Friday, January 22, 2021

Kateri Muys

Kateri Muys is a nurse living in Ottawa, Canada.

Why masks are a waste of time

BORIS Johnson is reported to be considering making masks compulsory in shops and and elsewhere indoors. In more socialist Canada, this is expected to become...

Meditation? A brisk walk will do you more good

ONE of the latest fads that millions of people are enthusiastic about all over the world is mindfulness and meditation. The benefits are being...

A short stretch in the cult of yoga

I WANT to focus on the new age phenomenon involving an obsession with the self, such as mindfulness practices, meditation and yoga. In the fitness...

The great recycling racket

I AM extremely sceptical of most green initiatives, and tend to think that if something appears too good to be true, it usually is....

Trudeau’s green crusaders can’t see the wood for the trees

CANADA’S boreal forest comprises about a third of the huge forest which circles the northern hemisphere, mostly north of the 50th parallel. The boreal forest originated...

From the frozen front line, the truth about polar bears

LAST week in TCW Andrew Montford wrote about the strange reluctance to reveal up-to-date figures about polar bear populations. Could it be because they don’t fit the...

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