Sunday, February 28, 2021

Mark Ellse

Mark Ellse is a physicist and author. He is a former headmaster, independent school inspector and A level chief examiner.

Mark Ellse: We would be better led if our politicians were allowed to grow up first

'When I was young, I used to think that it was just matter of a women's right to choose but, as I've grown older,...

Mark Ellse: Without commercial disciplines, free schools are an expensive experiment

'The only long term solution is more good school places and that is where free schools really are helping,' said David Cameron, as he...

Mark Ellse: Some things never change. The Romans bribed their voters too

I was talking to a septuagenarian friend the other night. 'You know, I feel it is wrong not to vote but I really don't...

Mark Ellse: The more you teach kids about sex and drugs the more they do sex and drugs

A few weeks ago I quoted a wise old head who was bold enough to write in his sex and drugs education policy: "We expect,...

Mark Ellse: A history lesson for feminists. Not every man from ancient times was a chauvinist

I happened across a debate involving the psychologist Stephen Pinker. En passant he said 'I am a feminist. I believe that women have been...

Mark Ellse: The Left strives to be nice. But its effects are nasty

The Conservative Woman is a voice for social conservative values and solutions to modern day problems. It leans to the Right. But it also...

Mark Ellse: As sex education becomes ever more explicit, pornography is not far away 

As it proudly says on its website, 'The Telegraph is campaigning for better sex education in secondary schools. We are calling for David Cameron...

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