Thursday, December 12, 2019

Michael Fahey

Michael Fahey
Michael Fahey is a social conservative and mental health carer.

Why a vote for UKIP is worth thinking about

A FEW weeks ago, I wrote an article for TCW highlighting the 44 constituencies where UKIP are standing; for Leavers who, thanks to Farage’s...

Why I’ll be joining the ranks of the ballot paper spoilers

OF the many things spoken about regarding the upcoming election, there is a consensus for some that this is the worst campaign...

Those manifestos explained

SNP – Independence from England. Dependence on the EU. Conservatives – Get Brexit Done. And a few other things;...

UKIP, the alternative to spoiling your ballot paper

I’M aware that there may be some interested parties on here who, thanks to the Brexit Party standing aside in certain constituencies,...

Cheer for England – it makes you a patriot, not a racist

SATURDAY November 2, 2019. 9:00am GMT. Mark it down in your diaries. It is the day when England will attempt to win their second...

Lies, damned lies and politicians

FEBRUARY 2020. It is a cold Saturday morning. Thousands rub their hands together against the chilly morning air. Some take sips from tea and...

Will we ever recover from the referendum?

POLITICS had been static in this country for decades – the hokey cokey in Parliament putting in first Conservative then Labour then Conservative governments...

When did truth fly out of the window?

A COMMENT on Jane Kelly’s TCW blog ‘The lost art of old school teaching’ got me thinking about post truth. Commenter ‘Ims2’ alluded to...

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