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TCW’s top post of 2022: Beware the Covid turncoats crawling out of the woodwork


OVER the holiday period we are re-running our ten most-read articles of the year, in reverse order. This is No 1 and was first published on January 24. 

IT’S August 1944 in France and something truly remarkable has happened. Turns out that, contrary to the impression they may have given over the previous five years of Nazi occupation, every single Frenchman and Frenchwoman was working for the Resistance all along.

Sure, one or two may have gone with the flow and traded goods or sold their bodies to the Germans (a girl’s got to eat!); others may have gone further, perhaps betraying a Jewish family or even working alongside the Nazis for the Vichy paramilitaries the Milice (as depicted in that chilling Louis Malle film Lacombe, Lucien). But it’s all water under the bridge now, right? Forgive and forget. We’ve been liberated from tyranny and it’s time to move on, oui?

Well, I’m sorry, but non! I’ve never been a fan of the parable of the Prodigal Son, where the wastrel who has frittered away his inheritance is instantly rehabilitated while the son who has done all the heavy lifting gets nothing, and I feel just the same about all these fairweather resistants now crawling out of the woodwork.

The latest is BBC radio and Channel 5 presenter Jeremy Vine, who has recently poured scorn on Twitter over ‘the absolutely mad things that were done around the country . . . to comply with so-called Covid rules.’

Surely this cannot be the same Jeremy Vine who, for almost two years, has been assiduously pushing the government’s authoritarian Covid agenda to the point of giving generous and enthusiastic airtime to the kind of fascistic loons who want the ‘unvaccinated’ treated like criminals?

Vine is by no means the only media influencer to have pulled this slippery U-turn. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who makes their living in the mainstream media who did question the ‘pandemic’ lunacy. Honourable exceptions include Allison Pearson at the Telegraph, Maajid Nawaz at LBC – which rewarded him by sacking him – and Toby Young at his website Lockdown Sceptics. Generally, though, the only coherent, informed and correct arguments against the Covid hysteria have come from those of us ridiculed by the mainstream as ‘conspiracy theorists’.

 Being proved right is its own reward. So, I don’t greatly mind the fact that the wisdom, prescience and courage of those who fought the fight when others cowered behind their masks will never be properly acknowledged. What does bother me, though, is the duplicity and chutzpah of all those mainstream media cowards and shills as they attempt to rewrite history and pretend that they too were always sceptical. What worries me still more than their face-saving dishonesty is that it may enable them to regain control of the narrative that had almost slipped from their grasp.

For the last two years, the narrative – dutifully promoted on behalf of the emergent bio-security state by its media propagandists – has gone something like this: Covid-19 is the deadliest pandemic since Spanish Flu; mass vaccination is the only way out; masks, lockdowns, quarantines, the destruction of jobs and businesses, the extra deaths from suicide and untreated cancer are an acceptable price to pay for this war-like disaster scenario; anyone who complains or resists is a granny killer.

Now, with a swiftness and insouciance which beggars belief, this narrative has shifted in the space of a week to: whoops, that was all a bit silly, wasn’t it? Still, no harm done; lessons will be learned, probably, sometime; now we can just carry on as normal.

This sudden shift is wrong and dangerous for a number of reasons. One, obviously, is that it risks letting all the guilty parties off the hook. The media institutions which allowed themselves to be bribed and corrupted by Bill Gates’s money and government handouts; the journalists who didn’t ask questions; the medics who broke the Hippocratic oath; the scientists who lied; the politicians who did what they were told by the CCP-controlled World Health Organisation and the sinister Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum; the police who enthusiastically enforced this incipient fascism; the courts which kept taking the government’s side; the list goes on and on. None of the people and institutions responsible for the nightmare of the last two years can be allowed to get away with it. Justice demands it; and besides, if they’re not punished now they’ll only go and do it all over again.

But the bigger issue is this: what we are experiencing now is a false dawn. All those mainstream media types who misled you during the ‘pandemic’ are now misleading you about the aftermath. They are making out that our nightmare is over when, in reality, it’s only just beginning. This may not be understood by the ordinary folk – ‘the Normies’ – who still get their information from the BBC or their daily paper. But it’s certainly well understood by those of us who have been right all along, the ‘conspiracy theorists’.

The reason we conspiracy theorists have been right all along is that we don’t believe that what just happened was a cock-up or a bizarre outbreak of madness which we are now happily over. Rather, we understand that the Plandemic was a means to an end. A viral outbreak no worse than you’d find in a baddish flu year was, at the behest of a sinister cabal of vested interests, distorted, misrepresented and abused to achieve a number of dubious purposes: flogging dodgy vaccines on an unprecedented scale; restricting freedoms; divide and rule; paving the way for health passports, Central Bank digital currencies and a Chinese-style social credit system, and quite possibly depopulation.

None of the problems created by the grotesque abuse of state power over the past two years has been resolved: the lost education; the brainwashing and terrorising of the populace; the defunct businesses; the lives destroyed; the lives yet to be destroyed by the experimental gene therapy of those emergency-authorised, still-only-in-their-trial-phase ‘vaccines’ . . .

The worst, though, is yet to come. Just around the corner – planned over decades by the same cast of shadowy villains and hangers-on who brought you the Covid ‘pandemic’ – is the collapse of the financial system; shortages of everything from food to spare parts caused by the deliberate destruction of the supply chain; increasingly totalitarian governance, perhaps using all those ‘quarantine camps’ which have cropped up everywhere, supposedly as a response to public demands for the ‘security’ provided by bigger government.

No, this is not France in August 1944. Paris has not been liberated, the bad guys are far from being beaten, the collaborators are still busy collaborating and the Resistance remains pitifully thin on the ground. A more accurate analogy is that we are now living through the Phoney War of late 1939 and early 1940. Everything feels oddly peaceful. The bombs aren’t falling. A negotiated settlement still seems possible. Spoiler alert: it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. And the people telling you otherwise are the ones who created the problem in the first place.

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James Delingpole
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