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Anti-Semitism and the freedom movement, Part 2


Norman Fenton and Karen Harradine believe the freedom movement – though loosely aligned – remains key to resisting encroaching globalism and the transfer of power to unelected elites over public health and climate policy. They are concerned, however, that it is at serious risk of discrediting itself by letting an ‘upgraded anti-Semitism’, in the form of anti-Zionist conspiracy theories, to take hold. The Great Reset is not a Zionist plot, but many are being persuaded that it is. This is dangerous. This is the second of their articles explaining why such ideas need to be laid to rest and rejected once and for all. You can read Part 1 here


Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism

SINCE the lockdowns of 2020 to 2022, thousands and thousands of people across the world have come together in a loosely aligned freedom movement to defy the official narrative on Covid-19 and climate change; to call out and resist the international actors and multinational corporations that are pushing the Covid/climate change agendas. We stand with that movement. But what deeply concerns us is the extent to which the anti-Zionism evident in a book which was distributed at a recent ‘freedom’ conference seems to have taken hold. A recurrent theme of Feargus O’Connor Greenwood’s book, 180 Degrees: Unlearn the Lies You’ve Been Taught to Believe, is that Zionists and Israel are to blame for many of the most evil events of the last 70 years, and that Zionists are behind much of the current globalist agenda. 

Before we consider the specific examples in Greenwood’s book it is important to explain what anti-Zionism actually is. It is quite simply a movement dedicated to the destruction of Israel, the world’s only Jewish state. As the late Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks noted, anti-Zionism is the contemporary form of the mutating virus of anti-Semitism, and it is largely based on lies. 

Zionism simply means the self-determination of the Jewish people. For millennia, Jews have yearned to return to their historic homeland of Israel. Two thousand years of exile repeatedly showed the dangers Jews face, even in the friendlier countries of the diaspora, without a home of their own. It’s a cornerstone of our faith. Our Passover Haggadahs end with the wish: ‘Next year in Jerusalem’.

Denying the right of the Jewish people, but of no others, to their own indigenous homeland, uniquely accusing Israel of misbehaviours that they would not accuse any other country of, believing lies about Israel that they would not believe about any other country, denying the very right of Israel – a tiny country surrounded by genocidal terrorists intent on its destruction – to defend itself, are all aspects of anti-Semitism. Some criticism of Israel comes from ignorance of the unique actions it often has to take to defend its people against threats from its multiple enemies committed to the nation’s destruction. No other nation in the world faces this kind of threat and, although the mainstream media usually refuses to report them, threats and terrorist attacks are a daily occurrence. Hence the Jewish exodus from Europe we are witnessing now. The export of jihadism has left Jews feeling so threatened that they have left for the sanctuary of Israel. Among them are more than 55,000 French Jews since 2000, to give but one example. Experts predict that in twenty years there will be no Jews left in Europe

Underpinning anti-Zionism dogma is the desire for Israel to be destroyed. But, just like other forms of anti-Semitism, it leads to death of Jews outside Israel. In 1941, Jews in Baghdad accused of being Zionists were subjected to a violent pogrom called the Farhud. Hundreds were killed or injured, their homes and businesses looted.

Similar pogroms have taken place against Jews in other Arab countries during the 20th century with the result that barely a handful of Jews remain of the once thriving Jewish communities of the Arab nations. In 1994 Iran, the foremost instigator of terror against Israel and Jews, bombed a Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires, killing 85, in the deadliest attack on diaspora Jews since the Holocaust. In 2008, Islamist terrorists targeted the Chabad House in Mumbai, slaying six including the Rabbi and his wife. Their son was hidden by his nanny during the assault and survived. Multiple Islamic terrorist attacks under the rubric of ‘anti-Zionism’ have explicitly targeted Jews in Europe

While Israeli civilians have been the subject of thousands of attacks by Islamist terrorists dedicated to destroying ‘the Zionist entity’, anti-Zionism has also inspired multiple terrorist attacks by non-Arabs against Jewish and Israeli civilians. The best known of these were the massacre of 26 civilians in 1972 at Ben Gurion airport by members of the Japanese Red Army Faction, and the leading role played by German RZ terrorists in the 1976 hijacking of an airliner flying from Tel Aviv to Paris that they forced to land at Entebbe, Uganda.

Anti-Zionists who oppose the concept of Jewish nationhood are not heard voicing objections to any other nation states, including those founded on Islam or rooted in Christianity. Different agendas bind anti-Zionists together but their collective and ultimate aim is the obliteration of the world’s only Jewish state, endangering the lives of not only its citizens, including more than seven million Jews, but all 8.2million diaspora Jews. 

Recent years have also seen a proliferation of updated versions of historical anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Despite MSM and academic discourse on ‘Palestine’, no such country ever existed. What is often forgotten in such treaties is that Jews have maintained a continuous presence in Israel for more than 3,700 years. The notion that they appeared in Israel only in 1948, when millions of Jews from Europe and America were transported there, is yet another myth that has been propagated by anti-Zionists. It explains why, for example, people are surprised that Norman’s grandfather was born in Jerusalem in 1890 and that Karen’s family has lived there since 1850. The anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Jews aren’t ‘real Jews’ negates both our rights to self-determination and Israel, and the fact that Jews are genetically indigenous to the Middle East

Prior to 1948, only the Jews in the British Mandate of Palestine referred to themselves as Palestinian. The concept of (Arab) Palestinian identity was engineered through a collaboration between the KGB and Egyptian-born Yasser Arafat in the 1960s designed to negate the state of Israel and damage the US during the Cold War. Letters and manifestos written by KGB officers are irrefutable proof of this plan to invent a Palestinian identity, as well as detailing the origins of the PLO and its subsequent terror campaign against Israel in which it has killed and maimed hundreds of Jews, including children and diaspora Jews.

The tropes that Zionists control the world and that Israelis have deliberately killed Palestinian children are classic projections. Awfully, by contrast there are multiple examples of Palestinian terror attacks, including the current Hamas attack, that have explicitly targeted Jewish children. A full listing can be found here, including the massacre of the Fogel family. In a diabolical scheme called ‘pay for slay’, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority award the perpetrators money siphoned from foreign aid funds. 

A similar projection is behind the lie that Israelis are Nazis – a purposely hurtful one for Jews, and one which ignores the genuine Nazism of Palestinian terrorist leaders, like the alliance between Adolf Hitler and the Mufti, Haj Amin Husseini. 

In Part Three we will explain how supranational organisations proliferate further anti-Zionism.

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