophobic and transphobic bullying by encouraging more children to become homosexual and transgender. I guess that will work in much the same way as the government is eradicating islamophobia by encouraging more Islamic immigration.

    How lucky we are to have a Prime Minister who knows how to solve all these problems that we didn’t use to have until she and her fellow geniuses generated them for us. I will be sure to vote for more of the same next time round.

      • I realise this is a bit OT but why don’t we fill IN forms as we used to? Why does everything have to sound like it’s come from Kansas City these days?

        p.s the spell checker objects to ‘realise’. I rest my case.

      • Maria Miller can fill out a form? !

        And I thought she was totally useless.

        Or did I think she was totally evil? Not sure now.

    • Never mind that fact that the intervention of psychiatrists to weed out the non genuine people such a schitzophrenics who think they are trans but aren’t.

      By de medicalising this May has chosen to wilfully ignore all the worlds experience and wisdom built up over decades in favour of virtue signalling and bowing to her insane PC beliefs.

      You wouldn’t mind quite so much if this was a common condition, but it is a vanishingly small number of people who are affected, numbing not much more than 5000 who have transitioned, most of them decent honest people getting on with their lives in a gender different to that which they were born. Meet one in the street and the chances are that you’d never even suspect a difference.

      Lets make no mistake, this is not being driven by them, but by an overzealous bunch of left wing political correct zealots who amazingly May is happy to take her orders from.

      It will end in tears just like everything May touches always does.

  5. This is not the kind of thing that we want in schools. Children should be free of adult distortions and obsessions and should be taught, as boys and girls: the skills, knowledge and outlooks that are needed to contribute to the common wealth, and to get on in life.

    We need to go forward to the excellent education and training system that we had in the 1950s and 1960s.

  6. I wonder how familiar readers are with the Frankfurt School of Marxisms 11 point plan to destroy the West?

    Realising that they would not be able to bring about Communism by revolution the School embarked on a way to corrupt Western values and culture from within, you decide how successful they have been:


    The Frankfurt School has 11 objectives to destroy society [#2].

    The creation of racism offences.
    Continual change to create confusion
    The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
    The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
    Huge immigration to destroy identity.
    The promotion of excessive drinking
    Emptying of churches
    An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
    Dependency on the state or state benefits
    Control and dumbing down of media
    Encouraging the breakdown of the family

      • Having been through Uni in the late seventies I can assure you that this programme wasn’t at all “secret” it published widely in the works of the “Frankfurt School” and their followers, such as Germaine Greer who is quite open and explicit about the above creating the conditions for socialism to flourish.

    • The teaching of religious faith as proven fact has been taught to children for a long time, but that doesn’t stop it being a terrible thing to do.

      • Says who? What evidence do you have for this? The church was the education system in this country until the 1940’s. They were not turning out damaged individuals, they were turning out thinking individuals who lived within a societal structure. Children are now damaged by politically correct ideology and sexualisation at a young age.

      • The teaching of atheist “just so” stories as “proven fact” robbing children of any sense of purpose or inherent value has been taught to children for a long time, but that doesn’t stop it being a terrible thing to do.

          • Neither am I! I am saying that your atheism is most likely based on a false theory of knowledge that refuses to accept any non-materialistic explanations out of principle. In other words, you are an atheist not because of any evidence but because you have ruled out God as an explanation out of principle, before any evidence is even considered – the definition of “closed-minded”.

          • How about evolutionary theory?
            Atheism is the default for humanity. It doesn’t need to be taught. You have nothing in your nonsense that is worth a second thought. It’s too ridiculous to believe.

          • Just to clarify, are you saying that you have examined the evidence for God, (historical, ontological, cosmological arguments etc.) or are you saying you refuse to accept God on principle?

            Regarding your “arguments” against God – much (the parts of the theory that are actually supported by empirical evidence) of Evolutionary Theory is perfectly compatible with Christianity. There is bountiful evidence that species evolve to best suit their environment. However, there is absolutely no evidence that given enough time amoeba can evolve into men.

            Your second “argument” for atheism is a joke! Firstly, atheism is statistically proven not to be the default position of humanity, and secondly even if most people were atheists that is no reason to suggest atheism is true anymore than it is to suggest that most people are simply wrong.

          • So if atheism isn’t the default, which variety of theism is? The fact is that you are wrong. All religious faith has to be taught, atheism does not.

          • I am afraid that every comment you make just demonstrates the extent to which you have been indoctrinated by atheist “just-so” stories, which ironically you deny even exist!

            Why are you harping on about “default positions”? I have already shown you why that argument is utterly fallacious. And what is your fixation with ‘not being taught something’ being a yardstick of truth. Do you apply this logic to the truth of complex maths, which also has to be taught?

            You then claim that “the fact is [ I ] am just wrong” after having presented nothing but fallacious arguments to support your assertion. Do you actually understand how debate works?

            You then assert that “there is no evidence for…god” completely confirming my last rhetorical question about whether you “had ever examined the evidence for God, (historical, ontological, cosmological arguments etc.)”. Perhaps next time you decide to openly mock Christianity you should at least spend a little time looking into the real arguments for and against, rather than spouting such evidently absurd nonsense in defence of your God-hating delusion of a belief system.

          • If there was any actual evidence for God faith would not be required. A clue, evidence has to be evident. You are unable to reason properly and project your lack of intelligence on to me.

          • I really think you should stop now! Every comment you add here just deepens the hole you’re digging! Unsurprisingly, your last comment about “faith only being needed because there is no evidence for God”, like all your other “arguments” against Christianity is based on atheist propaganda. Please consider informing yourself a little more before you spout off! “Faith” in Christianity is not belief that God exists despite the facts (as you ridiculously assert), it is about trust in God’s completed work of reconciliation of man to God through Christ.

  7. Bizarre isn’t it as “transitioning” actually requires a whole lot of sophisticated (and expensive) treatments from Surgery to hormones taking in a load of mental health professions and medications along the way. Perhaps “de-medicalise” means all the surgery, hormone therapy and mental health input will no longer be available on the NHS. Saving us some money, for Accidents and Emergencies for example . It would also prevent irrevocable changes to the physical body leaving such people free to change clothes wigs etc. and change their mind later. If that’s the “deal” I’d be for it.

    • I think “de-medicalise” just means that if I wish to be a “woman” I can just say so and it will be so. (At least that wouldn’t expose me to the medical risks to which “Kate” has been exposed.)

      I also think that when Mrs May say “de-medicalise” she probably had no idea what it meant.

  8. Will we also be streamlining anorexics to achieve their desired body image?
    How about those with Body Integrity Identity Disorder, are we going to streamline removing their limbs for them?
    Hey, I know, how about people who think they are trans species, will they get fur transplants on the NHS?
    Or, how about psychopaths, they can’t help their condition so why not aid them in achieving their desires without prejudice or judgement?
    If one specific mental state can get special treatment, then all are valid and should be treated the same way.

  9. Gender dysphoria is quite likely an issue with the diet of the mother. Too many refined carbs and low fat rubbish the Government told us was healthy, resulting in missing gut bacteria.

  10. So Mrs May states that as far as the government is concerned “being trans is not an illness.” What next, “being anorexic is not an illness?”

    Does Theresa May really think that the general election gave her a mandate to wage war on biology and common sense?

  11. “Theresa May told a ‘star-studded audience’ at the Pink News Awards that her Government ‘will seek to streamline and de-medicalise the process of changing gender to reflect that being trans is not an illness’, and promised to press ahead ‘with inclusive relationships and sex education in English schools, making sure that LGBT issues are taught well’ to ‘eradicate homophobic and transphobic bullying’.”

    I had to check that the date is not April 1st. Peter Simple’s Telegraph column used to contain ‘news reports’ like this so it appears that fact follows fiction.

    You would think that Theresa May would be focussing on Brexit, the Universal Credit muddle, the lack of operational Royal Navy ships, the need to reopen the Dilnot Commission proposals for insurance for social care, the universities shambles (overpaid Vice-Chancellors and the distorted structure of student loans) and the Budget. What is she doing making a speech on this subject?

    What is the point of her Chief of Staff Gavin Barwell and the First Secretary of State Damian Green if they do keep the Prime Minister away from these fashionable cause events? Sam Cam got David to do this sort of thing when he was at Number 10, but TM is not in that world at all.

    She can surely tell Jeremy Hunt that if he wants to keep his job as Health Secretary he should set up a medical-led review into transgender-related matters with a range of doctors, psychologists and educationalists on it, and wait for it to report before the Government say any more about it?

    • Even if the idea of the Prime Minister giving a speech to the “Pink News” awards were not utterly repugnant, it’s none of her business to be doing so, as you say.

      • One can’t imagine Gordon Brown, John Major or even Tony Blair attending let alone addressing such an event. It is one of the downsides of the Cameron period: Sam Cam encouraged David to offer some support to certain right-on lobbies, and as he was basically a PR man (his only job before politics was a public relations offer for Carlton TV) it attracted him. Theresa May could have politely stayed away; sending a junior health minister would have met the lobby’s demand sufficiently.

  12. May has no conservative bones in her body. We knew this from the nasty party days. She is an ongoing disaster and desperate to cancel Brexit and quite honestly I prefer the lefty Jeremy . After a disaster with him perhaps we can get back to real conservatism .

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