We have just had International Women’s Day. That time of year when feminist groups up and down the country cash in on the suffering of third world women by trying to convince us that if we get rid of our pay gap or get more women in boardrooms somehow that will impact on the third world woman’s life.

No one does this better than the Woman’s Equality Party. And WEP should be taken seriously. It is not one of Sandi ‘Toxic’s’ more subtle jokes.

WEP has over 45,000 members. The majority of these are likely to be women with money, husbands to support them, good jobs in the public sector and media. They will have their hands on the levers of the State’s propaganda machine.

The word “Feminism” hardly appears on their website. With only 7 per cent of the population calling themselves feminist they have learnt feminism is a dirty word. Their toxic ideology is  disguised by their leader – Sophie Walker’s pretty, gamine, little face.

One of their mantras is that what they are doing is good for everybody. But they are focusing on the privileged members of one half of the population. This lays waste to any claim to be diverse.

They claim that promoting women’s issues does not harm men. This is not true. Increases in female employment have produced increases in male unemployment and inactivity. As the educational achievements of girls have gone up those of boys have gone significantly down. Healthcare funding and welfare spending are finite resources and those who grumble the loudest get to call the tune. When it comes to spending – women are in charge.

Of course, if they actually had an interest in gender equality this would be fantastic. Issues such as the right to genital integrity, the right to know whether a child is biologically yours, the right to equal treatment before the law, the right to equal life expectancy, the right to equal compassion when victimised – these issues would be eagerly addressed.  However, these are men’s issues and men are cannon fodder. Men’s misdeeds fuel their piety. So these basic human rights will remain unaddressed.

In fact men’s ‘misdeeds’ play a very important role. At a point in European history, when women have so little to complain about, playing the vulnerable, violated woman still plays an incredibly important role. Ending violence against women is one of their central pillars and creating a harassment map of London is their current flagship campaign. However, what constitutes harassments includes a level of interaction so harmless we need to be taught how to feel offence.

Violence against women is one of the mainstays of feminism but it needs to be seen in a context of what is really going on. Women are more likely to be victims of domestic violence although 40 per cent of the victims are men. Three to four times as many women are killed by their partners as men. However, if we look at homicide three times as many victims are male and there are twice as many male victims of other violent crime.

The vast majority of victims of violence are male, yet Sophie Walker tells us that we need a more “diverse” police force “to better understand the survivors of violence”.

When it comes to education the major concern for WEP is that their little girls are allegedly being “taught” to wear pink. But we need to turn to the feminist outright denial of sex difference if we want to understand why those marketing sex difference, such as Barbie and Disney hold quite somuch sway.

Compare these concerns to the reality that boys are lagging seriously behind girls at all levels of the education system, resulting finally in 35 per cent more women obtaining degrees.

But why should WEP worry?

It is the dearth of educated, employable males that our education system produces which encourages women to go it alone. This is the real cause of female poverty, the existence of which provides fuel to the feminist fire.

The real masters of WEP are not ordinary women, but businesses, and Sophie Walker goes to great lengths to cultivate these links: “I am talking to lots of business people”, she repeatedly reassures. Their website also makes it clear to whom they kowtow: “if we unleashed the true potential of women the economy could grow by an extra 10 per cent by 2030 – adding an extra £180 billion to growth”. Flexible working and even childcare are “to allow more people to fit work into their lives.”

“It’s not a women’s issue any more, it’s a business issue”, she concludes.

Of course we all know that WEP never was about ordinary women. If they were they would know that the vast majority of us prioritise family and this is why we have the gender pay gap and fewer women in political power. If they were about women they would know the vast majority of us want to reduce, not increase the amount we work.

Nearly all of their objectives are already high on the government’s agenda, support groups, governmental and non-governmental bodies are already in line. They don’t need to push at but are already through a wide open door.

But then WEP is not about women, nor is it about equality. It is about the powerful consolidating their position and Sophie Walker makes this absolutely clear: “Equality belongs to us. The political system belongs to us. We are within our rights to claim both and that is what we are going to do”.

The best way of showing the true level of fraudulence, dishonesty and self-interest of the WEP is to show the privileges which British women have. And the best way of doing this is to educate people about the disadvantages, difficulties and very serious inequalities that actually affect British men.


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  1. Excellent. The mainstream media – especially the BBC – have given an outrageous level of coverage to this odious anti-male party, almost of all of it fawning or at the least unchallenging. Sophie Walker and Sandi Toxic have each won two of our ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards:


    It’s good to see you mention genital integrity, a shocking gender double standard. Next week we’ll be protesting against MGM outside the largest private male circumcision clinic in the UK, Thornhill Clib, Luton:


    Mike Buchanan

    (and the women who love them)


  2. Westerm feminism has always only been about benefiting the daughters of the upper middle class bien-pensants. It’s not about real equality, it’s actually “equality when it suits me”
    Someone should ask Sandi why gay women in the UK earn 9% more than straight women? How is that inequality created, Sandi?

    • Labour & Tory leaders in Scotland are women.
      SNP leader is a woman
      It’s just those awful Greens and LibDems wot let us girls down.
      Men have too much of everything Everyone knows this.

      The fact, that men voted for these three women to lead them, doesn’t mean, that men don’t have some nasty hidden agenda.

      • I agree men do have too much…

        Too much in the way of deaths in the workplace,
        Too much in the way of suicide rates,
        Too much in the way of a lack of male role models (teachers) at Primary and pre-school levels,
        Too much in numbers of men murdered as compared with women.

        Women are vastly under-represented in workplaces that are dirty and dangerous I’ve yet to see a feminist campaign calling on there being more women down the sewers, or emptying bins or on deep sea trawlers.

        But the fact of the matter is that even in places where we’re told that men and women are equal – in such enlightened employers as the Armed Forces – we know that in truth the standards set for women are lower than they are for men of the same age.

  3. Excellent article, Belinda. Jobs for the girls whilst they stand on the pain of the glass cellar, talking about love & cake.

    • No not jobs for the girls but cushy jobs for the girls.

      Where are the real feminists demanding not that 50% of board members are women but that 50% of sewer workers and people on the bins are women?

  4. The beauty of the WEP is that if they contest seats, they will take more votes away from Labour than the Conservatives.

    Thus the Left fragments itself like it last did in the 1980s.

    The more lefty fringe parties there are, the longer the Conservatives will remain in power.

    • True.

      The Tories are ruling the UK with 24% of the vote of the total electorate.
      76% didn’t vote Tory last year.

      There is but one single solitary Tory MP in all of Scotland.

      This is the system we all love.
      This is democracy UK style.

      • As it was when Blair’s bunch were winning elections with a smaller vote share. I don’t recall mobs of unhinged, frothing mouthed, masked lunatics baying for electoral reform and the overthrow of the government in the days immediately after the election back then.

    • In 15 years time the WEP will be banned in the new Islamic Britain that the political establishment is busy creating.

  5. So true. I note the prominent role of FGM in the speeches etc. And the very far fetched link with Board Room non execs.
    It is indeed interesting that there is a new Party campaigning for exactly what both mainstream Parties already support.
    As you say the very real inequalities and problems faced by boys and men and indeed non “professional” women are either ignored or lectured on (for instance the “false” ideas many women have about child rearing being best done by family).
    Now in the real world boys and men will still have to compete. While it appears women squabble about spending the “spoils”.
    Of course we could decide that all working together rather than in camps might be a good idea. Many things men have to do ,they don’t particularly want to, but actually we don’t rush to get them comfy office jobs. So come on Sandi start tarmacking the road, reconnect the power lines, go on. She could even try carrying the Cameras or sound equipment on the other side of her showbiz life.

  6. I’d have more time for the ‘Equality Party’ if they started campaigning to get more men into teaching (all male shortlists anyone?), the NHS, in fact the entire public sector which is predominantly female. And also demanding that women become sewer cleaners, dustmen, road sweepers, steel erectors, electricity line men, in fact ever dirty dangerous job going that are guaranteed to be 99% male.

    Don’t think its very likely, do you?

  7. WEP is just another facet of the feminist grievance and victimhood culture. Their biggest enemy are the hoards of women in this country who are at least reasonably content with life, and see no need to support this bunch of empowerment-bores.

    “Sandy Toxic” – spot on.

  8. A free ride and free stuff, all at the expense of the men in society. This is toxic femininity at it’s worst. These women are blood suckers who will use all of the vile hatred of the feminist movement to suck as much out of society as they can before they destroy it.

  9. The increase in the number of women on the board of listed British companies, has gone hand in hand with a decline in productivity a reduction in share value and a concentration on peripheral issues which do nothing to enhance company profitability!

  10. I don’t really agree that the way to combat this is to show how bad men have it, isn’t it boring to hear interest groups compete about how tough it is?

    In the end, let the market decide. If women are such pains in the family courts then men won’t get married, which screws the women up. The greatest weapon men have always had is that, at a fundamental level, we just aren’t all that needy. Men can shrug their shoulders and do something else and don’t even have to join a talking group to handle the stress of it. They just need a hobby.

    • I agree to an extent, but the market won’t correct unless young men are actually aware of the risks marriage presents to them. Maybe ‘Sex and Relationship’ classes at schools should teach boys the truth about outcomes from marriage (or more specifically divorce), and the reality of their (virtually non-existent) reproductive rights?

      • Yes indeed.
        Tell young men about money and currency too.
        How to know the difference.
        How the only true money, is gold and silver.

        Lawyers love marriage and divorce.

    • I get your point but I really think it would take the wind out of feminist sails and speed things up.

      • Maybe, I’m just of the mind that the way to beat an strong competitor isn’t to play their game, and boy are feminists expert at being victims! I doubt guys can compete there. We’re unbeatable when it comes to indifference though.

        • Ssshhh . . . the fainting couch feminists will want to ban those avenues of pleasure next. Don’t you know philately promotes rape. Or something. It certainly sounds offensive.

    • The women who take advantage of today’s family courts are behaving logically, but hurting their unmarried sisters. They’re unlikely to care. In today’s Times a wife was awarded 90% of the marriage assets, even though the husband had earned all the money. Her needs were paramount and children are the get out of jail card that skewed everything in her favour.
      These princesses expect to be kept for the rest of their lives. So much for equality and self respect. Until the balance is restored the rate of marriage will continue to decline. My suggestions would be to end pension sharing, which is legalised theft. In a financial settlement, the financial contribution at marriage and during the marriage should be taken into account. We all know some women regard marriage as the golden ticket that enables them to be kept for the rest of their lives.

  11. Because I’m a man I can’t have a baby. It’s not fair. Why aren’t these equality ladies doing something about that?

    Good point about male homicides.

  12. Belinda, what you have written falls in the category of the first law of second lieutenants – being right only makes it worse. Unfortunately the ship has sailed. As more and more men go MGTOW, even when they don’t know what they are doing or feeling or choosing has a name, more and more women are going to find themselves spinsters or single mothers. This societal and cultural disaster is only going to get worse. Wake up and learn how to survive and prosper in a society where the men have been taught, via the schools and the courts, that society and especially its female overlords doesn’t give a rat’s behind about them. Coffee smells really good.

      • Belinda, I applaud your determination but there are forces at work that go way beyond feminism. The “long march through the institutions” as articulated by Rudi Dutschke and first postulated by Antonio Cramsci in his “Prison Diaries” is on the verge of being complete. Critical Theory as formulated by the Frankfurt School (Institute for Social Research) and championed in America by the likes of Herbert Marcuse, Saul Alinsky (Hillary has met with him), Noam Chomsky (language), Erich Fromme (psychology), Theodor Adorno (media), Dr. Benjamin Spock (child rearing), Margaret Mead (cultural anthropology), Frank Stanton (CBS), Fred Friendly (CBS), Margaret Sanger (abortion), Tom Hayden (SDS radical), Ted Turner (media mogul), Elena Kagan (SCOTUS), Van Jones (Obama administration), Ruth Bader Ginsburg( SCOTUS), Bill Ayers (Weather Underground), et al, and yes, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (personal friend of Bill Ayers) is on the verge of achieving its goal of destruction of the West via destruction of its institutions via media control of the cultural narrative (the Radio Project and its progeny). The only way to stop the madness is to pull it out by the roots. Educate yourself about the roots, particularly Gramsci who wrote the playbook, and only then may you get an idea about the unrelenting colossus you are trying to fight. But I fear it is already much too late. Good luck anyway.

  13. “- We need a more ‘diverse’ police force to ‘better understand the survivors of violence’ -”


    WHAT, exactly, do these ominous sounding words mean?

    WHY, do we ‘need’ this ‘extra diversity’ in the first place?
    Taken from society as they are, surely the police are already more or less as diverse as society itself – unless the suggestion is that it should be more ‘diverse’ even than that – somehow.

    WHEN is it that this ‘needs’ to happen. Gradually, or in a “Great Leap Forward”?

    HOW is it to be brought about – by general social consent, or by precipitous emergency legislation steam-rollered through parliament by a three line whip?

    WHERE are these ‘more diverse’ police persons going to come from – some hitherto mysterious, unknown place wherein hidden ones patiently await?

    WHO are they that will come forth and manifest their diversity all over us – surely not just a bunch of butch left wing zealots?!

    So are we to finally conclude that the main job of work the police must perform is to go round delivering shed loads of “better understanding” about a pernicious political ideology?

    I think I might just stick with Kipling’s ‘six honest serving MEN’, – if that’s alright with them.

  14. ‘Childcare’ in the sense that the WEP means it, involves other women looking after WEP women’s children. The childcare workforce is less well-educated, more working-class, more likely to be of BEM background than the women taking advantage of the provision. Plus ca change – the suffragists and the suffragettes were campaigning for votes for women like them.

  15. Great article, heartening to see there are women out there who don’t hate us.

    May I suggest a look at this video. This brilliant young woman made a series of videos about feminism/men. She was eventually hounded out of youtube due to the massive harassment she received after her short series of videos and she also received death threats – from women. I cannot highly recommend this video enough. How sad she is no longer on youtube.


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