Friday, January 22, 2021

James Bartholomew

James Bartholomew is a journalist and author of The Welfare of Nations

James Bartholomew: The BBC buries bad news about the NHS every day

In 40 years of journalism,  few stories have disgusted me more than the one I am about to relate. It starts - but only...

James Bartholomew: Theresa May is not a Conservative

Pretty well all of us have reason to be depressed now. First the Remainers were poleaxed by the result of the referendum. Now the...

James Bartholomew: Why did the pollsters get it so wrong?

What the...? How on earth did that happen? When Paddy Ashdown was told the exit poll forecast of 316 seats for the Tories, he said...

James Bartholomew: I have seen the future. And it is Sweden where mothers are banned 

A woman with long brown hair stands up at a conference and after thanking the organisers and apologising for being no good at using...

James Bartholomew: Why do people talk more about ‘poverty’ now that there is so much less of it?

Edited extract from The Welfare State We're In by James Bartholomew (Biteback 2014 £14.99) Here is a puzzle. In the Middle Ages there was terrible...

James Bartholomew: Which families does the State support?

Edited extract from The Welfare State We’re In by James Bartholomew (Biteback 2014, £14.99). Buy on Amazon here. The welfare plan outlined by Lord Beveridge in...

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