Sunday, January 17, 2021

Martin Ward

Martin Ward has been an analytical chemist in the water industry and a regulator of waste management facilities.

It’s global cooling, not warming, that worries China

IF I said I had never met a famous person I’d be lying. There was Percy Thrower at the Ideal Home Exhibition about 60...

Cowardice of the BLM toadies

IT MUST be about 55 years ago that I read The Hate Merchant by Niven Busch (screenwriter of The Postman Always Rings Twice, 1946 version): it had...

Put this in your pipe and smoke it, Johnson

SOME readers might remember The Saturday Book. If they do they are probably over 70, like me. My first encounter with it was in the Central Library,...

The solace of a cemetery

WE have lived at the same address for the best part of 46 years and a feature of the estate is that it abuts...

The Remainer civil service – mad cow disease all over again

FROM everything I’ve read, Dominic Cummings is an extraordinary man, and he’ll need to be if he is taking on the civil service as...

More trees aren’t the answer – crop rotation is

I WAS very grateful for the mainly positive response to my article on climate change, but two people mentioned declining bird populations in Norfolk, and...

Climate change – the view from the countryside

I AM on holiday deep in North Norfolk and see skeins of pink-footed geese flying towards the Broads. An A380 airbus travelling from Manchester...

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