Tuesday, January 26, 2021

David Raynes

David Raynes is a former international customs and anti-corruption consultant.

Covid loophole for a strumpet voluntary

MANY of us are still struggling to figure out the latest batch of ‘freedoms’ so graciously allowed us by the lockdown regime. The list, published...

Why independence doesn’t add up for the Scots

WE MUST be grateful to the Telegraph’s Liam Halligan for pointing out that the SNP gained only 45 per cent of the total vote in...

Soft borders can work. Let’s start with Ireland

IT IS nearly a year since I wrote in these pages that goodwill was all that was needed to solve the Ireland boundary issue.  Now...

Passports: Ministers must see that our security is at stake

If it is true that ministers have decided against a national security exemption when awarding the contract to produce the new British Passport, as...

Goodwill is all that’s needed to solve the Irish border ‘problem’

Is the Irish border really the unsolvable Brexit problem the EU Commission would have us believe? It keeps coming up, on Any Questions, Question Time,...

David Raynes: The Treasury neither likes nor understands small firms

After 36 years in the public sector and being the recipient of that extraordinary thing, a relatively generous Civil Service pension, I may not...

David Raynes: Our rulers turn a blind eye to the migrant tsunami massing on our shores

“Them that ask no questions ain't told a lie. Watch the wall my darling while the Gentlemen go by”. If the UK votes to stay in...

David Raynes: Can Clegg explain why internet records are any different to phone records?

Nick Clegg was on the Andrew Marr show yesterday, where he was pressed about his opposition to the retention of internet contact data for...

David Raynes: Police minister Mike Penning is wrong. We should reduce the number of police forces

Hello, Hello. What’s going on here then? Chief Superintendent Irene Curtis, President of the Police Superintendents’ Association, has said the number of constabularies  in...

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