Saturday, January 23, 2021

Laura Perrins

Laura is Co-Editor of The Conservative Woman

Laura Perrins: Lib Dems – baby snatchers

Gather ‘round all ye who hunger and thirst for tomorrow’s news today and listen to the wise words of the prophetic one. For I,...

Laura Perrins: House of Cards – power trumps feminism in the White House

Frank Underwood advocates ‘ruthless pragmatism’ in clawing his way to the Oval Office. The only character who is even more ruthless is his wife,...

Laura Perrins: Feminists – they just don’t get it

What is it about the feminists who are in the public sphere who shape policy when it comes to mothers who care at home?...

Laura Perrins: No, childcare will not solve all our problems

The promotion of pre-school childcare by the left is relentless. Like the plant Audrey II from the Little Shop of Horrors advocates for pre-school...

Laura Perrins: University ‘lad culture’ – whatever happened to the gentleman?

Is your daughter at University? Are you immensely proud of this fact, and excited for her future and her career? Of course you are....

Laura Perrins: Conservative women have been abused by the party

Historically, if you were a woman, chances were you were conservative. Women were the life-blood of the Conservative Party, their foot soldiers, organisers, campaigners,...

Laura Perrins: Ludicrous sexting advice latest from “experts” at Department for Education

The Department for Education have agreed to update the guidance on SRE so it is more ‘modern’. The current guidance pre-dates the advent of...

Laura Perrins: MPs put parents on the naughty step

When Parliament voted to ban smoking in vehicles that carry children I had a Twitter meltdown. I just could not believe that MPs had...

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