Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Otto Inglis

Otto Inglis qualified as a barrister and now runs his own business near Edinburgh

Dear police chiefs. Stop this Marxist nonsense now

A new Scottish Government campaign is appearing on billboards across the land. Six short patronising messages are respectively addressed to ‘Dear Haters’, ‘Dear Bigots’,...

The Nazi pug affair – bad taste, but a waste of court time

The conviction of Mark Meechan in Airdrie Sheriff Court for an online video, in which a pug raises its right front paw in imitation...

Otto Inglis: Shorten degree courses – and cull the Leftie humanities

Jo Johnson, the Minister for Universities and Science, proposes that English universities should cut out the long summer vacation and run first degrees over...

Otto Inglis: Corbyn could destroy the UK just as Mugabe did Zimbabwe

The parallels between Venezuela, which has just defaulted on its sovereign debt, and Zimbabwe, which has seen a military takeover, are striking. What is...

A thought for today: Cultural Marxism that cost Elsie her life

Of course, no lessons will be learned from the avoidable death of 18-month-old Elsie, because the lessons that need to be learned conflict with...

Otto Inglis: Red-carpet return of the jihadi traitors

Jihadis returning from fighting in Syria are to be offered housing, counselling and help in finding jobs to stop them carrying out attacks here,...

Otto Inglis: Catalonia’s bitter lesson for the SNP fanatics

As the Catalan crisis intensifies, people in most parts of the UK will be wondering how it will affect Brexit and the future of...

Otto Inglis: The Left can guarantee 99 per cent support for anything they like

‘Ban on fracking after 99 per cent reject technique,’ screamed the headline in the Scottish edition of Metro last week. The ban, or technically...

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