Labour high-flier Rachel Reeves’s boast that, if her party wins the General Election in May, she will hold a post in Cabinet while taking maternity leave, made my jaw drop.

These are two incredibly important jobs. By choosing to do them at the same time she totally negates the value of both. Her desire to ‘have it all’ trumps the well-being of the country and her own children.

The 36-year-old MP for Leeds West already has a one-year-old daughter. She makes a great virtue of the fact that she does not employ a nanny, preferring to leave her very young child in the care of her mother and aunt, while she serves in Ed Miliband’s Shadow Cabinet.

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  1. I must say Belinda, you are courageous. Most women bury their heads and pretend it’s not happening but you head for the feminists lions den!

  2. It makes perfect sense for her to take maternity leave while a minister. The pay of a minister is roughly double that of a humble MP,so financially it’s a ‘no brainer’.

  3. By doing this isn’t she effectively saying ‘I’m unimportant. The only thing required from me is my gender.” After all it would be at the commencement of the post when leadership that the post involved would be essential.

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