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Anti-Semitism and the freedom movement, Part 3


This is the third of Norman Fenton and Karen Harradine’s five-part series on the rise of anti-Semitism in the ‘freedom movement’, the lack of critical thinking this betrays and why it will discredit resistance to the elite-driven, undemocratic ‘new world order’. Today they focus on the anti-Semitic fallacy of Zionist masterminds driving this top-down revolution. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. 

A CORE inconsistency of the anti-Zionist obsession in the freedom movement is the fact that Israel is one of the very few countries in the world with a strong national identity, the very thing the globalists hate and which the freedom movement is supposed to cherish. Yet they accuse Israel of being central to the globalist agenda. 

The freedom movement rightly criticises the threat of global socialism imposed on us by the UN and its allied globalists such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, George Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OSF) and the World Economic Forum. Both frighteningly and ironically, many of the anti-Semitic libels, tropes and conspiracy theories that some in the freedom movement circulate come directly from some of the very supranational organisations – the UN and OSF to name two – that they are concerned about. If Zionists are supposed to control the UN and its associated bodies, as they believe, how is it that these same organisations are the source of what is now a near-universal vilification of Israel?

The UN is notoriously anti-Israel. Several anti-Semitic tropes that have gained ground in the freedom movement stem from the UN’s many resolutions on Israel, as reported herehere  and here.

UN resolution 3379 in 1975 that ‘Zionism is racism’ arguably kickstarted a new politically acceptable Anti-Semitism. Lauded by Arafat and the Soviets, it was subsequently revoked. But its pernicious lie persists and is used as ideological ammunition against Israel among the Left and now within the freedom movement. 

In 2009 a United Nations fact-finding mission on the Gaza Conflict, following the 2008 -2009 Gaza War, gave rise to the 2009 Goldstone Report. Its author, Richard Goldstone, was the president of the United Nations Human Rights Council, another notorious creation of the UN. Essentially denying Israel’s right of self-defence, the report challenged Israel’s democratic values and rule of law. It all but ignored Hamas’s strategy of operating within and behind the civilian population and turning densely populated areas into an arena of battle. By turning a blind eye to such tactics it all but endorsed them, as we have seen once again in the last weeks. Finally, the report barely disguised instigating a political campaign against Israel as a nation. Its recommendations sought to involve the entire international community in its campaign. In short, the report perpetuated further anti-Semitism and galvanised the insidious Boycott, Disinvestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign that originated at the UN’s 2001 ‘anti-racism’ conference in Durban.

This conference accused Israel of being an apartheid state – a barefaced lie that spits on the memories of South Africans who suffered under real apartheid, and one that couldn’t be further from the truth. All religions and races sit in the Knesset and judiciary. There is no edict in Israel marking separate schools for Jews, Christian and Arab children. No Israeli laws exist to define separate hospitals on the basis of race or religion. Palestinian leaders frequently seek medical help in Israeli hospitals for themselves and their family members. Hebrew and Arabic are both official languages of democratic Israel, honouring the linguistic heritages of Jews, Muslims and Christians indigenous to the region.

The BDS campaign is openly committed to the destruction of Israel. It has been successful in damaging Israel’s reputation and as a consequence inflaming anti-Semitism. Its devotees target Jewish owned businesses for harassment and vandalism and its anti-Zionist campaign in British Universities is so popular and unchallenged that the safety of Jewish students is constantly threatened. Academics and student leaders freely escalate hatred against Jews during the BDS’s insidious ‘Israel Apartheid Week’, an annual Israeli hate fest on campuses which promotes a contemporary Kristallnacht against Jewish businesses. Jewish students, some now too scared to wear symbols of their faith such as yarmulkes (skull caps), are bullied and assaulted by BDS members. Though reported in the Telegraph and elsewhere, nothing has been done to stop it. 

The establishment left, most evident in the Labour party despite some ameliorative words from Sir Keir Starmer, has embraced anti-Zionists and, with it, Islamists intent on killing Jews and destroying Israel. The left’s toleration of Arab anti-Semitism and terrorism is curious since it is largely based on the racist assumption that these Arabs have no ‘agency’ of their own; they appear to believe their actions can always be excused because of the conditions that they live under. It is the racism of low expectations. Whether a ‘love-in’ with Islamism or a blind eye turned to it, it has led directly to diaspora Jews being assaulted in the streets – the only faith group to need continuous security at its schools and synagogues throughout the diaspora. Even with security in place, terror attacks on our schools, community centres and synagogues continue unabated. 

And since last week’s Hamas attack on Israel, a more than 300 per cent increase in anti-Semitic incidents in UK has been reported by a Jewish security group. 

There is further irony in the anti-Zionist accusation that the Conservative Party is influenced by ‘Zionists’. To the contrary, what the party in government is guilty of is indirectly sanctioning attacks on Jews. Millions of taxpayers’ revenue in the guise of foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas has been and is used to finance attacks on Israelis, indirectly funding the diabolical scheme known as ‘pay for slay’. Contrary to received wisdom, under Michael Howard and Boris Johnson the party has been far from supportive of Israel. Liz Truss is an exception

The final irony is that some of anti-Semitic tropes circulating in the freedom movement stem directly from the organisations funded by Soros’s OSF. Most notable of these is the old lie that Israel is an apartheid state. The bottom line is that the OSF funds anti-Semitic organisations dedicated to the eradication of Israel, organisations also known for perpetuating terror attacks against Israelis. Soros himself is openly hostile to Israel; in 2007 he slammed the US for supporting Israel and not recognizing Hamas after the terrorist group won control of the Gaza Strip.

The fact is that Soros, although born a Jew who has subsequently stated his contempt for the religion, is motivated by his antipathy towards strong nation states, and that includes Israel. That is why it is so ironic and wrong when criticism of Soros’s politics is flagged as an anti-Semitic dog whistle (where criticism contains derogatory references to Soros being Jewish, or employs tropes such as Jews controlling the world, yes these are anti-Semitic.)

That Soros’s woke imperialism has nothing to do with his race or ethnicity should not need stating, but apparently it does, as recent anti- semitic tweets from leading lights in the freedom movement show. While it is indeed appropriate to consider the historical and present role of specific prominent families, corporations and actors in developing a globalist agenda to single out Jews while ignoring or minimising the far more controlling role of the Rockefellers, Fords or Gates misguidedly feeds into the anti-Semitic notion that Jews/Zionists control the world. 

Similarly, while it is certainly true that many Jews (especially in the media and entertainment industry) have played a prominent role in furthering the globalist agenda, these are almost invariably ‘Jews in Name Only’ whose only real religion and identity is left-wing progressive wokeism. The same ‘religion’ as the far more numerous non-Jewish globalists

In Part Four we expand on why the freedom movement is in danger of being discredited by anti-Zionism. 

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