Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Daniel Leafe

Dan Leafe is a barrister a member of Fowey Parish Church.

The Tale of the Bear and the Rabbit

Only with great reluctance was I dragged by my wife and mother to see Paddington 2. I can usually rely upon my wife to...

Daniel Leafe: Easter poses a binary question from which Christ rises triumphant. The EU poll is similarly black and white

In the Christian calendar Lent is a time for reflection before celebration. In particular, it is a time to reflect upon the Passion of Christ...

Daniel Leafe: The Left is reduced to impugning IDS’s motives for resignation

One of the few remaining free and unregulated (for now) pleasures of everyday life is to watch from the sidelines as the metropolitan Left...

Daniel Leafe:  Equality dictates that if God is female so is the Devil

After several millennia it has taken a positively luminescent insight from Women and the Church WATCH to point out that the Almighty’s own self-disclosure...

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