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At 78 and unvaxxed, I’ve come through Covid unscathed – and I curse the fearmongers   


I’VE just come out of a ten-day self-isolation period caused by catching the Covid virus.  Or rather, not caused by catching the virus, but by having become brainwashed by the relentless fearmongering surrounding Covid over the past two years. 

Having written scores of articles on the mishandling of the pandemic, I’m pleased to have experienced the illness directly, not least because of seeing at first hand the deplorable level of fear that still surrounds the infection.   

Despite everything I have learned and written about the relative harmlessness of the unquestionably genetically engineered virus, and the enormous damage done by the panic-stricken measures taken against it, I found it difficult to avoid the feeling of being ‘unclean’ – that if I so much as stepped out of my room, I would be putting lives at risk. 

I live in a small and somewhat ageing community, which includes a 91-year-old, on the south coast of England.  Partly because of what I have shared with others here about the experimental, largely useless and unquestionably dangerous Covid mRNA jabs, none of us has been vaccinated.   

I am 78 and so, according to the zeitgeist, I would only have myself to blame if I had fallen seriously ill, even though rates of hospitalisation and death from Covid are now declining faster in the unvaccinated than vaccinated populations.   

For the jab fanatics out there, whose sense of self-worth seems to depend on abusing those who refuse to align themselves with Covid panic, I have disappointing news.   

Although the illness – not surprisingly, because of its laboratory origin – has some unique features, in my experience it is a lot less unpleasant than flu. I am very much still alive and kicking, although resentful and depressed over a number of aspects of the experience. 

The fact that I am alive and well should not be a surprise to me or anybody else.  Despite being of an age that could be regarded by some as ‘dry tinder’, and therefore a candidate for contributing to a population cull, I am in generally good health.  We also know now that deaths from Covid, as opposed to the disgraceful shroud-waving created by the ‘with Covid’ term, were a fraction of publicly quoted numbers. 

It’s also true that the currently circulating variant of the virus has shed some of the genetically engineered features given to it through the ‘gain of function’ collaboration by American and Chinese researchers that brought us Covid in the first place.  So, despite being more infectious, it is putting fewer people in hospital generally than the earlier variants. 

But that didn’t stop the Government’s ‘Sage’ advisers from trying to cancel a second Christmas because of the arrival of the Omicron variant, even before it had claimed a single victim anywhere in the world.   

Thank goodness wiser counsel prevailed.  If it hadn’t, on becoming ill myself, my imprisonment would still have been a legal obligation.   

Another reason why I sailed through the illness may have been the fact that I took a daily dose of ivermectin, sent to me by a friend who obtained it from India.   

This is the cheap, safe, anti-parasitic drug that was demonised by Big Pharma, whose claims for the necessity of rolling out the experimental jabs (and expensive new drugs) would have been torpedoed if ivermectin’s effectiveness had been acknowledged.   

The tragic interview between Dr Tess Lawrie and Dr Andrew Hill, first documented in detail in Robert Kennedy Jnr’s book and made available here at TCW yesterday as a video, is probably the most telling of the entire pandemic.   

It should be seen by everyone.  It brings home how the millions dispensed by the vaccines cartel, notoriously including the Gates Foundation – which also funds the BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Financial Times, and even the UK’s drug regulator, the MHRA – compromised an individual researcher and his conscience. 

I feel sorry for Hill.  Though I think we are all indebted to Lawrie for giving us such a clear illustration of the big-money corruption that has reached into the heart of both medicine and the media, it is a global phenomenon.   

Hill happens to have been both innocent enough, and decent enough, to enter into the conversation with Lawrie and to show his discomfort, rather than just take the pay cheque from Gates and similar sponsors as so many thousands of others have done.    

But becoming ill from Covid oneself brings home the fact that this tiny pill may have made a difference, and yet had to be obtained almost illicitly because of the NHS’s involvement in the corruption.   

I feel sad that thousands of others might not have died if the treatment had been available.  I feel sad that if doctors had even just been allowed to use their own clinical judgment in prescribing this pill – instead of simply telling patients to stay at home – something of the traditional doctor-patient trust might have been retained. 

We know that behind the scenes, Big Pharma and their friends in academia, Whitehall and Washington were desperate to discredit any effective treatment, because it would have torpedoed the legal case for rolling out the experimental mRNA jabs. 

I was not the first person in this house to get Covid.  My predecessor, also in her 70s, had somewhat different symptoms from myself.  Her illness started a few days before my own.   

She did not receive ivermectin, and I think her symptoms were worse.  She not only had a very sore throat, but from the start body ache more like the traditional flu.  Her chest still sounds bad, though she is on her feet again and almost back to normal. 

In my case, the illness began with a day of nausea and vomiting, and for the next few days I had a low-grade fever and wanted to do nothing but rest.  I slept a lot, day and night.   

On about day three, I had a raging sore throat.  When that passed, there was quite a lot of phlegm stemming from deep in the lungs, which a medical friend told me I should be diligent in clearing – a most useful tip, because it is when people lie still for too long that an inflammatory reaction can set in which impedes breathing and is one of the main causes of hospitalisation.   

I was advised that a small daily dose of aspirin would help in this process, as it works at a deeper level than paracetamol, which provides relief in a more superficial, head-based way.  

The medic also told me that further protection against that second phase of the illness would come from keeping on the move, through exercise or doing small jobs around the house or garden. 

And this is where I discovered that I and others in the house were still victims of the ‘stay at home, save lives’ brainwashing that the NHS spent millions of our money imposing on us.  

When I ventured so far as our communal laundry with a pile of washing, I was spotted in my dressing gown and immediately reported to our health and safety rep, who felt obliged to ask me if I had disinfected the knob on the washing machine after use.  At one level, he was right – the Omicron variant which I was probably harbouring is hugely infectious.  It is likely to reach everyone in time. 

But when I slipped out of the front door just once, to take some exercise, a particularly fearful resident commented about ‘people wandering all over the house’ and thereby, it was implied, endangering others. 

After that, I did not step out again until receiving two negative results with the lateral flow test.  That was despite the fact that updated guidance for households is not that people with Covid should be prisoners in our rooms, but simply avoid spending time in communal areas unnecessarily. 

The problem is, once you know others are worrying, it is very hard not to be influenced.  Just suppose I had continued to slip out of my room, and the house, to take a walk on the beautiful seafront, soaking up some sunshine – and someone else in the house fell ill.   How could I not feel responsible?  

That’s where the lateral flow test kits became a blessing.  When my ex-wife, Liz, learned that I had tested positive on my first day, she berated me for taking the test at all.  She knows how technology so easily replaces humanity.   

Doctors are constantly peddling test kits for this or that illness, when the evidence is that screening often increases fear levels and does little or nothing to reduce pathology.  

The lateral flow test did however give me a very clear indication when I had Covid, and then provided confirmation that I was no longer infectious when the illness had passed.   

For two days, when I already felt much better, it nevertheless produced a faint line that meant I was still harbouring some degree of viral activity.  When I felt completely better, the test confirmed that that was indeed the case.   

Because of my imprisonment, I hated this experience.  I actually became quite fearful of doing the test.  When you are clearly infectious, a tell-tale line appears immediately, but as the disease lessens, the positive signal only appears after some minutes.  I found the tension from this wait almost unbearable.   

However, when I finally had my two days with a clear result, I could with a clear conscience venture forth from my room once again – to a warm welcome from fellow residents, who in any case had worked hard to support me with food and drink during my isolation.   

The Government has been one of the first in the world to signal a change of heart over Covid, by dropping legal restrictions in England.  I like to think that the persistent challenges to the fearmongering by TCW – Defending Freedom and The Daily Sceptic, in particular, may have helped, while our friends in countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many parts of Europe and the US are still labouring under an oppressive yoke.  

The image of the perfectly-coiffured Justin Trudeau, surrounded by masked henchmen, telling the beautifully disciplined truckers that their protest was to be crushed through martial law is something I will never forget. 

What does get so easily forgotten is that just as ‘perfect love casteth out fear’, so fear casts out love.  And love is a great healer.  I feel so happy to be back among my friends, and able to walk again along the prom.   

The fact that my brief period of isolation proved so painfully depressing brings home to me that we are still suffering the consequences of the Orwellian mind manipulation created by Sage, the NHS, and most UK media; and how awful it must have been for the countless old folk made to die alone, barred from healing sunshine and human contact. 

Please – never again.     

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Neville Hodgkinson
Neville Hodgkinson
Neville Hodgkinson is the former Sunday Times medical and science correspondent who created an international storm by reporting a scientific challenge to the ‘HIV’ theory of Aids. His new book, How HIV/Aids Set the Stage for the Covid Crisis, is an expanded and updated version of his previous book on the controversy. It is available here.

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