Wednesday, January 20, 2021



Cancelled as a valid human: School closure led my son into a drug and despair hell

TO whom it may concern in the Government:   I am a single working mother, a key worker within the private sector. I am fortunate...

It’s only three weeks

WE have been sent this poem by a TCW reader. It's only three weeksTo flatten the curveIt's not much to askIt's a small way to...

The view from Hong Kong

IN response to the article ‘An open door to Hong Kong would be madness’ published on June 11, please let me express my opinion concerning...

Man and woman – the ideal combination

YOU’RE a what, Gran? A complementarian. What's one of those? It's what you are if you're not a feminist. What do you mean, not a feminist? Aren't you...

Our Down’s son and the truths that can’t be said

I KNOW it's shocking but if we'd known how things would turn out we might have made different decisions.  We didn't think much about having an...

I am gay, but this is #notmypride

I CAME out several years ago, and I have never attended a Pride parade or Pride event. Frankly, I find it profoundly embarrassing. I...

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