Wednesday, March 3, 2021

George Maggs

George Maggs is a Community Co-ordinator in Bristol North West and a final year PhD researcher

Who runs Britain – the people or the establishment?

IT’S said that Mark Twain wrote: ‘If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it.’ I’ve heard this quote repeated several times...

Genesis and the impossibility of Socialism: 2

Chapters 1 and 2 of the book of Genesis describe the creation of the world and mankind’s place in it. The teachings within them...

Genesis and the impossibility of Socialism: 1

Whether you regard the book of Genesis as the written word of God, or simply as a collection of stories passed down through the...

We’ve a moral obligation not to let in Calais migrants

The ‘Sandhurst Treaty’ signed between Britain and France last week not only pledged to increase military co-operation between our two countries, it also committed...

George Maggs: Osborne’s Brexit scare tactics could put Corbyn in Number Ten

When you hear commentators in the mainstream media discuss the ‘Brexit lies’, they are invariably referring to the (in)famous claim that we send £350million...

George Maggs: Amidst the conference despair, a glimmer of hope

Having never attended the Conservative Party conference before, the first thing I noticed was how smartly dressed everyone was. All representatives were immaculately presented...

George Maggs: Why we must stand fast against a soft Brexit

Although many Conservatives voted Remain in last year’s EU referendum (the vast majority for economic reasons), since the vote Conservative MPs and wider party...

George Maggs: Free university education is immoral

Socialism and its disciples on the left have an impressive ability to generate fundamentally unjust economic and social policies and to repackage them so...

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