Thursday, January 28, 2021

Melanie Platt

Melanie Platt worked at the Home Office as a Higher Executive Officer.

Nobody believes you, Mrs May. But do you care?

Theresa May has shown a desire to avoid conflict and to seek consensus wherever possible. Recent polling suggests she has achieved the precise opposite. A...

‘EU leader’ Merkel on a knife-edge

Since I wrote last on Merkel, migrants and the scandal the media does not think you need to know about, which left left the...

Merkel, migrants and the scandal the media thinks you don’t need to know about

There is an enormous story brewing in Germany which has pushed Angela Merkel, described by Nigel Farage as the leader of the EU, to...

BBC’s Englishness survey and the results it couldn’t stomach

On Sunday evening the BBC posted a piece on its website concerning the findings of a survey it had commissioned from YouGov. The title...

Poor old Ivor must be turning in his grave

Last week, as the annual Ivor Novello music awards were announced, I thought they must have been decided by a committee chosen from Labour’s...

What the public really think about immigration

Early on in the Windrush affair it was said that the government would use the fact that a few people had been inconvenienced, or...

Jeremy and Shami can’t both be right – one of them must go

No one can have missed Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-Semitic shaming after it surfaced that he questioned a London council’s decision to destroy a mural which...

Labour’s cynical drive for votes at 16 and the myth of the ‘youthquake’

I’m sure most readers will be aware of the term ‘gerrymandering’, which describes the manipulation of voting boundaries to secure an advantage at the...

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