Keep Britain Free
Thursday, September 24, 2020
Keep Britain Free

Henry Getley

Henry Getley is a freelance journalist.

Letter from Local Lockdown Land

‘TO the future or to the past ... from the age of Big Brother, from the age of doublethink – greetings!’

Remember Arnhem

IT was one of those warm, mellow September days with which England is sometimes blessed before autumn sets in.

187 years down the line, is HS2 worth it?

AFTER years of controversy and delay, an astonishing railway between London and Birmingham is finally being built. The journey time will be...

Adele: Much hairdo about nothing

THE singer Adele is in trouble for doing up her hair in an African-inspired style. Critics have accused her...

The dust that got a life

Life, an Unauthorised Biography, by Richard Fortey SOME four and a half billion years ago, clouds of dust and...

Who wants to go to a hushball match?

AMONG some of the funniest Monty Python sketches are The Semaphore Version of Wuthering Heights and Gunfight at the OK Corral in Morse Code. The action...

A psychic surge? Who saw that coming?

AH, the mist is clearing. I see legions of figures, troubled and torn by strife. They hunch over keyboards, feverishly Googling. Then...

School poetry, Donne but not forgotten

NEWS that schools can drop poetry from the GCSE English Literature syllabus has been greeted with dismay in some quarters.

Sultans of the shovel

The Railway Navvies, by Terry Coleman FANCY a little exercise? Then try this: Take a spade, go into your...

A fugitive ship, an ocean of bloodshed

The Ship That Changed the World, by Dan Van Der Vat August 1914, by Barbara Tuchman

The comment denier

HOW’S this for an insulting rant from Damian Carrington, the Guardian’s environment editor?  He brands climate change deniers as...

Exposed: The culture of ‘spite and venom’ behind the BBC’s trashing of Churchill

WHAT sort of twisted, poisonous mindset leads the BBC to brand Winston Churchill a racist mass killer? One disturbing...

A hero’s dog is hounded out of the RAF’s history

I THOUGHT by now that I was wearily resigned to political correctness. But its latest manifestation provokes new depths of anger and...

English remastered

AND so another word bites the dust. Some estate agents are now apparently banning the phrase ‘master bedroom’, because ‘master’ is said...

When Britain sailed close to an uncivil war with Abraham Lincoln

FOLLOWING the death of George Floyd, the spectre of the Civil War is rising once again to haunt America.

On Restoration Day, whither the monarchy?

BELLS rang out, music played, wine flowed from the fountains and thousands packed the flower-strewn streets of London to cheer the tall,...

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