Psychologists recently established, for the benefit of those too blinkered to know already, that society perceives harming women as less morally acceptable than harming men.

This was in the past deeply beneficial to evolution. A society’s survival would have depended on the number of mature females able to reproduce and the degree to which their children could be nurtured, nourished and protected to maturity. Both of these processes would have required adaptations where women’s interests and wellbeing were prioritised over those of men.

Sadly, the way women have in recent times exploited this pivotal position means the benefits that accrued from this sort of behaviour are being reversed.

There are two consequences that flow from this greater concern for women. Firstly, what has been dubbed “The Empathy Gap”; a lack of empathy, and understanding when it comes to the problems facing men.

For example academic literature explains male suicide as a result of the male urge for power. When this is thwarted, suicide becomes a way of re-establishing control. It is not just Labour MP Jess Phillips who laughs at male suicide. I was recently at a lecture at LSE where the subject came up. When a member of the audience said that the higher rate of male suicide was a result of them being more effective at using weapons, the audience simply laughed.

And when men don’t go to the doctor this has nothing to do with the fact that they are prioritising the well being of others by going out to work every day. Oh no. It is because they need to appear dominant and going to the doctor would make them look weak.

As for providing – far from being a “complex, multidimensional role that manifests a father’s emotional and psychological connection to his children through meeting their needs” – this simply becomes another way in which men establish domination and control.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the empathy gap which underlies a mother’s exhortion that “boys don’t cry” – although my favoured view is that it is a mother’s way of dealing with the way little boys often seem to be more sensitive than little girls.

The other consequence of this lack of empathy is feminism which exploits this basic asymmetry. Will Collins explains this very well. His hypothesis is that “…the needs of the woman (mother) attains primacy in the motivation of the man, this has led to a ceding of moral authority to the woman”. Women have tragically used this moral authority to structure and shape a world to fulfil their own self-interest, enabled by a genuine lack of empathy for men.

This lack of empathy is no different from the lack of empathy for any perceived ‘outgroup’, whether Jews or “Blacks”. It results, less directly, but nevertheless very powerfully to an excess of male deaths. And we need to fight it, just as we fight other forms of discrimination – let it remain a subject of speculation as to just where our lack of concern for males will lead.

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  1. The “theories” of militant feminists have attacked masculine virtues, but they have done more damage to feminine virtues.

    • Feminism:

      An exclusive tribe that attempts to hold everyone else to a set of standards that they themselves cannot maintain.

  2. The greatest developmental factor for young men is their mother’s influence. I saw a great experiment where mothers of crawling babies were asked to alter the degree of of steepness of a slope that their child was go into crawl down (into a ball pit). The mothers were asked to alter the degree of slope in line with what they belived the courage of their toddler would handle.
    The mothers of boys, all made the slope steeper for their crawling sons. The mothers of girls assumed less bravery.
    Men are mostly like they are, because of the lessons they learned at their mother’s knee.

    • A mothers input is of course incredibly important. However the fact is that sons of single parents fair considerably worse than daughters of single parents (and both fair much worse than children of intact families) suggesting that paternal input is particularly important for sons.

      • Absoutley Belinda. The lack fathers in households (often because of state interference) is a massive factor in the issues affecting young men and boys. A subject which is totally taboo in the main stream media!

        • Indeed all evidence is that fathers are vital even under the code of “male role model”. Yet in public discourse we are persuaded males are inherently a “risk” to their offspring and though they should pay money they are otherwise a real nuisance.

      • I do so agree. My father died when I was 7. My mother was thus truly a single parent (as opposed to one with a broken/strained relationship which is often what is meant now). She dedicated herself to bringing her two sons up, in a time when there were still actual laws getting in her way. Along the way my father was a positive presence in our lives as she commented/told stories etc about him and what he’d aspired to and would make of the antics and successes of his sons. People may think it an illusion but she always took pains to let us know our father would have been proud of our successes and disappointed at excesses. but we feel he was there.
        Things are never so simple as is made out in the one dimensional oppositional way of thinking we now have.

        • Your mother sounds like a really wonderful woman. I’m sure you have been a huge credit to both you parents.

          • Biased of course but I’d agree about wonderful. But in truth she is just like so many round here. proud, determined, honest and funny. Not afraid of men who got “fresh” nor imagining they’re all angels but not seeing demons all around either.

        • It is really interesting – the statistics show children who grow up in single parent families because a parent died are not affected in the same way as children of parents who were single for other reasons. I don’t know why but I suppose they have a concept of mother or father in the way that other children of single parents don’t – just as you did.

          • I don’t wish to make a meal of this but I suspect its because such children know they are loved. Over my life I have seen friends and colleagues split and have huge respect for those who do their best to still show their children are loved, and disgusted by those whose selfishness uses these relationships to punish. It is quite probably unfair but in the real world the mother almost inevitably sets the terms of engagement. Not to absolve fathers of their responsibility just to observe the common reality.

      • Of course, What does a female know about being a man? What would a man know about being a female? In addition, Daughter need a strong man to help them and Sons need a loving mother to help them.

        In the old days it took two parents to raise a son or daughter.

        Now, females say…. fish…bicycle. Don’t need no stinking man.

        • Two generations of Men have been raised by single mother and the result is either Thug or under achieving Pansy.

          Two generations of females have been raised by a single mother and what is the result, unhappy females with low self esteem. 25% of females in the USA are on depression meds.

          Feminism Wins.

      • As a retired youth mentor, I can speak to this.

        There is a place where a woman’s wounded self-esteem and self-pity meet unrestricted (and unquestioned) access to and control over young boys. And it is UGLY.

        I’ve seen far too many divorced or never-married mothers push their sons to be “real men,” mostly in contradistinction to the man she either lost or threw out of her own life. They literally define male identity as “a man takes care of his woman,” as if a woman was the beginning and end of a man’s self-concept. And this inculcation includes surrounding the boy with other kids who are being similarly brainwashed by failed wives. They openly take pleasure in twisting their sons into a bizarre combination of weapon against their exes and emotional tampons for themselves and their friends. Boys find themselves swimming in a gooey miasma of estrogen, in which women are the beginning and end of every day and whose comfort must be the primary focus of every action they take.

        I have seen boys go without school clothes, personal comforts and even food while mother spends the child support check on cigarettes and hair extensions so she can go to the club and snag a man to care for her.

        This continues because social workers, schoolteachers, childcare providers, et. al. are almost entirely women. There are men occasionally serving in these fields or as administrators, but they’re either going along to get along (collaborating) or just biding their time until something better comes along. The fields are peppered with the SJWs who hate men as well… and their fate is wrapped up the moment they deviate from the feminist dogma. But primarily: This is a world dominated by women, acting in the interests of themselves and other women. And it has become outright dangerous to belong to a world in which one unsupported, irrational claim will end a long and decorous career.

        I retired from youth mentoring in 2014, sickened by the histrionic women and linguini-spined “men” around me. You couldn’t pay me to go back.

        • I have sometimes seen sons of single mothers go on to look after their mother – financially and emotionally. This doesn’t seem quite right.

    • It’s not just the lessons learned at the mothers knee, its also the values taught by the father when he falls off the knee.

      Everyone falls off – It’s ok. Jump back on.
      Things can go wrong – it’s ok. Sit back on.
      Failures happen – it’s ok. Get back on.
      Frustration and anger are natural – It’s ok. Now get back on.

      I find that society (read Feminist influenced society) is so risk adverse (unnaturally so) and failures/mistakes are viewed with such distain and fear, that people have stagnated to the point where they would rather do nothing than risk going against the grain and following their natural talents and callings.

      • I agree Craig. My point is that the natural differences between boys and girls is instinctive to mothers. Its intuitive and natural and powerful. Mothers want boys to be brave and dependable and protective to their kin. As Belinda says above it is a vital component of human society.

        • Boys communicate it. I remember my son when he was a baby (so fondly!) – he just seemed a different sort of human being. And guess what I did try to give him a doll. I had grown up with that feminist ideology so I tried it out (shame on me I hear you say). He really educated me! He took none of that nonsense.

    • I on the other hand believe it is an instinctive gender difference. Way back when we were evolving as hominids, the male’s willingness to put himself in danger for the sake of women and children was beneficial to survival of his genes that carried such a psychological trait.

      • Agree, but think it is a mixture of nature and nurture. Historically we nurtured many basic instincts like aggression and risk taking for the benefiit of tribe and then society.. Mothers encouraged, managed and brought out behavioral traits of toddlers.
        Now in a handful of generations we have decided to dump 80,000 years of evolutionary development.

  3. The reason men don’t go to the GP unless they are almost dying is that it is a horrendous, humiliating, time-consuming, horrible experience in which their time – needed to earn money – is treated as of no value, and their request for help is not infrequently fobbed off.

    • I’m kind of puzzled by this remark and the support it has received. Why is going to the doctor so bad? I do appreciate about the time and I suspect that is why men are more likely to die, they work more so go to the doctor less. And sometimes you need to go about the same complaint a number of times before it gets taken seriously. but horrendous, humiliating horrible…what is that all about?

      • It’s been my experience that doctors don’t take a man’s complaints any more seriously than the rest of society. I have a friend who has Lyme disease. He suffered from severe migranes for years with an army of doctors prescribing pain killers and little else. It took a bout of strep throat and the antibiotics he received for it to minimize the migranes. A young doctor fresh out of med school ran a simple test for Lyme and now his migranes are gone. I myself once had a broken foot from getting thrown from a horse. The first hospital sent me home with pain Meds without even an X-ray. The second was the same as the first. The third finally ran the x-ray(I told them I wasn’t leaving without one) and found the broken foot. If you’re a man you’ve experienced this. Men don’t go to doctors because, it’s a waste of time.

        • That would make a nice research project for someone – checking doctor’s records and comparing responses to men and women visiting doctors with the same complaint. Some dedicated phd student could do it. Women have been doing this sort of research for themselves for decades people really need to start doing it for men.

          • Honestly, we don’t need another study. All you need to do is ask but don’t be surprised by the answers you receive. Men know by the time they’re 12, that no one is going to help them with anything. As a man you are on your own. Succeed or fail, no one cares and no one will help you if you fail. As a woman,there are a myriad of social services available that provide a safety net if you fail. Men have none of those things. If I fail, I might be lucky enough to be served a bowl of watery soup by a nun on Christmas Day. This is why we laugh so heartily at all the ‘strong independent women out there. There is nothing independent about them. They’ve just traded dependence on men for dependence on the state. If they had to live for even a month as a man, they couldn’t even begin to handle it.

        • They don’t collect that data because PC. From what I can find, there was a study saying doctors take female pain less seriously assuming it’s cramps but no finding about men. There is prevalence difference and doctors are too tight to run all the necessary tests, compared with, say, Americans. It’s caused by a funding issue from when I asked around. If you’re dead, you can’t sue them.

          • I am an American, and these things happened in America under an American semi-capitalist healthcare system.

      • Your experience at the doctors office isnt nearly the same as a man’s experience, i think its best said in this saying (i may not have it right but it will be close)

        “when a man gets sick it only proves he is unworthy of help in the first place”

        i have seen men have to request 4-5 forms(the same form being lost over and over again by the same person) proving they are sick to get benefits that would never be denied a woman with the same form. they look at the person like they are a thief and trying to scam the system. the doctor will tell you to “lump it out”
        they will take women ahead of you who walked in 15 minutes later than you late (proving who gets valued more) and its these kinds of attitudes multiplied all the way up the line perpetrated on men by all of the female staff, (unless you have a visibly broken arm/leg) they will make light of your injury/sickness at every stage and try and shame you into leaving so they can help others.

      • Belinda, I’m a little puzzled too. However, I do think the NHS is often more understanding of women’s issues because most of the staff are women. Breast cancer, for example, has a much higher profile than prostate cancer, although they kill similar numbers.

        I think a chat with a doctor or nurse is a more pleasant prospect for most women. I know that most things get better without medical intervention and perhaps this is more of a male attitude. Scepticism about many common treatments means I prefer to avoid the system. I’ve also experienced open hostility from nurses when injured playing sport. They just couldn’t understand or sympathise because it was outside of their experience.

    • i agree i needed an ultrasound to determine if i had testicular cancer and was forced to wait in a waiting room full of pregnant women! in the “womens clinic”.There was and is no “mens clinic”,if a woman had to wait in a room full of men for treatment for a particular femlale disorder there would be an uproar.

      • It’s terrible that only one sex gets more funding for illnesses that affect both, as it’s a tragedy unglamorous conditions like bowel cancer are overlooked. It’s a similar problem with mental health, this divide and conquer thing is actually a feminist strategy to get funding. Women get more depression diagnoses but men are more likely ‘successful’ at suicide. It makes no sense to look at one demographic for diseases that can affect everyone based on prevalence. In R&D and treatment at least. I can understand with sex-exclusive conditions like prostate cancer but they are exceptions for exclusion. We need all the data we can get to fix these things. A narrow focus on men for this justifies the feminist focus on women for example. The focus should be on the condition than PR games.

    • They need CBT. A restructuring of the economy to support the hard working but poor would also do great things.
      Male and female suicides are often low class, it’s economic. There isn’t the support to better themselves. We must be careful not to ‘treat’ the symptom and ignore the cause. Heard of depressive realism?

  4. Thank you Belinda. It is the greatest paradox that feminism’s progress has indeed relied upon men, who have been the ones “in power”. In so many circumstances the misdemeanours of a few males are referred to as a proof of some society wide animus against women even though there are social norms ,conventions and laws all confirming that these behaviours are, and have long been unacceptable. At the same time the campaigns behind Domestic Abuse, women’s health, women into…….well whatever is requested, quickly garner support and funds from men in sports clubs and so on as they do what they have always done; tried to do “the right thing”. Conversely the situation for men needing some help appears to have become worse than in the past. As you so rightly point out now the difficulty males find in seeking help due to socialisation into self reliance has moved fro a concern about men being trapped by a “stiff upper lip” to an accusation that that self reliance is some evil misogyny, consequently deserving no help. Another movement in public discussion appears also to regard even quite young boys being in some sort of state of original sin, curiosities, bellicosities ,ebulliences becoming the manifestations of deliberate life-long evil rather than childishness. Boys and Young Men may be a bigger handful to socialise and some may do things we all agree are wrong, yet now there is no prospect of learning or redemption.
    I doubt if males will be any better recipients of sympathy than they have ever been, but a bit of empathy, of understand boys and men are fallible human beings.

    • I do feel the best article on this subject is Will Collins’s which I have referenced. Really worth a read.

  5. The degree to which Marxists who call themselves feminists continue to agitate for “more rights” and to create even further imbalance between the genders, is the degree to which more and more men will opt of relationships all together and go MGTOW.
    It is no surprise in that in all of the countries with strong “mainstream” Marxist/Feminists, that the birth rates are around 1.3 or 1.4 for the native populations. It is no surprise that it is these countries and these countries only that agitate for a mass invasion of uncivilized muslim men.
    Men that ironically they are not interested at all in either- other than to rise them to victim status and bump the white man down the ladder even further.
    The white European Marxist/Feminists have a deep seated hatred of white men.

    • it isn’t MGTOW if nobody wanted them in the first place tho
      and MGTOW don’t stick around insulting women bitterly, they’re too busy being happy and living (their right)
      I’m not saying you do this, but some claiming to be MGTOW are fake and hateful.

  6. I read a recent article in the gaurian where a scenario was presented,”

    Police and prosecutors at the event examined a hypothetical case where an
    18-year-old student went to a freshers’ party with a more mature student
    in her first week at university, drank too much, took drugs then woke
    up to find he had come into her room.
    Despite repeated requests for him to go away, he continued to take
    off her clothes. When it became clear he was going to rape her, she gave
    him a condom to give herself some protection. Asked whether they would
    prosecute the man for rape, an overwhelming number of hands in the room
    went up; not everyone at the conference was a prosecutor.”

    On the face of it and if it truly was rape then the guy should be prosectuted and imprisoned but a small step back reveals a real problem,in a he said she said case such as this both parties perspective on events should be examined fairly and presumably the accused would claim consent and that his partner had even provided a condom! In our courts system reasonable doubt has been calculated by number crunchers at about 80% in non sex related cases but falls significantly in sexually based prosecution,juries are very loathe to risk putting a rapist back on the street and so it seems often disregard evidence and convict.What this is saying in effect is that we the jury would rather make the mistake of wrongful conviction than the mistake of allowing a rapist to go free! all good for everyone except the potentially innocent convicted man.
    This is the world men now inhabit,im so glad im not a young man for whom a simple consensual drunken encounter at uni where a tipsy partner awakes with perhaps shame, embarrassment or regret,where a condom was provided and yet he still may find himself in court before a jury who are far more likely to convict simple becasue its a terrible accusation. Its a direct response to the feminazi demonization of men in general that reasonable doubt in, “he said she said” cases is a lower bar than in normal criminal cases and the only way forward in my view is that a jury trial in such cases should be a choice for the accused with a three judge panel as the alternative so cases can be tried on the law and facts not on a brainwashed post feminist generation with a perverted and discoloured veiw of men in general.Fyi im guessing male suicide in such cases would be percieved as the guilty being unable to live with said guilt but that final indignity thankfully is not something the dead man has to bear.

    • or they could just wait until she’s sober? aka not in a weakened state? male rape happens when they’re drunk too
      if you aren’t 100% they want to, don’t? adults are legally responsible for what they do and consent is never assumed on any premise, in fact, various factors obviate consent even when expressly given, it may not be valid
      don’t have sex unless you’re sure, like don’t drive a car unless you’re sure you’re under the limit and don’t operate machinery if you’re taking meds, personal responsibility is the answer, not blaming the other person
      nobody is entitled to sex (use of another’s body), it’s like Brock Turner blaming Uni culture for raping an unconscious woman – he saw it as sex, not rape

      • I couldn’t agree more with almost all of the above, my concern is that in order to pander to the ever more powerful feminist activists their demands and agenda, the basic tenets of the rule of law are being undermined. In a he said she said scenario where reasonable doubt has a very high bar it is right that the majority are acquitted! Better that ten guilty men go free etc. Tinkering with the law and procedure to obtain a better conviction rate for political ends seems to be resulting in nice headlines for politicians but more innocent men(primarily)going to prison.
        Ill give an example, it is claimed that the truth never changes and yet the complainant is now allowed to re-read her statement before giving evidence so she remembers what she has claimed !!! really i would imagine the incident would be etched on the memory forever, unless certain details have been omitted, exaggerated or changed. In “he said she said” situations its already true that a jury believe the person not the story so an articulate ivy league educated woman such as Robin givens, when up against a street scrapper of limited iq with a speech impediment like mike Tyson! well he never had a snowballs chance from the start.

        For justice to prevail a jury trial in these situations cannot be the way forward, judges will ignore diabolical attacks on character,inuendo re sexual history, will ignore personality, public speaking prowess and likeability and decide on evidence as per the law. If the evidence clears the reasonable doubt hurdle a conviction will follow if not it won’t and whilst not preventing totally, miscarriages of justice and unjust acquittals at least the reasons for the judgement will be there for all to see and accept or challenge.All imho obviously.

  7. Men are the more violent sex for every other crime, why should self-murder be any different? Efficiency with aggression is a double-edged ability. It’s terrible but how many opportunities do they miss to seek help? Nobody can break through their pride if they refuse to admit a problem. These are adults we’re talking about, and thus they are responsible for seeking the free treatment available.

    • Have you heard of infanticide? The murder of babies by their mothers and largely excused by the legal system. These are adults we’re talking about.

      A man killing a baby would rightly go to prison for life, but it’s more commonly probation and counselling for a woman.

        • rape and rape to produce a child (since when you consent, you consent to the possibility of conceiving too) should be recognized in law

          • consent to the risk of pregnancy is not consent to parent (roe vs wade)
            “[E]ven if the woman has stipulated to have consented to the risk of
            pregnancy, that does not permit the state to force her to remain

      • while abortion is legal, anything involving infants is dubious, I disagree with it, but that’s the reality, also SIDS mean many cases are written as infanticide, wrongly.
        However, women should be sentenced as harshly as men for the same crime. And the sentences should be much longer in both cases for crimes like rape and murder. And female pedophiles shouldn’t be let off any more than men. Actually the sentence for killing a child is less than that of an adult, I don’t know why.

    • draft women they are adults and we shouldnt be treating them like babies you know,
      employment equity programs? women are adults and should be treated like adults competing on an equal basis with other adults.
      gendered funding, women are adults and should immediately give up half of all gendered funding for any gendered office that isnt mirrored for men because they are adults and we shouldnt be treating them like babies who need special treatment…..
      ect ect ect…

      • I sometimes have it pointed out to me that there are comments which are simply not worth replying to and I make the mistake of replying to them. I think the above porcelain cheekbones one is one of those – it is like where do you begin?

          • feminists themselves chose to be responsible for men when they accepted funding on the basis of gender equality(you know that works both ways right?) otherwise they are guilty of fraud (which i believe) they claimed for *decades* to be *the* source, the fix, for gender equality, they received billions upon billions to fix the problem but spent the entirety of it on women’s equity and womens advocacy instead, and for any women who have benefited from that (most women alive today that are under 70) to say they are not responsible is just an entitled attitude that screams a lack of accountability for accepting those benefits in the name of equality in the first place….

          • I recall replying to you below…. your comment had nothing to do with this one and seems to just wanna start a row. Fake MGTOW or victim signalling MRA?
            Then sue the people who profited, directly. They lied to get government funds, but that would be a much larger lawsuit than feminists, and you’d have my blessing. It is fraud that they claimed these things, impossible things. People will never be equal, biology forbids it. Evolution didn’t stop at the neck. We may be equal under the law in theory but even there the system screws up and nobody gets decent sentences anymore. No no no, don’t try that All People Alive are Responsible gambit, that’s the same nonsense used to justify reparations. Are all men in Germany responsible for the Nazis? Are all living men responsible for various things men have been blamed for, including the segment of rapists? No. Everybody is responsible for themselves. There is too much national debt to pay anyone off anyway. Get the parasites, from the women having children to get welfare to the men avoiding taking responsibility for the families they made and expecting the taxpayer to foot the bill, then we’ll talk. Nowadays, recklessness is the norm. Cut off the money tap to kill the Hydra. Every generation has screwed up, inc the young, but we’ll need to pay down that debt and can’t retire so we are already being punished.
            And put people like Blair and Bush up on war crimes.
            It isn’t a sex issue, it’s an economic and generational issue. In this country, at recent elections, more women actually voted conservative
            prior to the 90s more women voted Right, but this gap recently closed
            and millennial women are more often conservative.
            I’ve often noticed people playing Divide and Conquer between the sexes don’t want to acknowledge the economy or generational way we’ve been screwed over. Can women afford to buy property and start a family? These factors affect everyone.

          • no longer equal under the law (in Canada) where i am and not possible to sue here without a ton of funding (not given to men but women have a federally funded office to sue for gender bias)
            heres the searchable part of the Canadian charter of rights

            Equality Rights

            Marginal note:Equality before and under law and equal protection and benefit of law

            15. (1) Every
            individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the
            equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination
            and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or
            ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical

            Marginal note:Affirmative action programs(2) Subsection (1)
            does not preclude any law, program or activity that has as its object
            the amelioration of conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups
            including those that are disadvantaged because of race, national or
            ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical

            note section 2 and you should also note that only one gender is considered the sex that is discriminated by sex (and they have to use the term “historically oppressed” to not be laughed out of the room).

            im not trying to justify responsibility of those alive for reparations , only for equality of spending, to me, the mass spending on DV shelters for only women is direct theft from male DV victims who also need shelter and therapy, direct theft from suicide victims that are told there will be no therapy for them because theres no funding ect, and the responsibility for that falls directly on funding always and only being spent on women, and you say women arnt responsible, have no ties to, cannot be held responsible for this lack of funding, yet i see it as you have 0 problem using all of the services that are afforded to women in the first world and all of those services came at a price to mens health, to mens lives and yes i think women in the modern world should be holding themselves accountable in the way that they themselves should be demanding equality in spending, in this way i think they should hold themselves accountable.

        • never try to change a person like that or try and change their mind, use their comment to put out a decent logical point of view use their own comment to gather the unseen readers of those comments, the mens movement is growing because it backs up its arguments and tells the truth, contrary to what feminists believe some women do care about the future of their sons and they also care about what happens to their fathers and male friends (men who have been there for them their entire lives ect)

        • Hi Belinda,

          I have had much experience in challenging and exposing individuals like “Porcelaincheekbones”. I don’t challenge people online often, but when I do – I make it count and I see the process through – no matter how long it takes.

          My approach is unorthodox, but my motive is not to try and change the minds of people like this. My motive is to thoroughly EXPOSE them in such a way that the exchange will benefit many other readers – sometimes for years to come.

          Porcelaincheekbones claims that “nothing I said was untrue”, and yet her initial post IS FULL OF LIES! I exposed those lies very thoroughly in my rebuttal, and there is much more where that came from.

          I stand for a world in which men and women LOVE and RESPECT each other mutually. Individuals like Porcelaincheekbones find this OFFENSIVE.

          I stand for a world in which men and women work together, side by side, hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder to strengthen families and build a better society based on love, fairness and compassion. Individuals like Porcelaincheekbones find this OFFENSIVE.

          Individuals like Porcelaincheekbones seek to create hatred and disharmony between the genders by promoting the cultural hatred of men and boys.

          People like this are ultimately very destructive because they know that people will generally ignore them after a while. That way, they get to spread their toxins unimpeded. Yet absolutely without exception, they will ALWAYS lose debates because they are driven by false and poisonous ideologies which are completely void of facts and reason – much less empathy and compassion.

          • Thanks Belinda, you are right – it can be an arduous and time consuming process, which is why I pick my fights carefully, so to speak.

            The wonderful news is that men and women all around the globe are starting to challenge these kinds of individual in growing numbers, and that makes lighter work for individuals like us.


      • hey that’d be fine, but since women can’t pass the tests we won’t fight anyway, but sure, conscript us, and if forced into a combat role, men will die protecting us, great logic, truly
        also yeah, no diversity quotas, women already perform better in education we don’t need them
        no gendered funds, they’re all sexist
        I’m actually a meritocrat dear

        • but you measure merit by gender without recognizing bias
          “women already perform better in education we don’t need them”
          you see i’m old enough to remember that in the 90’s the entire school system was changed to specifically suit girls learning styles because boys were doing better (used to be 60%male uni grads you know) and it was the worst crime against women that had ever been committed. they removed recess that allowed boys to run off their aggression/energy(edit: and switched to) to drugging them into submission starting in elementary schools, there are literally feminist classes now in elementary schools teaching boys how horrible they are starting from an early age, with all of this support for our boys is it any wonder they are not doing well in schools?

          and as far as those “tests” you are on about if they are willing to lower the standards for female fire”people” and police”persons” what makes you think the public wont demand that across the board for soldiers also?

          • that’s called social science, you compare samples within a population, sometimes by cohort, better known as demographic, to address the stragglers, like the original function of Binet’s IQ
            and we also measure sex by genetics, also science, the sexes are in fact different and have differing abilities and there’s no shame in this
            well it would make logical sense to segregate schools and play to each respective strength, but despite being better for pupils it won’t happen anytime soon, when there’s no logical reason to keep schools mixed, they’re already segregated by IQ and whether your parents can afford fees (class). Recess is very important for cognitive health as well, in both sexes. It’s so they can cram in social justice-based ‘lesson’s. Pathologizing boys is also wrong, but so too is keeping badly behaved in the class for attendance box-checking to disrupt learners. Home learning would be a good alternative if supported and past a certain age, they shouldn’t have to attend. The teachers should be fired if they bully the children, another factor.
            What they write in reports doesn’t reflect reality e.g. policewomen are rarely sent out in the field, more often on ‘safe’ calls. But sending women into combat, as USA testing has shown, will actually get more men killed picking up the slack of their comrades (even ignoring the fact you can’t tell their sex with a full uniform on). I have no problem with more men in firefighting and police, in fact, they’re probably biologically better suited for it. Based on merit. Women who pass can be in their own units.

          • there were women who have passed the tests before they lowered the standards and those women were the first ones to scream about the lowering of the standards because like all things when the bar isnt equal you will never get the same respect, women in business will see this because of the soon to be mandated by law “short lists” into management positions, they will never have the same respect as a man in the same position, because people will know they never had to work as hard to get there….

          • you can usually tell who’s legit by looking at their record, same in business, only the fakes need worry, and it’s the same with men

          • except for the fact that all of europe will be forced to have what 50% female board members in the next few years? for sure they will every single one of them have those positions based on merit and not because of the law being put into place….
            i call it “employment equity for the glass ceiling”…

        • “hey that’d be fine, but since women can’t pass the tests we won’t fight anyway, but sure, conscript us, and if forced into a combat role, men will die protecting us”
          Having served in the military and in combat, you protect your buddy. If you believe men will throw their lives away on the chaff in a unit, you and other women are in for a fat surprise. But, please keep up your ignorance.

        • “women already perform better in education we don’t need them”

          That’s what happens when you rig the system in favour of girls as was done across the English speaking world in the early nineties.

    • Seriously!? When men ask for help we’re derided and ridiculed or simply told there is no help, not for men anyway.

      You pretty much prove the premise of this article. Women have for the most part little or no empathy towards men in general.

    • Hello porcelaincheekbones,

      Thank you for the amazing compassion and empathy that you have shown towards the male victims of suicide. (I speak sarcastically, of course. Concepts such as compassion and empathy towards the suffering of men and boys is clearly as far from your heart as North is from South. The evil attitudes and emotional violence which you direct at men in your message sticks out like a neon sign!)

      Now, to address your false comments:

      1) “Men are the more violent sex for every other crime”.

      This is the same vile-hearted, male-hating Feminist ideology which spawned the Duluth model, and it is absolute and utter nonsense.

      Here is TRUTH of the matter. Do you think you can handle it?

      BOTH men AND women are human.
      Therefore, BOTH men AND women have human natures.
      Therefore, BOTH men AND women can express the dark side of human nature.
      Violent and abusive behaviour is psychological in nature – not physical.

      Therefore, BOTH men AND women are capable of expressing violent and abusive behaviour.

      This is not rocket science!

      If you find these basic fundamental concepts too difficult to accept, here is some rigorously evidence-based, transparent, reliable and non-politicized research to support it: (221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses demonstrating that women are as physically aggressive or more aggressive than their male counterparts) (one of the world’s LARGEST domestic violence research databases consisting of over 2,600 pages and summaries of over 1,700 peer reviewed scientific studies (pre-selected according to careful criteria from 12 000 studies))

      Here is the reference section from Martin S. Fiebert’s (PhD) Bibliography: (

      48 INTERNATIONAL STUDIES (1981 to 2012)
      100 DATING STUDIES (1982 to 2009)
      30 GENERAL ANALYSES (1980 to 2011)
      35 REVIEWS (1987 to 2012)
      3 CASE STUDIES (2001 to 2009)
      12 BOOKS AND THESES (1981 to 2008)
      47 OTHER EMPIRICAL STUDIES (1980 to 2010)

      Erin Pizzey, the woman who started the first internationally recognized women’s shelter in the UK in 1971 was the FIRST individual to accurately record an empirically proven fact: women and be just as violent as men, and violence is a generational issue – not a gendered issue. In other words, violence is a taught behavioral pattern which perpetuates across generations because children learn abusive behaviors from their parents – regardless of gender.

      In fact, Pizzey reported that of the first 100 women who came to her shelter however, she reported that 62 were as or more violent than the partners they tried to escape from! Because Erin Pizzey had the courage to speak the truth in a society already being proliferated by one-sided Feminist rhetoric, she became subject to public protests and death threats, which also culminated in the shooting of her family dog. The harassment eventually became so severe that she eventually had to flee the UK with her family.

      Why doesn’t research like this get broadcasted across mainstream media? Because it does not fit the anti-male pro-female bigotry which is funded and supported by government! Therefore, this type of research gets SUPPRESSED.

      Speaking of which, did you know that the U.S. Department of Justice REFUSES TO FUND male victims of domestic violence? Here is PROOF:

      “The U.S. Department of Justice solicitation of proposals for Justice Responses to Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking (p. 8) stated “What will NOT be funded: 4. Proposals for research on intimate partner violence against, or stalking of, MALES OF ANY AGE or females under the age of 12.” [Capital emphasis mine] (

      It does not stop there. Did you know that research data is sometimes even TAMPERED WITH in order to perpetuate the Feminist narrative that only men are violent? Here is more PROOF:

      “Processes explaining the concealment and distortion of evidence on Gender Symmetry in Partner Violence” (Straus, 2007).

      So ask yourself this question, porcelaincheekbones. Do you really think that it is inconceivable that this kind of academic dishonesty is not going on elsewhere?

      You have also not considered the fact that men are punished more severely for the same crimes committed by women (including violent crime). Here is an example study demonstrating this disparity which favours females convicted of the same crimes:

      And yet people like YOU would have us believe that males are more “violent” simply because they have penises between their legs, while you COMPLETELY ignore societal factors which might perpetuate trauma-induced violent behaviour in men such as Male Genital Mutilation and forced military service!

      2) “It’s terrible but how many opportunities do they miss to seek help?”

      Your statement is vague, unsubstantiated and completely ignorant. Did you take into consideration the significant obstacles that men who are seeking help must face?

      Are you aware of how much Pro-Female Anti-male Feminist ideology has proliferated the mental health industry?

      (“Bias against Men and Boys in Mental Health Research”, Tom Golden, LCSW)

      Using domestic violence as an example; did you know that male victims are generally reluctant to seek help because of the significant obstacles that they face? The majority of male victims are treated dismissively by Duluth model inspired Domestic Violence (“DV”) agencies either by being told “we only help women” or by being accused of somehow instigating their own abuse

      Douglas, E.M. and Hines, D. (2011) “The helpseeking experiences of men who sustain intimate partner violence: An overlooked population and implications for practice.” J. Fam. Vio. 2011 Aug;26(6):473-485 Published online 04 June 2011. National Institute of Mental Health Grant Number 5R21MH074590. Available at:

      3) “Nobody can break through their pride if they refuse to admit a problem”

      See above.

      Your statement is dripping with male-hating bigotry. What is actually happening is that men are growing tired of having their pain dismissed and ignored in a pro-female anti-male socio-political climate which produces people like you. Because Feminism has been promoting the hatred of men and boys for decades, disgusting attitudes like yours have become endemic.

      On this point alone, I can expose your bigotry with large volumes of research, but I will save that for a potential future post for the sake of brevity.

      4) “These are adults we’re talking about, and thus they are responsible for seeking the free treatment available.”

      See points above with regards to the help-seeking experiences of men seeking help within a mental health industry dominated by Feminist ideology.

      As for “Free treatment”, do you really think that female-oriented treatment that these men will receive is “Free”?

      You make sweeping generalities about men, and you seem to treat all of them as though they are the same. So, I am going to challenge you to give me a list of all of these programs offering so-called “Free-treatment”, and I will pick apart these programs and the nature of their so-called free-treatments one by one. How’s that?

      I look forward to debunking your furthermore,

      Jason Eddison Dale

    • I think that is enough pictures of me! I am now at that sort of age where getting a decent photo gets more and more difficult I’m afraid. This picture here is from four years ago. But thank you for the appreciation.

  8. Everyday a few more men wake up to how they are being exploited by females. You are building a perfect storm, females will reap what they have sown.

  9. Anyone really interested in the truth take a look at an e book called
    “the truth behind truth” by troy venstra ! your eyes will be forever open.

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