Sunday, March 7, 2021

Alison Figueiredo

Alison Figueiredo cares for her son at home

Alison Figuerido: The party of the family has gone deaf to the pleas of stay-at-home mums

My day is full from start to end with caring for my son. Parent-led playgroups every day, playdates, parks and museums - I am...

Alison Figueiredo: Labour reap the whirlwind of decades of pork barrel politics

There was a lot at stake at this year’s mayoral elections in Tower Hamlets. The incumbent Lutfur Rahman, representing Tower Hamlets First, faced serious charges...

Alison Figueiredo: Two papal heroes who helped me embrace my Catholic heritage

I was born, raised and schooled a devout Catholic but fell away from my faith in my twenties. It had nothing to do with...

Alison Figueiredo: Hard to believe. But my two-year-old has taught me the art of patience

On Easter Sunday, I put my two-year-old son to bed and steeled myself for the meltdown that would follow when I left the room. He...

Alison Figueiredo: Anti-family tax raids cloud the British Dream. Time to find a better life abroad

The government should not be in the business of making choices for us about how to raise our family. David Davis MP is right...

Alison Figueiredo: Late to motherhood? I am just happy to have made it

Older mum? Perhaps. I just consider myself fortunate to be married with a beautiful child in an age where modern life puts family life...

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