Monday, January 18, 2021

TCW Whistleblower

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Profits and jobs sacrificed on tech industry’s diversity altar

As many of you will have gathered following the debacle over James Damore at Google, diversity in the technology industry is treated somewhat as...

Landlords still house illegal immigrants with impunity

The government says it wants to be tough on illegal immigration. It claims to be creating an environment where people who are here illegally...

TCW Whistleblower: Our universities are fiddling degree results

Chris McGovern was right on Wednesday to give a cautious welcome to the clean-up of A-levels. One stage up, I regret to say, the...

TCW Whistleblower: Remainiacs go abroad and lie about their country

Do you sometimes wonder if we would have been better off in the EU? Go on, admit it, it’s only human. Only fools and...

TCW Whistleblower: When it comes to Prevent don’t mention the Islamists

No stereotypes here. It’s a Prevent training session, for mental health staff in a London NHS trust. Gloria and 40 about other practitioners have...

TCW Whistleblower: The legal twilight of dementia care. Coercion or chaos

Imagine if four times a day people took you by the arm and led you to the bathroom, before pulling down your trousers and...

TCW Whistleblower: An immigrant mother is appalled by the indifference of British working class parents

Any foreign-to-the-UK parent will not be surprised at all by the recent CentreForum Report on white British pupils falling behind at school. British working class...

TCW Whistleblower: If we purged the NHS of jargonistic non-jobs we could pay the doctors more

(Could you be a whistleblower? Write to us in confidence at The Conservative Woman: Ever thought about working in the NHS? There’s a job going...

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