Gerard O’Donovan describes ITV’s Transgender Street as ‘insightful and positive’ Telegraph, January 12, 2018.

However, there was little insight into why individuals, in the face of scientific evidence, believe they are the ‘wrong sex’, and should seek to be irreversibly mutilated and take artificial hormones for life to reflect their mental self-image. No responsible physician would affirm the false beliefs of an anorexic by agreeing to perform liposuction, or remove a healthy limb from those who want their bodies to reflect their mistaken belief that they are disabled.

Like so many ‘sympathetic’ media treatments of ‘transitioning’ from male to female or vice versa it failed to ask why anyone needs to travel to a place where they believe they already reside; but the answer is that what they see in the mirror – reality – conflicts with the fantasy in their heads, and they need to convince themselves and the rest of the world that reality is fantasy and fantasy is real. Any programme can be ‘positive’ if it does not confront these basic facts, but it would not provide such titillating viewing – and unless it offered unstinting praise and affirmation it would be trashed by the LGBT+ lobby. These carefully crafted media offerings resemble the transgender ‘journey’, mutilating the truth, removing healthy scepticism and swallowing a powerful cocktail of political correctness to suppress reality.

Mr O’Donovan says that one participant’s ‘rush of joy’ after surgery to remove ‘his’ breasts ‘erased any doubt that this was the right and only path for him’. Perhaps they should go back and see how ‘he’ fares when the reality sinks in – like so many others, mutilated, distraught, sterile, and still unable to deal with the psychological problems that drove them down this path in the first place.

No wonder so many commit suicide, and how sadly ironic that the ‘diversity’ warriors who have ‘weaponised’ their plight and who would impose uniformity of belief on the rest of society use the threat of suicide to silence criticism. Worse, they would also silence the stories of those who, even more unhappy after their ‘transition’, realise that there is no going back, but wish to warn others against taking this dreadful course of action. They have been attacked on social media, but viewers deserve better of a responsible media outlet – expected to inform as well as entertain – than to ‘no-platform’ views that might mar the ‘positive’ picture.

As entertainment, this programme functioned as a tastefully decorated shop window to tempt the confused and vulnerable – not so much insightful as a jolly good gawp at people whose lives are even more chaotic than our own. Victorian audiences used to pay sixpence to watch freak shows, where unfortunate individuals, disabled from birth or horribly mutilated, displayed themselves to gasps of horror or pity, or howls of derision. Now we can watch perfectly healthy, able-bodied individuals being mutilated on our television screens to beguile the tedium of an idle moment. We at least can switch off; they will be helped to ‘switch sex’, but they will never be able to switch off the nightmare.


  1. If an adult wishes to change sex, many would regard them as being mentally ill. Providing said adult pays for their own treatment then many would be comfortable that at least no NHS resources are being squeezed. However, with children it is vastly different. Adults, as parents or guardians, seem to be increasingly seen as obstacles to a child’s desire to change sex. This I find abhorrent and the LGBT lobby must be opposed for polluting the minds of our young.
    Any cabinet minister pushing such an agenda (such as Greening) should suffer censure.

    • To make anyone with a diagnosed condition pay for their own treatment would require so many laws to be changed that I struggle to know where to start. It would also require us leaving the human rights treaty which May has said we are unable to do.

      To carry the point forward though, why did I have to pay for someone like George Best a chronic alcoholic to have a liver transplant so he could carry on drinking? Why do I have to pay for the medical treatment of criminals who have injured themselves in the course of their illegal activities? Why do I have to pay for the treatment of smokers who knew the risks of continuing? Why do I have to for the treatment of drunken idiots who have injured themselves as a result of excessive alcohol consumption?

      I could carry this on, but I’m sure you get the point. Unless of course it is in reality your rank hatred of these unfortunate people which has blinded your reason?

        • procedure ?
          Broke my arm once and got that done on the NHS. who made such a mess of it I needed to go private to have it done properly.
          I was positively enriched by the vibrancy that time !

          • I had a hospital procedure for the first time in 5o years last summer.
            I was happy with my treatment & the staff were generally excellent.
            Just one thing.
            I doubt if 20% of the 40 or so I observed were indigenous British.
            Many thanks to those excellent Indian immigrants who encouraged their progeny to study medicine, but why are the indigenes so reluctant to train for the most useful job on Earth ?
            I have little doubt that the wasteful & overpaid administrators are all
            indigenous whites, but then they pay £2.00 per packet for aspirins that are 32p in the supermarket, and so must be useless.

          • party because traitors like Cameron reduced the number of training places for both doctors and nurses, meaning that although the indigenous population wanted to train there were insufficient places for them. Same with nursing. In Camerons greed ridden desire for tax cuts for his rich mates he put them ahead of the good of the country, and it now means there aren’t enough native born medics to fill the vacancies.

          • Government limits the number of training places for medicine and nursing training.

            What’s that you say? You didn’t read the UKIP manifesto? Shame on you!

      • “… diagnosed condition pay for their own treatment would require so many laws to be changed …”.
        Not really. Apart from the very small numbers of hermaphrodites, could it be said we are dealing with a mental illness? Treat the mental illness on the NHS but if the patient considers they need physical treatment to an otherwise healthy body, they as adults can fund it.

    • Can I just be clear that these individuals are indeed treated because they are ill. The point is that we are talking about a psychiatric illness which is why those suffering can access all sorts of treatment. Understandably the people themselves may not wish to be considered mentally ill as there is still stigma to mental illness. But if they were not ill then they could not be treated. The medical question is then whether making physical changes to the body will treat the psychiatric disorder or will more conventional drug or “talking therapies” provide better outcomes. But be clear this is a medical disorder. The treatments are all comparatively recent and so there is considerable debate and risk.

      • exactly, and the vast majority of medical opinion suggest that making physical changes does work and is the only solution they have found for the condition.

  2. Do watch this (BBC) programme for a more nuanced and balanced look at this phenomenon. It was due to be screened recently by CBC in Canada, but a few vociferous members of the tranny taliban managed to stop its transmisson. You will understand why they were so anti when you watch it. The ‘transman’ Herhsel Russell, a ‘gender therapist’ prominent in this programme, is certifiable. The damage being done to confused young children is nothing short of child abuse.

  3. There are now people who turn down their children’s requests to eat at McDonalds – because a child does not know what is good for it – but will allow that same child to choose its own gender.

    Insanity. A correction to the mean is long overdue.

  4. Why is Ann Farmer allowed to post her hate and bile ? Every other day she vents her spleen either about trans people who she clearly wants exterminated, or abortion when she wants the opposite.

    This is not conservatism it’s radical Catholicism and it’s becoming boring.

    This site was created because of a move away from conservatism by the Conservative party, alas it’s gone and done the same thing itself, by allowing those who have nothing but hate in their hearts for those less fortunate than themselves.

    • “Why is Ann Farmer allowed to post her hate and bile” , its called freedom of speech sunshine, something you on the left think is great unless you disagree with it.
      I have read nothing by Ann Farmer to suggest she wants anyone exterminated.

      • I don’t know about extermination, but by lumping trans people the same category as anorexics, the author betrays her belief that treating them as sick in the head is the best solution.

        But a solution for what, exactly? Their predicament? Or her discomfort at being faced with people who don’t look exactly as she believes men and women should look?

        Luckily for society as a whole, Ann Farmer’s opinions do not form the basis for how we treat anyone. She’s nothing more than a marginal extremist given to ranting on marginal extremist blogs read only by other marginal extremists (and a few sensible people curious to know how crazy crazy can get).

        Let Ann Farmer believe what she wants. How can her beliefs possibly affect anyone?

      • The reason I mention extermination is that Farmer only ever moans whines name calls, and criticises. She never ever offers a positive or constrictive alternative, so the only conclusion left is that she simply wants these people to disappear from her nearly perfect world.

        As for being on the left, I’m not the one siding with radical far left feminists like Julie Bindel, and Jenni Murray – you are !

        Freedom speech is one thing but this is a private site, and saying the same old thing day in and day out gets more than a little boring.

      • Like the idea that a man can be a woman it’s made up. It’s what they do.

        I was accused of the same thing the other day by a man called Katie

          • It reminds me of the last time I watched Dr Who.

            The Dr was talking to a horse called David who complained that he wanted to be called Susan. Or should say that she wanted to be called Susan.

    • That’s just unhinged. Ann is an articulate and widely respected commentator on social issues. Why do you hate her so?

  5. All commentary on sexual identity likes to call it, grandiosely, a global phenomenon. Actually it is confined to the dense cities of the ‘western world’. The peoples of Mongolia for example are not suffering from an indulgent ‘choice culture’. They may have issues but that’s life, they would say. Far more important is how to cope with intense cold or heat and how each is able to help the whole community. Sexual identity is a given feature of life.
    Oestrogen floods our rivers, fish turn female, birdlife is affected. the internet amplifies all opinion including the insanities, over population and localised demographic densities cause irrational behaviours, dis-identity, fear and panic as each ‘fashion’ sweeps like a flu upon the beleaguered populace. And ‘choice’ has exponentially increased as well as those ‘doctors’ who would satisfy our cravings.
    Well! Whose fault is it but we who wanted sex, sex and sex and things, things and things? We wanted to be safe, we wanted labour saving devices, we want to talk talk and talk to those 1000’s of miles away, we want travel in total comfort…..etc etc.
    What we are witnessing is fear…………institutionalized fear. We are afraid of not being who we think we should be!!! And of course at bottom we have rejected our Christian heritage. A heritage that tells us all, in absolute terms….YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY………only infinite suffering will follow all who identify themselves as this or that, male or female. This heritage is not religion. It is timeless wisdom. We would do well to remember that and engage ourselves to the task of enquiring of “Who am I? What is my true nature? Am I this body or not?”.
    Think, enquire, investigate it is an absolute imperative. For what we are seeing is the fear and suffering consequent upon zero self reflection. And this is just the beginning folks.

  6. Gender is very much more than an external sexual organ.
    It is genetic & male & female internal body parts & personality traits are often overlapping
    but never identical.
    Any one who feels they’re in the wrong body and ADULT should submit happily to X Rays and
    internal examinations.
    Men with deep voices, without wombs, with broad shoulders etc are men, whether or not they wear dresses.
    I cannot imagine how a female to male trans works. Wearing a penile prosthetic may be fun in
    porn videos, but it’s not practical in everyday life & actually emphasises the femininity of the wearer.

  7. Greetings, earthlings. I am a visitor from Planet Clarity, and I come in peace. I hope that I might be able to help you in what I perceive to be your unfortunate difficulties, because on Planet Clarity we have the same issues as you; but we have resolved them without rancour, antagonism or the wrecking of lives. Can I explain how we have done this?

    We are virtually identical to you earthlings in just about every way. We reproduce in exactly the same way as you do, by the combination of two disparate sexes. Since reproduction is very important to us, we have taken great care over understanding and clarifying how this is done, and ensuring each individual has their own identity in reproductive terms, and can contribute to the process if and when they are ready to do so; but it is not compulsory.

    One sex is called egg carriers. We use this name as it is totally descriptive of the biological function of that sex. The definition of an egg carrier is someone who is born with a supply of eggs already existing in their bodies, ready to be fertilised by sperm when they reach maturity. Fertilisation takes place in the body of the egg carrier, and the baby grows inside the egg carrier until it is ready to be born.

    The other sex is called sperm producers. We use this name because it is totally descriptive of the biological function of that sex. The definition of a sperm producer is someone who is not born with any eggs, or indeed any sperm, but who will be capable of producing sperm when they reach maturity.

    Sperm producers are also born with an implement that enables them to introduce their sperm into the body of an egg carrier; the latter are born with a passageway that enables the sperm to swim through to the egg and fertilise it.

    There are a few, rare exceptions to the above dichotomy; but we are careful to help these unfortunate people and make them as comfortable in their bodies as possible.

    I hope that is all clear. It should be apparent that our egg carriers equate to your girls/women; while our sperm producers equate to your boys/men. But we do not use such shorthand terms as you do, despite the ungainly descriptors. We are very meticulous in ensuring that every egg carrier is referred to as an egg carrier, and nothing else; and that every sperm producer is likewise referred to as a sperm producer, and nothing else. Why? Because that avoids the confusion that we can see happening on your planet, where you seem to have lost sight of what your “boys” and “girls” really consist of, or what those words actually mean, or ought to mean.

    You see, on Planet Clarity our young egg carriers generally, but not universally, prefer to wear dresses, make up and long hair, and play with dolls as preparation for their future role as mothers. This is recognised as both normal and healthy, since we will need mothers to continue the species, and it is only egg carriers who can fulfil that role. But some prefer to wear trousers, no make up and short hair. However they are still egg carriers, because they – well – continue to carry eggs. No matter how different they may feel from the more mainstream egg carriers in their preferences, habits, mannerisms or appearance, neither they nor anyone else would claim that they are really sperm producers, because it is abundantly clear that they cannot and will not produce any sperm. So claiming that description would be palpable nonsense, and simply incorrect. You cannot change a sheep into a zebra by calling it a zebra; that is just plain silly, and nothing more than a distortion of the language. Nor can you change it into a zebra by painting it with black stripes and letting it loose on the Serengeti plains. It is still a sheep. Likewise a zebra is still a zebra, regardless of whether you wrap it in a coat of wool and keep it in a field in Wales.

    Similarly with our sperm producers. Most prefer trousers, short hair and playing with toy cars, weapons etc. as preparation for their future roles. This is recognised as both normal and healthy, since we will need stronger, tougher and more aggressive people to tame the more hostile and dangerous aspects of life on our planet, and protect the egg carriers and children. But a few sperm producers like to wear dresses and long hair, and play with dolls, like the egg carriers. But we all recognise that they are not, and cannot ever be, egg carriers because – well – they do not and cannot carry any eggs. No matter how different they may feel from the more mainstream sperm producers in their preferences, habits, mannerisms or appearance, neither they nor anyone else would claim that they are really egg carriers, because it is abundantly clear that they do not and cannot carry any eggs. We think this is so self-evident that it does not need debating or questioning.

    We recognise the needs and feelings of all our egg carriers and sperm producers. The small minority who feel a great compulsion to dress and behave more like the opposite sex, and are desperately unhappy until they can do so, are understood and their issues are recognised. They are not ridiculed, bullied or discriminated against. They can take their place without fear alongside everybody else in our society. But they are always told that it is their intrinsic biological natures that determine their sex, not their feelings, their desires or their appearance. Wearing a pink dress and drawing butterflies does not turn a sperm producer into an egg carrier; wearing trousers and playing rugby does not turn an egg carrier into a sperm producer. Both are impossible, and our children are taught that reality.

    In this way, every child can be secure in their sexual identity. You are what you were born as. You cannot change your sex. Egg carriers do not produce sperm. Sperm producers do not carry eggs. Everything else is secondary to this biological reality, and we do not blur the lines by telling children, or letting them believe, that there is such a thing as being born into the wrong body, still less being able to change sex as if it were choosing a different stick of candy from a jar. We regard that as dangerous nonsense, that can only lead them to heartache and despair. We do not see any good ever coming from telling children that their bodies are “wrong” in any way. To us, that would be savagely abusive and destructive, and would lead them to hate themselves. We teach them that whatever their character or preferences, their body is their own; it is precious, it is a beautiful gift, and it is worth preserving and enjoying. We teach children only to love and respect their bodies, not to hate or reject them. Their bodies are of course in any case extremely versatile, which in itself is quite enough to cater for any diversity: egg carriers can also play football and climb trees, and sperm producers can also practice ballet and be cheerleaders. Since our society happily recognises this, we see no need to tell children that they must change anything in order to enjoy all the activities of a full and varied life.

    Egg carriers could of course have their eggs removed, thus ensuring that they cannot become mothers. But we all recognise that that is not any kind of step to becoming sperm producers, because that remains impossible. Likewise sperm producers could have their sperm production terminated, thus ensuring they cannot become fathers. But we all recognise that that is not any kind of step to becoming egg carriers, because that also remains impossible.

    We only allow egg carriers and sperm producers to destroy their eggs or sperm production equipment after they reach maturity, when they have indicated their preference to do so repeatedly, and after due advice and consultation; and in the full knowledge that they cannot and will not be recognised as having “changed their sex”. Instead they will only be seen as egg carriers without eggs, or sperm producers without sperm. We regard either as a sad state of affairs, not to be encouraged. They must also pay for such operations themselves, since we do not see it as any part of our collective or individual duty to pay for others to interfere with their bodies, with no discernible benefit to anyone else or our society as a whole.

    Very, very few people of either sex opt for such operations.

    On Planet Clarity, we have not conducted any kind of research into trying to see if it is possible to turn egg carriers into sperm producers, or vice versa. We already have an abundance of natural egg carriers who make ideal mothers and natural sperm producers who make ideal fathers, and both sexes get along just fine together in their respective lives. So we don’t see any need to get anyone to switch artificially from one to the other and become a dubious copy of the real thing, either for their personal satisfaction or the good of society. Similarly, we are happy to let sheep remain as sheep and zebras as zebras. We would consider it somewhat pointless and perverse to do otherwise. We have far better uses for our time and energy.

    Now, can we help you with your little problem?

    • Excuse me, please, does one need a Visa to migrate to Planet Clarity? It does sound like a sensible, lovely place where natural order is recognised and encouraged, without uneecessary distortion. There used to be another place that was like Planet Clarity, sadly it seems to have vanished? Mmmmm, maybe invaded by Aliens, I can’t remember!

    • Any teachers reading this should print it off and give it to their pupils as a reading exercise. Mind you, they’ll probably be sacked the next day.

      Thank you for that: clarity indeed.

  8. Very good article, revealing an unfortunate truth, pandering to things, instead of challenging their “reality” often makes them worse, not better,

  9. I Recall Iran has a liberal attitude to Trans folk freely offering the necessary surgery and then leaving them to become street prostitutes.

  10. Anyone else joining the dots on the exponential growth of trans hysteria and seeing exact parallels with the child Satanic abuse panic which became a world wide phenomenon in the 80’s.
    The same age groups, the same adult enablers in social services and the medical profession putting all reason aside. At least we aren’t seeing teachers and parents being charged and locked up on a child’s whim again. So far.

    • Agree. I can’t help but feel that in just a few short years there will be law suits galore from young adults when they begin to realize that they were terribly misled (I hate to use the word “forced”) by being encouraged (manipulated?) to go down this road and who become more and more aware of the horrendous irreversible mistake that has been made.

      • This is something which I do agree with. Far too many young people who report being possibly trans in their youth do not have feelings which persist into adulthood.
        The current NHS treatment of no treatment save for delaying puberty until adulthood seems a responsible one, but again none of the voices I have heard driving this issue have been trans, nor their parents, but left wing activists who do not take opposition without aggressive intolerant responses.
        Alas there will be ‘collateral damage’ from this lunacy, but as always the left will deny any responsibility and walk away.

        • Unfortunately, once puberty blockers are started, it’s very difficult if not impossible to reverse their effects.

          • It’s a compromise though which appears to be the best one. Unfortunately there are people on both side of the fence where compromise is not a word they understand!

          • Take the case of Jazz Jennings.


            “Doctor #2 : We’re just now getting children who have been on puberty blocking hormones. When it comes to the surgery, we don’t have the raw materials we need.

            The “raw materials” down there are, of course, the child-like male genitals Jazz would have, having been on puberty blockers (since age 10) and estrogen (since at least age 12), according to the first episode of “I Am Jazz” in Season 1. The most commonly performed procedure in the United States to create a facsimile of female genitalia, called “one-stage penile inversion” is more complicated and requires more steps when the male genitalia are the size of a prepubescent child.”

            Jazz will never get his male genitalia functioning if he changed his mind.

          • I also remember how Jazz got angry and upset when he found out he couldn’t get his neo-vagina, and angrier still when he discovered that no biological male would want to date him.

            He’s a self-destructive individual and the newer season is reflecting that. Jazz is swelling up and gaining weight, maybe to cope with the fact that his family helped him destroy his reproductive future. But the message of his program has already done untold damage.

    • Exactly right. As well as other manias: split personality, repressed memory, and reincarnation come to mind.

  11. Its about the vanquishing of objective fact by ‘feelings’ again. Too bad reality doesn’t disappear just because it is wished away.

  12. Trans-positivity stories have become so predictable it’s easy to tell how they will be written and the way they will go. They always start with worried parents and how their child didn’t fit gender norms. Then, the insistence of their child to dress as the opposite sex. Then, their parent’s realization that their child was trans. Then, the struggles they face in a trans-hostile society. Then, a willing and complacent doctor that transforms their child’s life and how that child now fares in their new body.

    On and on it goes. Anything less than ‘positive’ for trans people is driving them to suicide. Ironic, as they tell us that they are mentally stable and healthy. The ‘rush of joy’ that poor girl felt at mutilating her own breasts is a common theme for many FtM transgenders. Then they realize that there is no going back. If they don’t remove their ovaries and reproductive organs, they can run the risk of losing them to cancer. Some of the FtMs that got pregnant didn’t remove their breasts OR organs at all. But we view them as ‘stunning’ and ‘brave’ that they gave birth to themselves as men.

    The program will continue until it is cancelled. Until then, parents will watch this, and continue on with their child’s transition.

  13. Unfortunately, once you go down the culrtural marxist rabbit hole, extremes are the only place the you will reach for it is never enough to get equality or recognition or freedom as the goal is and always will be – Power.

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