Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Nick Booth

Nicholas Booth is the editor of OhThisBloodyComputer and a freelance technology writer

To report a ruined economy, press 1

HELLO, you’re through to the Covid Help Desk. My name is Fergie. How can I help you? Can I take your name? 

Jilted by Johnson

DEAR Conservative Woman Readers, I’ve been taken in by a cad that everyone warned me about.

My sponsored rubbish-athon

I'M always suspicious of people who get their recreations sponsored under the cover of doing it 'for charity'. Much...

My message for the new BBC chief

THIS is a letter I have sent to Tim Davie, the new director-general of the BBC, though I very much doubt if...

Croydonisation … a never-ending storey

IT’S upsetting when people sneer at Croydon. They’re jealous because Croydon consistently sets the agenda for the world.

The emotional climate? Baby, it’s covid outside

MAY 2020 was the hurtest month on record, according to studies by the Het Office, Britain’s official Emotional Climate Centre.

So long, succour: Bill Gates is taking out a copyright on kindness

IT looks as though Bill Gates is going to use his immense ‘leverage’ to do with disease control what he did with...

Stay alert, control the virus, think up a slogan

PUBLIC confidence in the Government and returning to work could be boosted by a new rolling stock of slogans, according to Opinium...

Fergie, lurgy and the panic pandemic

Nick Booth is being treated for cancer and other issues. FIRST came the wave of viruses.

NHS communication? Give it the black spot!

Nick is being treated for cancer and other issues. FOR all its faults, the NHS has been brilliant to...

Defenceless in Corona Central

Nick is being treated for cancer and other issues. I THINK I’ve discovered a cure for coronavirus. We should...

What to wear when you go like the clappers

WE are still in the early stages of Covid Culture. Is this a temporary phenomenon or have we entered a new chapter...

From yokels to wokels in Ambridge-on-Thames

THE BBC has decided to temporarily suspend some recordings of The Archers, the everyday storyboard for cosmopolitan country folk. What...

My (Our!) NHS Diary: Rules is rules

Nick is being treated for cancer and other issues. This is his latest dispatch from the front line of the NHS.

Hang on, how would coronavirus leap from bats into me anyway?

Nick is being treated for cancer and other issues. THAT’S a question that’s worried me, since I have no...

NHS Diary: Beat them at triage and win a bed

This is the latest instalment in Nick’s diary about his treatment for cancer and other issues. WE should try...

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