Saturday, January 16, 2021

Sharon James

Sharon James is a Social Policy Analyst for the Christian Institute

Children on the front line in gender battle

THE animals went in two by two. Or did they? The account of Noah’s Ark didn’t sit well in Judith Lorber’s ideal ‘gender-free’ world....

Sharon James: Scotland’s Salmond brings back nationalisation. Every child in the country under his control

Common sense would suggest that if children at risk of abuse are going to be protected effectively, then the available resources should be targeted...

Sharon James: Why won’t you join the gay marriage dance?

On Saturday the newspapers were filled with pictures of joyful couples.  As the first same-sex 'weddings' were celebrated, three messages came over loud and...

Sharon James: Smacking is banned in the Swedish utopia. And how the children suffer

Sweden has a reputation for being something of a utopia, with low rates of child poverty and infant mortality, long life expectancy, high levels...

Sharon James: Sex education in schools? No Mr Gove, ‘Planet Porn’ is not appropriate

Parenthood changes everything. Often those who argue loudest for ‘freedom’ for consenting adults to watch what they like, become a lot more protective when it...

Sharon James: Hooray for the hundred pound wedding dress

Christmas wish lists have recently been featuring a new request. More children are asking for ‘a daddy’. This is unsurprising. The sheer scale of...

Sharon James: Politicians break the bonds of family love

Women today in the UK enjoy freedoms and opportunities our grandmothers would never have dreamed of. International Women's Day is a chance to celebrate this,...

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