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Are GPs finally seeing sense over the jabs?


THE other week, as I passed our health centre, I saw that a new notice had appeared in the position previously occupied, month after month, by exhortations not to cross the threshold unmasked, not to touch anything without freshly sanitised hands and, if unwell, to seek no face-to-face contact with any medical professional within until fully recovered. 

‘Oh no!’ I thought, walking over to take a closer look, ‘is this the beginning of back to square one? Is this an order to mask up again?’

Relief! It was not.

Instead, the notice stated, in block capitals:  ‘WE  ARE  NOT  DOING  COVID  INJECTIONS  HERE’.

A little investigation revealed that what was indicated was nothing but a ‘pause’ in the continuing roll-out, with the jabbers ready to take up their needles at a moment’s notice, should a ‘surge’ in demand be experienced: but what really intrigued me about that notice was the use of the word ‘injections’. Why had this term, one commonly employed by sceptics when referring to the suspect mRNA offerings, been chosen in preference to ‘vaccinations’? Could it be that hitherto obedient grass-roots practitioners were beginning to reassess the nature of the medications they had been endorsing for the past few years? Were increasing numbers of them finally plucking up the courage to call a spade a spade?

I had done my bit to remind them of disasters such as thalidomide before the great jabbing bonanza set in. On August 19 2020 I crept into the health centre, untested, unsanitised and unmasked, to place half-a-dozen envelopes on a table just inside the doorway: one for each doctor in the practice. 

After pointing out that tests on the medications being rushed through were months, even years, away from being completed, I wound up my letter with the following appeal to conscience: ‘We safety-seeking people of the UK can only hope that our doctors and nurses insist on observing the precautionary principle, and that they will refuse to administer the rather dodgy vaccine which seems likely to be mandated in the near future. Please remember the fundamental admonition to physicians, “First do no harm”, and join with your fellow medical professionals in calling the government’s bluff, should they attempt to force you into playing dice with your patients’ health.’

I was disappointed not to receive an acknowledgement from any of the doctors addressed. They were equally unresponsive to a subsequent letter urging them to sign the Great Barrington Declaration.

Since then, the need for caution which is always unequivocally demanded by medical ethics, yet which has been so ruthlessly disregarded where Covid is concerned, has been amply confirmed here in the UK at the cost of hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings who were coerced into accepting the shots as a result of cold-blooded psychological manipulation, or in hope of escaping from the ‘new normal’ with their jobs and way of life intact. As for the effects of the novel medications on future health and reproduction, only time (as was plain to any moderately intelligent layperson even before the roll-out began) can tell.

Are these facts gradually sinking into the hearts and minds of doctors who previously persuaded themselves that it was right to inject their patients with an untried and sketchily tested substance, utterly unlike anything previously defined as a vaccine? Have they been disturbed by the number of deaths and illnesses amongst formerly healthy patients immediately or shortly after ‘vaccination’ to the point where it has become impossible for them to deny a connection between shot and aftermath? Perhaps, like a nurse of my acquaintance, they have seen a colleague struggling to stay alive after succumbing to ‘vaccine’-induced anaphylactic shock. They may even be suffering themselves from injury or bereavement as a result of those ‘safe and effective’ medications.

It is pointless to look for public apologies from those who, for whatever reason, became implicated in the manifold inhumanities of the past few years: but could we perhaps be about to see significant numbers of doctors renouncing their previous gung-ho advocacy of the ‘vaccines’? Could this, perhaps, explain the reference to ‘injections’, rather than ‘vaccinations’, on that notice outside the health centre?

I hope so. After all, we will need the overwhelming support of doctors and nurses if we are to defeat the drive for a globally centralised medical tyranny which is now under way. The unique identity numbers; the digital ‘wallets’ giving access not only to details of our bank accounts, credit ratings, and allotted quota of CBDC, but to all possible data which has been gleaned about us, including our health records and vaccination status; and, crucially, the potential enforcement of preventive mRNA jabs along the lines of the disastrous Covid prototypes.

Already Moderna is planning to manufacture millions of mix-and-match, computer-generated mRNA substances in Oxfordshire for mass distribution in the UK. Initially these will target respiratory infections, but the aim is for swift expansion into such lucrative fields as cancer, heart disease and HIVSimilar production plants are being set up all over the world. When an emergency is declared, the aim is to unleash newly concocted mRNA variants upon the UK population within 100 days.

Faced as we are with an unholy alliance of Ted Ross*, the pharmaceutical companies and our own compliant politicians of all main parties, it would be comforting to see the majority of medical professionals, next time around, making common cause with those few of their colleagues who bravely refused to give way to pressure during the recently manufactured ‘pandemic’. Supportive organisations such as the World Council for Health and the UK Medical Freedom Alliance are springing up, and doctors previously misled or bullied into renouncing their integrity by the very institutions which should have been upholding it should draw strength from the fact that there is safety in numbers, and sign up to them en masse. We need to know that in any future showdown those to whom we entrust our health will be on our side. 

Perhaps it’s time to deliver another set of letters to the health centre, alerting its doctors to the renewed, and intensified, dangers that are being prepared for us, and concluding, as before, with an appeal to conscience and common sense; something along the lines of: ‘We safety-seeking people of the UK are relying upon our doctors and nurses to respect their oath first to do no harm, and to refuse to administer any mRNA injections, or other novel medications, which have been enabled with no long-term testing whatsoever by the MHRA.’

Wouldn’t it be great to see notices going up outside every health centre in the country, saying: ‘WE  ARE  NOT  DOING  ANY  mRNA  INJECTIONS  HERE’?

*As seen on the text running along the base of a recent news video: so much easier to remember (and to spell) than Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

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Gillian Dymond
Gillian Dymond
Gillian Dymond is 78, a mother and grandmother living in the north-east of England.

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