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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Keep Britain Free

Paul Homewood

Paul Homewood
Paul Homewood is a former accountant who blogs about climate change at Not a Lot of People Know That

The truth about California’s ‘climate apocalypse’

WITH massive wildfires raging in California and other western states, it has not taken long for climate change to get the blame....

Will the Met Office retract fake rainfall record claim?

AT the end of last month the Met Office claimed a supposed new daily record rainfall for June, which I showed to...

Fahren-hype! Alarmism as Arctic temperature soars … by 0.4 degrees

PHEW, what a scorcher of a story from Mail Online! It alarmingly informed us: ‘The Arctic is thought to have...

Harrabin’s hot air over a month of sunshine

AFTER the BBC’s ‘environment analyst’ Roger Harrabin went into hysterics about last month’s sunny weather in his piece ‘Climate change: May was...

Forget this climate nonsense and spend on saving jobs

THE BBC’s ‘environment analyst’ Roger Harrabin gives the latest advice from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) the usual uncritical coverage. 

The market leaders in climate mythology

CLIMATE change is, of course, big business nowadays. One particular niche is the provision of market intelligence, exemplified by an outfit called...

NHS is more interested in the climate bogeyman than the real enemy

WHEN the dust has finally settled, all countries will have to take a hard look at how the coronavirus has been tackled.

The hush-hush war on cars

THE Telegraph reports that the Department for Transport (DfT) has launched a consultation paper on the future which calls for a major shift out...

The real wake-up call for the world

AS London falls silent, there are a few news items to pull together, all of course coronavirus connected. In no particular order:

No airports, no imports – the real cost of carbon mania

TO MANY, ‘saving the planet’ means little more than building wind farms, planting trees and using less plastic. Policies such as scrapping...

Don’t blame King Coal for the Aussie inferno

FOR decades, coal mining has been a cornerstone of the Australian economy: It is an industry worth $70billion (£53.6billion) that employs tens...

Climate change, lies and the Lancet

THE Lancet has published its latest annual report on health and climate change, which inevitably orders us to stop using fossil fuels or the...

Now polar bears fall foul of Attenborough’s climate lies

THE BBC has just broadcast Episode 6 of Sir David Attenborough’s Seven Worlds, One Planet, focusing this week on North America.

Flood defences breached – on the EU’s orders

WITH Britain blighted by recent flooding, the Express reports: ‘EU directives on “habitats”, “birds”, “water” and “floods” have dominated the UK’s river management...

The walrus and the climate change – more Alice in Wonderland piffle from Attenborough

Following Episode 1, of the BBC series Seven Worlds One Planet, where he got his facts about albatrosses wrong, David Attenborough has now turned...

Warmist waffle, the albatross round Attenborough’s neck

IT looks like David Attenborough has been making it up as he goes along again. On Sunday evening, the legendary BBC presenter took viewers to...

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