Sunday, January 17, 2021

Dr Gregory Slysz

Dr Gregory Slysz writes and lectures on history and current affairs.

Virus crisis won’t save Lefties from terminal irrelevance

WHEN the post-mortem on the coronavirus crisis is held, many questions will be asked, many reputations will be ruined and many heads will roll.  Notwithstanding...

‘Bamboozled’ transitioners should turn to the law

THERE is a new (ish) label on the sex scene. And this time it’s not to advance the sexual revolution but potentially to thwart...

The tide is turning against the wokesters

IT WAS uplifting to see leading members of the luvvie fraternity turn on their own, the British comedian Ricky Gervais during the Golden Globes and...

Women footballers should earn less, because they’re rubbish

THE recent Spurs-Arsenal women’s football derby in front of a record crowd of 38,000 provoked fits of excitement among the liberal-Left media, which claimed...

Back in the EUSSR

JEREMY Hunt’s likening at the 2018 Tory conference of ‘the EU club’ to a ‘prison’ akin to that of the Soviet Union ‘that stopped people...

How Boris can revive real Conservatism

THE shenanigans in Parliament over Boris Johnson’s failed attempt to prorogue the Commons has in the short term precipitated a crisis for the country...

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