Keep Britain Free
Sunday, September 27, 2020
Keep Britain Free

Peter Lloyd

Peter Lloyd has worked extensively in financial markets in London and is currently an MSc student at Royal Holloway, University of London.

A message from your Prime Minister

Hello folks! I know it is tough out there. I made it tough for you so I should know.

Government for the few, not the many

IN whose interest does the Government act? This may seem an odd question to pose about a government that secured a large...

It’s time to set ourselves free

THE Government is knowingly and willingly inflicting widespread unemployment, poverty, illness and death on its own population, by force.

Pass-the-buck virus paralyses ministers

THE Government has broken its coronavirus contract with the British people. It unequivocally stated that the lockdown was essential only in order...

Economic collapse is the real killer at large

THE Institute for Public Policy Research published a report last year claiming that 130,000 people had died from austerity policies since 2012. The...

It’s not just about the NHS, it’s about all of us

THE mooted near-complete shutdown of London, and possibly the whole country, in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus is...

Who needs economic growth anyway?

IF you’ve ever come across someone called Anne Richards, the chances are it is not the person I’m about to write about....

Stop dancing around and spell out what No Deal really means

WHEN a big issue is challenging our leaders, and now would-be leaders, they mostly prefer to make dramatic overstatements that they hope to be...

The Great Unsaid

IN THE polarised debate on Brexit and in the political and culture wars behind it, pre-determined points of view are re-stated endlessly, facts used...

Peter Lloyd: Time for the White House to nuke Broadcasting House?

Donald Trump’s openly stated war on parts of the mainstream media couldn’t be better understood and justified than by listening to BBC radio news...

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