Earlier this week The Sun asked me whether I was up for going into battle over the question of whether women deserve equal pay with men – on the side that they do not.

Of course I believe in equal pay for equal work – meaning by that equal hours, competence and commitment. But, as we know, a lot of feminists argue for female pay parity across the board even though most of these things are often not equal at all.

So I said yes, I was up for it.

I’ve been horrified by the way the feminist gender pay gap lobby have forced their phoney theory on to employers, public and private alike and in the law. It was on the basis of this spurious theory that Birmingham Council was forced to back-pay dinner ladies who claimed their work deserved equal pay to the heavy lifting of bin men. It nearly bankrupted the city. Needless to say in the decades that preceded Birmingham’s forced recognition of these part-time ladies’ claims, few, if any, of them had rushed to be employed in the better-paid role of working on the bins, to up their wages. Can’t think why.

Lifelong feminist campaigners continue to make this their mission, pressurising employers to treat women as the same as men, and worthy of the same pay and promotion regardless, even when they work fewer hours and have more ‘compassionate’ time off to deal with child care matters. It really cannot be helping the country’s productivity.

But dare to say such women are not worth equal pay or are of less worth to their employer, and expect to be dead meat before the sun goes down.

This is what The Chase’s Ann Hegarty, bravely did. She defied convention and the risk of opprobrium to say that women do not deserve to get paid as much as men as they take off time from work to look after their kids.

She is right of course. She deserved support for her honesty. And the myth of the gender pay gap needed exposing. Here is what I wrote.

Should part-time working mums be paid less than men? Two female writers with VERY different opinions go to war


  1. From Harriet Minter in that article:
    “Despite the fact that it has been 50 years since it became illegal to pay men and women differently for doing the same job, the chances are that if you’re a woman then the man sat next to you right now is earning more simply because of his gender.”

    “It’s literally sexism at work and we need to bring it to an end.” She asserts.

    Literal fake news. As Jordan Peterson would say – “the multi-variant analysis have been done”. This from the 2017 pay gap report: https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-economy-jobs/uk-gender-pay-gap-drops-to-record-low-in-2017-ons-idUKKBN1CV26B

    “The headline figure provided by the Office for National Statistics on Thursday does not compare men and women doing equivalent jobs with similar experience and qualifications.

    Instead, the difference in median hourly pay partly reflects the fact that men are more likely to work in highly paid fields, such as managerial roles, while areas such as administration and caring have a mostly female workforce and lower average pay.

    Age also plays a big role. The headline figures show little difference between the pay of typical male and female full-time employees aged between 20 and 40, with men earning on average just 2-3 percent more on a median basis.”

    Truly amazing that people like this are presented as some sort of expert on issues like the gender pay gap and get a spot on national radio to spout their nonsense.

  2. Many years ago I worked in an office along side a draughtswoman who was paid the same as a man for the same job. One day she was late to work and announced that she was leaving as her husband had a new job many miles away, so she was going house hunting. It transpired that she meant she was only there to collect her coffee mug and other persnal items and she expected the company to forward her wages up to that point. She did not expect even to finish the drawing she was part way through, let alone work her notice.

    Was that “equal work”?

  3. Let’s stop conflating pay with earnings.

    What we earn is deserved. It is part of the reward for our commitment and success in creating more customers and serving those customers well.

    …what we are paid is what we negotiated or agreed to accept. Our pay may not be deserved and may result in our redundancy.

    That goes equally for women and men.

  4. Of course this gender pay gap is nonsense. It’s not as though they are capable of telling the truth on anything. We should be mocking them for this.

    The gender pay gap lie serves two purposes. The first is to cause division between men and women wherever possible. The second is to ensure women earn more than men by deceit so that their provisioning needs are met and as women generally don’t date down (due to earning more than men) then women won’t find suitable men to settle down with and procreate with. This is after all a war on human reproduction using solipsism and sophistry to achieve this.

    • On a practical level, see the comment re the financial travails of Birmingham council – to what extent I wonder, did council taxes have to rise to satisfy this particular pressure group?
      The council probably blamed the Tories, as usual.

      • You know at the time I didnt even see it and believed the narrative. But yes its always the tax payers that have to fork out for their contrived agendas.

    • Feminism is simply the shrieking face of cultural marxism, although I would hazard most feminists have no idea at all that they’re a big part of marxist social engineering. You are absolutely right – it is a war on human reproduction, and the more people call it out for what it is the better.

      Further, we all have a duty to arm our children against such sophistry, as you rightly call it, because they’ll get nothing but marxist propaganda from their schools.

      • Its horrifying as it manipulates otherwise smart women. Although we know what we know, it means we cant talk about it as feminism smartly protects itself from scrutiny because it means causing offence. It really is the epitome of evil as its so calculating and so sinister.

        Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.

  5. As long as it is still women that have the babies, I would suggest that there has to be something very badly wrong with any society where men fail to earn more than women. Or at least, something very badly wrong with the men.

    • “As long as it is still women that have the babies …”: don’t worry, feminists et al are working on that.

  6. They say there is no such thing as perpetual motion. But there is certainly such a thing as perpetual grievance. Whining about the pay gap is probably the best example.

    It is inevitable that, over a lifetime, men will on average earn more than women. For all the known reasons. I really don’t see how that can ever change, unless either lots of men start having babies or lots of women dose themselves up with testosterone to match male levels. Or probably both together. Assuming that won’t be happening this side of the Second Coming, the pay gap will be an enduring feature of working life far into the future. Which of course will give feminists their perpetual grievance. It is the gift that keeps on giving, because it won’t change. It does not matter how many times the myth is debunked, how many times it is demonstrated that a pay gap does not prove, or even infer, sex discrimination, how many times the difference is explained by rational choices; as long as that differential exists, the grievance industry will keep gnawing at its bone. Because that is the mindset.

    Eventually, it has to be hoped that the bone chewers will become so few in number and so tiresome to everybody else, that even the dimmest of governments will come round to ignoring them.

  7. It’s back to the same old meme of the two piles of sand, and no matter which way you try to structure it, the pay can always be represented as unfair.
    The problem is as ever with the left that there is no definition of what equality actually is and therefore it can always be argued that an issue is unfair.

  8. The feminist concept of equal pay is well illustrated by the prize money paid to male and female tennis players at major tournaments such as Wimbledon.
    The women play best out of three sets to the men’s five and bring in a fraction of the ticket revenue (a ticket to the women’s final is about £1,000, while one for the men’s is about £3,000).
    So women play less tennis at an inferior level (as evidenced by much lower demand) yet because of feminist lobbying, they get the same prize money.
    It’s a glaringly unfair situation and some male players have complained, but they don’t dare to be too vociferous for fear of a backlash which would damage their careers.

    • I can’t wait for Rafael Nadal or other to announce that he identifies as a women and starts competing in women’s tennis.
      Cue feminazis and SJW’s in meltdown.

      • It wouldn’t need to be Raffa. The guy who is ranked 500 in the men’s game and who makes a pittance compared to the top seeded women, could totally destroy them and become a multi-millionaire.

  9. The conversation we should be having is about the ‘earnings’ gap between the public and private sectors.
    Countless non-jobs sucking up vast tax resources. I wouldn’t dare hazard a guess as to how many of these positions are held by females.

  10. Feminists who claim only to want equality, and that their campaign against the Patriarchy will benefit men too, never campaign to get more men into nursing, teaching, nor university, nor to narrow the 93% of male Deaths in the Workplace gap.


    • You never hear a peep from them about the state of massive imbalance in womens favour in the divorce courts.
      You would imagine if the feminist movement wasn’t in reality a female supremacist organisation then they might have objected to elderly men making decisions in favour of women on the basis that the poor creatures can’t possibly hope to manage in life as well as a man can and require looking after.
      A system so massively biased that women are travelling to the UK to divorce should be ringing alarm bells.

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