MPs have called for the introduction of ‘buffer zones’ outside abortion clinics, and Home Secretary Amber Rudd has ordered an assessment of protests outside abortion clinics after ‘hearing evidence of intimidation by pro-life protesters’.

In fact there is no ‘evidence of intimidation’ from the clinics or indeed the police. A Parliamentary committee was told that staff have been followed to their cars and called ‘murderers’, and that women having abortions have been told they will die of cancer. But these lurid tales were related by buffer zone campaigners, who also want abortion to be completely decriminalised: for clinics to be allowed to perform abortions outside any legal framework.

Campaigners argue that they are simply promoting choice for pregnant women, but in fact they are against those women receiving leaflets offering them a true choice – to have the help they need to keep their babies. If women are intent on having an abortion, they can – and sadly do – ignore them. But many of the most vulnerable women, after receiving such information, have chosen life. In making her ‘assessment’, will Amber Rudd listen to such women? Or is abortion the only choice they will be allowed to make?


  1. Choice?

    We cannot let women have a choice.

    They might not do what they are told. They must do what the liberal elite tell us to do. By force if necessary.

    They will thank us in the end……

  2. The only choice these people care about is the choice to kill. That other choices are available is something they love to ignore.

  3. Of course they will lie about these protests against abortion centres. What else would we expect from an establishment that wants to get rid of us and lies for just about anything? Abortion is primarily aimed at Western women because endless immigration and demonisation of Western culture shows us the type of people they really want so of course they will seek to criminalise any dissent that stops this from taking place. We are talking about the promotion of killing unborn children that they somehow have taken the moral high ground that its about protecting women and their ‘reproductive rights’. True evil manifests itself through outrageous deception and overreach.

    • Of course, they’re not really protests, at least they are such only secondarily. Principally, they are occasions for to persuade and to save lives, and for prayer (most of the people participating are Catholics; at least, most of the ones I know are).

      Now I think of it, they aren’t even secondarily protests.

      You’re right about the evil of course. Abortion is a very great evil. And the intolerance of people like Amber Rudd and other pro-abortionists compounds the evil.

  4. Fine. So presumably there will be no problem in having “buffer zones” between picket lines and people who wish to turn up for work.

  5. Follow the money. The standard price paid by the NHS for each abortion is over £600. Anti abortion campaigners claim they’ve persuaded 1,000 women not to proceed with an abortion through their presence outside abortion clinics, so BPAS and Marie Stopes will be keen to stop anyone interfering with their income stream.

  6. Thanks to Amber Rudd, I am probably breaking the law by criticizing “radical” islam, or by failing to respect people’s ludicrous gender preferences. Now she seeks to define people who protest against abortion as criminals, too.

    Funnily enough, Amber, without abortion, we would have a much smaller problem with islamic extremists.

  7. Thanks for this article. We need to expose this lie that a peaceful vigil is, as Amber Rudd puts it, “harassment and intimidation”

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