Thursday, January 28, 2021

Andrew Symes

Andrew is a vicar and theological educator. He is also the Executive Secretary of Anglican Mainstream.

Bishops fail to grasp the anti-Christian philosophy behind the LGBT agenda

AS THE General Election campaign enters its frantic last days, church leaders have made a number of interventions which tread a fine line between...

Andrew Symes: An established church only works if society tolerates its beliefs, warns Nazir-Ali

One of the main themes running through Faith, Freedom and the Future is Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali's conviction, familiar to those who have heard him...

Andrew Symes: The politics of Christmas transcend our earthly loyalties

The Christmas story is very subversive and in fact offensive, not just to left wing secularists, but also to a certain kind of modern...

Andrew Symes: The established Church faces a battle for survival

Is Britain a Christian country? If not, what religion or philosophy, if any, should be the foundation of our values, laws and customs? What...

Andrew Symes: Christians should speak openly about their faith. How else will the young learn of Jesus?

I spend much too much of my time reading pretty depressing stories about the state of Christianity in England. So much so that the...

Andrew Symes: Beware the BBC’s religious divide. Reasonable, liberal Christians versus horrid anti-gay ones

This article is reproduced by kind permission of Anglican Mainstream.  Revisionist leaders talk a lot about their desire for unity in the Church. But more...

Andrew Symes: Curtailing religious freedom is the beginning of the end of all freedoms

As Britons we can be justifiably proud of Magna Carta, remembered with great ceremony this last week, and how its key principles underpin our...

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