TCW’s Belinda Brown has written a splendid piece for The Daily Mail slapping down the absurd idea advanced by Nottinghamshire police that wolf-whistling should be categorised as a hate crime:

Striding down the avenues and boulevards of Paris in my early 20s, I regularly found myself receiving verbal advances from men. Working as a model in that cosmopolitan city I suppose it wasn’t surprising that I attracted attention from the opposite sex, whether it was wolf whistles or appreciative comments.

Sometimes I found it flattering, sometimes – like the man who groped me in when I was travelling on the Metro – the attention was most definitely unwanted.

But did it ever occur to me to call the police? Of course not.

This was normal social intercourse and if I felt the men were a nuisance I had the nous tell them to get lost, often in their native language. And I can promise you they all did. Without exception. Even the man on the underground. After I’d whacked him with my handbag and told him loudly to get lost, he did just that. While his behaviour was odious, it was not beyond my wit to deal with it. I certainly didn’t consider it necessary to call in the authorities.

And yet, according to one British police force, because I’d been singled out on account of my sex, that’s exactly what I should have done on all of these occasions.

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  1. Feminism is an insult to women.
    And you are correct Belinda, a ‘get lost’, a handbag to the shoulder or stomach, or even a loud FO are the correct ways of dealing with this rather pesky behaviour.

    But given that ‘Feelz’ is now a hate crime, I wonder how many women will be arrested for asking a man what he does for a living?

    Darn you wimmin, I’m not just a commodity you know!

  2. “I certainly didn’t consider it necessary to call in the authorities.”

    That’s because you didn’t view it as an opportunity to impose your views on society, Belinda.

    This dangerous policy change arises as a joint action between the feminist Chief Constable and a local women’s group. No democratic mandate was sought nor obtained.

    As usual though, press reports focus on the more ludicrous, newsworthy aspects.

    This is how feminism has brought such destruction onto society. Small salami-slicing changes with no mandate, while the press occupies itself with tales of “loony left” hilarity and ignores the underlying, far darker, problem.

    • Quite so. the point is that this sort of thing is supported by the CPS and ACPO and in effect becomes how the law is applied. Regarding it as funny is being redirected. The point is being “done” for the most trivial hate or “sex” crime gets a man a record and possibly put on a “register” Giving massive problems in getting any regular job.

  3. Let’s say that – in order to avoid being prosecuted for making sexual advances, men simply leave all the sexual advances to women.

    You can have all the risk of rejection, ladies – in this age of equality, you’re welcome to it. You are welcome to all the self-righteous abuse from the Social Justice Warriors. And of course if men don’t like you, we’ll just have you prosecuted for making the advance in the first place.

    Feels different now, doesn’t it?

    Feminism is an utter failure to appreciate what life is actually like for men.

    • Curiously I think they have a very good idea. They use the classic “shaming” tactics of “man up”, “don’t be mean”, “deadbeat dad” and so on to shut up opposition. I think they know very well and use this knowledge to ensure they shut up opposition. The point is that they don’t care about men at all other than as a stepping stone. Misandry.

  4. In my view, most women like to be admired and complimented. My wife frequently asks me how she looks in a particular dress for instance. Its perfectly normal. Putting aside some of the excesses of male behaviour, physical attraction is often the prelude to a more enduring relationship and thus the survival of the species. Feminists are trying to rewrite nature in their own twisted image of victimhood. Their phobia of nen means that natural selection will ultimately remove them from the gene pool.

    • “Their phobia of men means that natural selection will ultimately remove them from the gene pool.”
      Unfortunately though, feminists domination of the education system just means they can produce more good little brainwashed feminists indefinitely. They don’t need to rely on the traditional means of reproduction.

  5. So where does this all lead? Its makes the traditional mating game less attractive to men. We have many British men marrying foreign Brides for a couple of decades now. We see a significant population of young men going online for satisfaction, rather than pursuing a local girl. There are apps like Tinder that cut out the romance and take the concept of a relationship out of the equation.
    Across the western world we see a gender imbalance now in the world of dating. Less men are willing to date in the traditional fashion.
    There are millions of brilliant women in the UK that are not signed onto the feminist agenda but feminism will make it as difficult as possible for them to find a happy, long lasting relationship.

    • I have just caught myself trying to decide which of the girls in the picture has the nicest ar*e.

      Who should I denounce myself to? Do Nottinghamshire Police provide a website where I can denounce myself publicly, or must I drive to Nottinghamshire in person to turn myself in? I don’t think I can be trusted to drive responsibly – I’m a man, after all.

      • Just dial 999, and they’ll send someone from the Serious Misogyny Squad to read you your lack of rights as a male.

        BTW, to answer your question, its the girl on the right

          • No Belinda, I’m suspicious of anything on the Left.
            Or is that you on the left perhaps?

          • Have you noticed, they’re probably
            both from SE Asia ? Or is just me turning away from the neurotic western women ?

          • No, definitely the one on the right. Everything about her posture signals, ‘I’m open for business’. From the tilt of her hat, to her more relaxed hands and arms, she’s the more receptive. If I were doing a cold approach, she would be my choice.

    • ..There doesnt seem to be a problem for the majority who are able to deal with it, and don’t let other people’s silly ideas dictate their behaviour.

  6. Belinda..must be something about the Paris metro, I’ve also been groped up, but I was about fourteen at the time, on a school trip crammed in like a tin of sardines, and didn’t know how to deal with it; which takes me on to the next question, which is the difference between verbal appreciation..wolfwhistles, winks, which are all acceptable to most women I’m sure, but when it is physical against women or children, absolutely not, otherwise where do you draw the line on what would be a gradual encroachment on sexual assault. Adult men are responsible for their own behaviour, it should be absolutely clear what is and isn’t acceptable social behaviour.

    • Actually Paris was really weird and so I have to say were Parisiens (not sure how to spell that). I think it might be different now. As for being touched I would take very severe objection to being touched by a stranger. One thing which I think is really important is for women to stick up for each other in such an event. I remember on an Indian bus a bloke tried something out with an Indian woman and all these women got together and sort of ejected him without even touching him. But then look at this video
      The woman behaves totally passively – the guy is never going to get caught anyway – they should have showed her turning around “excuse me what did you just do!”, other people could have rushed to her defense, or she could have elbowed him. I think the video is disgusting – encouraging passive, helpless behaviour by women. Absolutely disgusting. That is how the authorities are teaching women to behave. Feminism. I spit on it.

      • The passivity ..I agree. Don’t you think that’s the same attitude being taken to all personal safety issues though?. I checked on what form of personal safety device it’s possible to carry now, and it`s basically a colour dye so the police know if they can find somebody on cctv already known to them. Does nothing to stop the event taking place. A personal alarm is it, and you’re stuffed if alone.

        Paris..this was in the early seventies so probably nothing much has changed. They’ve always had a cultural mix owing to French West Africa.

        • It was still going on in the mid-90’s. South of France. Masturbation in public. We figured out how to handle it because the police laughed at us–those silly American girls–but I’ll tell you it soured me on Anti-Americanism. I did not take well to getting lectured on supposedly loutish American men while my girlfriends and I kept getting treated to one man shows.

  7. This is yet another reason why normal, red blooded young men will prefer to find a girlfriend, and potential life-long wife, in countries that are less neurotic than western ones. Feminism is attempting to destroy the west, but it will not succeed, because nature will always reassert itself; however it is successful at producing many sad casualties of both sexes.

    • Swings both ways David, I dare say there are young women out there just yearning to find a reasonably attractive and intelligent young man, capable of behaving (more) like a gentleman. You have a problem with feminazis, and the flip side is porn.

      • Mad Mez, the gynocentric gynocrat wrote, gynocentrically:

        ‘ … I dare say there are young women out there just yearning to find a
        reasonably attractive and intelligent young man, capable of behaving
        (more) like a gentleman
        … ‘

        Whether you dare say it or not, there are certainly women out there demanding from men what they cannot offer in return.

        That notwithstanding, the ‘flip side’ of feminazis is not porn, it is lonely cat loving, basement dwelling females who cannot attract a man and blame men for their inadequacies.

  8. The average police officer in Nottingham will be rolling their eyes in disbelief. This nonsense means almost any contact between the sexes could be reported (or can only men offend?). In reality, it’s nonsense and the CPS wouldn’t prosecute, but this idiotic posturing is having a chilling affect.

    • I can assure you that the training and guidance associated with hate crime is quite clear that only males can commit such crimes. The CPS has prosecuted such cases. Nonsense it indeed is but it is becoming nonsense that wrecks men’s lives.

      • The training will have been supplied by companies owned by persons known to those serving on the committee ordering the training. One hand washes the other. Its how the left gets society to fund those who will destroy it.

  9. Here in Wyoming, grabbing a woman’s a$$ on public transit has about a 50/50 chance of getting the offender shot. We don’t really have problems like that here. I would take an educated guess and say 30% of a random sample of people here are discretely packing heat. Sort of like when duelling was legal, society was much more polite.

  10. Its all so absurd! We need to eradicate all this pc rubbish as soon as possible. Yes I know the lefties will all be howling with rage – let them.

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