Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a former Professor of Life Sciences at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Kevin Lee: Cameron’s case is easily demolished

David Cameron's article (There is so much at stake for us in this week's referendum, says DAVID CAMERON, Published in Sunday Express June 19, 2016)...

Kevin Lee: The two-party system is broken. We need voting reform

So Russell Brand is now an election player, having seen the light (unfortunately a red one except in Brighton) and urged the people to...

Kevin Lee: Vote Miliband and get EU President Blair

Tony Blair praised Ed Miliband for not offering an EU referendum and declared his enthusiastic support for a Miliband premiership. Given the political chasm...

Kevin Lee: The venom directed at Farage shows how far Britain has lurched to the Left

Having suffered the election debate, the passionate intervention by Victoria Prosser (the heckler who interrupted Cameron) was welcome. With the exception of UKIP, I concur with Miss Prosser's...

Kevin Lee: The Budget just rearranges the deck-chairs of mega-debt on the Titanic

Budget speeches, like icebergs, conceal profound realities that can harbour death and destruction. This Budget proclaimed the beginning of the end of the UK debt...

Kevin Lee: Tarzan goes over the top over race. But Farage is nearer the public mood

On Sunday, Lord Heseltine launched a blistering attack on Ukip leader Nigel Farage. In an article for the Mail on Sunday, the Tory grandee...

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