Friday, February 26, 2021

Kristian Niemietz

Kristian is a senior research fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA). He is the author of the book ‘Redefining the Poverty Debate’.

Kristian Niemietz: A simple answer to the housing shortage. Relax the planning strait-jacket

In a more rational world, planning reform would not be a tribal issue. It would, on the contrary, be an issue around which people...

Kristian Niemietz: Ed Miliband’s tuition fee cap proposal is wrong in principle and wrong in detail

Political leaders often struggle to find their ‘big idea’, their multi-purpose answer to tackle a range of problems at once. Ed Miliband does not...

Kristian Niemietz: Broken but not defeated – the student debt time bomb can be defused

Whether one agrees with the policy or not, one should think that a trebling of tuition fees cannot but result in a bonanza for...

Kristian Niemietz: Not another childcare subsidy – how about deregulating childcare instead?

Childcare policy used to be a very simple issue. Classical liberals, and many conservatives, used to argue that if parents with young children wanted...

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