Sunday, March 7, 2021

Mary Harrington

Mary Harrington is a mother, political blogger and Eastern Region Secretary for the Social Democratic Party. She tweets as @moveincircles.

Confirmed, how helicopter parents land their children in misery as adults

HELICOPTER parenting produces young adults who feel unable to control their own lives and struggle to navigate social life or manage their emotions, according...

Au contraire, Claire – women want to cut their work hours

CLAIRE Cohen in the Telegraph discusses the latest figures showing that 75.1 per cent of mothers are now in work, more than ever before....

Only two cheers for this blow against trans madness

JESSICA Yaniv, a Canadian self-identified transgender woman, has lost a case before the British Columbia Human Rights tribunal. The case was brought against a...

Misery of the childcare generation

THE Times reports that a chain of nurseries has invested in ‘frustration toys’ for children prone to biting. The Tops Day Nurseries operations director...

You can’t outsource family life

MEASURING ‘wellbeing’ in schools, incentivising feckless parents and micromanaging the rest – that’s the suggested solution to child unhappiness. As if schools did not have...

Motherhood censored in the name of feminism

THE Guardian reports on the first advertisements to fall foul of the Advertising Standards Authority’s new rules on ‘sexist stereotypes’. One was banned because...

Joint bosses don’t work – in business or the home

WHEN I was younger and more idealistic, I started a business with friends. Being (as most twentysomethings are) well-meaning Lefties, we thought hierarchy was...

The cost to us all of making mums go out to work

MORE than three-quarters of mothers with dependent children are now in work, according to figures released this week. This means that there are, today,...

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