Sunday, March 7, 2021

Joe Baron

Joe Baron is a history teacher from London.

Motivated newcomers are raising school standards – but can it last?

IT HAS been characterised as a tale of extraordinary success. As a consequence of enlightened and collaborative leadership unleashed by the New Labour-initiated London...

The great Labour ‘centrist’ con trick

I FIND the tendency to label as extremists those who wish to see more immigration controls mildly amusing. I mean, what could be more...

A government which loses the people’s consent is heading for catastrophe

DURING the nineteenth century successive Ottoman sultans, most notably Abdul Hamid II, in a desperate bid to modernise and challenge Western military dominance, enacted...

Don’t the Gunners realise BLM play on the Left wing?

I HAVE a deep-rooted attachment to Arsenal FC. My family moved to London during the 19th century and became supporters, passing their enthusiasm on...

A window on the world of Leftie lecturers

JULIA Hartley-Brewer conducted a fascinating and revealing interview with Dr Kojo Koram last Friday. A lecturer in race and empire at Birkbeck, University of...

Act now, Johnson, before unbridled immigration ruins our nation-state

RECENTLY I started to read a book called Bloody Foreigners. Written by a regular contributor to the New Statesman, Robert Winder, it seemed, at least initially,...

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