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Are our politicians facing their Ceausescu moment?


NO matter how sophisticated a propaganda campaign, even the most witless eventually wake up when the reality they see bears no resemblance to the fantasy that’s been fed them. 

This presents a dangerous dilemma for the political elites currently engaged in the biggest group brainwashing exercise in history. The Big Lie they are forcing upon us can be essentially summarised as follows: Covid-19 presents a mortal threat to everyone regardless of age and health, and the vaccines are both safe and effective. 

To cement this Big Lie, governments have utilised behavioural psychologists to terrorise citizens into a submissive Pavlovian condition. This is an act of terrorism if we adhere to the dictionary definition – deliberately inculcating fear to achieve a political ambition. 

In the 1970s, Russia’s KGB security service carried out psychological experiments on captive civilians. The results suggested that when someone was bombarded with propaganda designed to instil fear, it took just 66 days to bring about a state of mind closed to facts, reason and logic, but open to any misinformation promising to alleviate the fear, no matter how fantastical. 

Our purportedly benign political elite has adopted similar KGB tactics in the purportedly free and democratic West, resulting in the herd insanity we see around us. The fanatical mask wearers, social distancers, experimental vaccine believers, child-jabbers, bed-wetters, hypochondriacs and hystericals, all conditioned by fear and lies. 

There are logical consequences to this manufactured terror, notably a rise in mental illness and depression amongst those driven mad by the 24/7 onslaught of fear, and those driven close to madness who recognise the propaganda for what it is, but feel powerless in the face of its relentless mendacity. 

There are other consequences. The partial closure of the NHS to non-Covid patients caused the deaths of thousands whose cancer and heart conditions were deemed unimportant compared to the Killer Disease Stalking the Land.  

And it’s not over yet. Tens of thousands will die in the future, courtesy of an NHS brought to its knees as a result of closing it to save it. This was akin to starving people to death to preserve the food supply.  

The resultant logjam of desperately ill people will never be treated in time; especially so if the obscene threat to sack non jab-compliant doctors and nurses is carried out.   

In addition, we now have large numbers dying or suffering long-term health damage via the injection of experimental mRNA concoctions. Yet our political and public health masters tell us any adverse reaction is extremely rare.  

The zeal with which they lie is matched only by their fanaticism in exhorting us to believe a Covid-19 pandemic exists, despite it sharing an infection fatality rate close to influenza.  

People aware of all the above are angry, and more are becoming aware. There must come a point in the near future when Western political elites will be confronted by millions of seething citizens on the march. 

Last Saturday we witnessed huge crowds marching for freedom in Melbourne, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Brussels and many other places. In Paris, the riot police were forced to retreat, albeit temporarily. In The Hague, water cannon forced marchers to retreat. 

Something, at some point, has to give. What is happening is unprecedented in its supposed public health guise, but in Big Lie terms it can be compared to communism – which promised a socialist utopia and a ‘withering away of the state’ provided a ‘temporary’ dictatorship was accepted. The reality of course was very different. In the Soviet Union and its satellite states, a reign of terror allowed the communist regimes to survive for decades.  

But the lies imperative in shoring up the socialist fantasy eventually gave way, culminating in the collapse of European Communism between 1989 and 1991. Some countries such as Czechoslovakia saw a relatively peaceful transition to democracy, others less so. 

In Romania in December 1989, brutal dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was astonished when the crowd he was addressing started booing during his routinely cliché-ridden speech about startlingly high tractor production figures or some such Sovietesque nonsense.  

When the ex-cobbler realised his security team seemed a trifle ambivalent about his personal safety, he promptly legged it, but to no avail. On Christmas Day, he and his wife were executed by firing squad, members of which had contested fiercely for the privilege of shooting him. 

I was reminded of this remarkable event when I saw on TV the massed crowds protesting against their dictatorial politicians. Our gangster ruling class holds all the power at the moment, but what will they do if people power becomes overwhelming? What will they do when they reach their very own Ceausescu moment? 

Should that come to pass, and I pray that it does, the whole Covid charade will grind to a shuddering halt. If hundreds of thousands marched on Whitehall demanding the return of freedom, the politicians would have to make a monumental decision. Do they order police or military personnel to shoot us with rubber bullets on day one, and real bullets on day two, or do they turn tail and flee, as did the Ceausescus? 

I’m not entirely sure what they might do, but when I look at this ghastly clutch of careerists in Westminster I don’t see men of steel. I see weak, greedy, cowardly little figures who wallow in the vainglorious exercise of dictatorial power meekly gained.  

Boris Johnson is just a dictator manqué. Should he and his cohort ever face an irate citizenry, the odds are they would run and hide in abject terror.  

I am in no way calling for a pitchfork revolution, but I am saying we would win were we to act thus. This is just something to bear in mind should Boris the globalists’ manservant decide to turn our democracy into a bastardised version of China’s dystopian social credit system via mandatory vaccinations, digital ID and a controllable central bank digital currency. 

If George Orwell were still around, he would instantly brand these totalitarian instruments with the phrase he graphically used in Nineteen-Eighty-Four – a boot stamping on a human face forever.  

As I said, I’m not advocating insurrection. But just keep that image in mind, before toddling down to the local garden centre and taking a gander at their four-pronged forks. 

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Paul Weston
Paul Weston
Paul Weston is a political commentator, concentrating on the various factors involved in the relentless war against Western civilisation.

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