It seems only yesterday I went to see the potty-mouthed US comic Sarah Silverman in her one UK appearance at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Silverman’s material makes Toby Young sound like John Noakes. Sample joke: ‘I was raped by my doctor. That’s kind of a bitter-sweet moment for a Jewish girl.’

At one time Silverman and contemporaries Chelsea Handler and Amy Schumer seemed to be competing to break the most taboos, one diversity tick-box at a time. Schumer had it in for Hispanics, Silverman told jokes about her mother and licking black men’s penises and Handler had a routine about a racist midget she called My Little Nugget.

Here’s how The Observer had enthused over Silverman’s act: ‘Holocaust jokes, Martin Luther King jokes, Aids jokes and lots on Jewish girls and sex – chiefly anal sex and abortion. If she has a staple comedic form, it’s obscenity delivered with a cosy flirtatiousness,’ gushed Alex Renton.

When Silverman finally came to London, it was for one appearance only. So everyone was desperate to see her that night. You could see all the condescenti of Left-wing comedy in the queue beforehand and the pub afterwards.

Being a comedy industry event, the audience was almost entirely Left-wing. Imagine 3,500 pious haters of anything outside their narrow orthodoxy. Every Daily Mail-obsessed, bed-wetting, fake rebel from the comedy business was there. There was a suffocating air of smug. It was the whitest, most middle-class gathering you’ll see outside a Stewart Lee gig.

We all knew exactly what to expect as Silverman’s entire act was on YouTube. In fact, it was disappointing that she didn’t think up any original topical material for her one UK gig. She had an eight-hour flight, for God’s sake – she could have thought of one insult especially for us.

Maybe she could have made Brits the subject of this existing racist gag: ‘I love you more than Puerto Ricans need baths.’ The only unique insult we had to make do with was her indifference.

Graham ‘Father Ted’ Linehan loved it. (We spoke to him and Lucy Porter afterwards in the Duke of Cornwall, the pub round the corner from the Apollo.) I spotted Charlie Brooker staring imperiously at me as I chained up my bike – I could have sworn he’s the same bloke I used to chat to in Goods Exchange in Notting Hill.

The next day, the Guardian reviewer’s disappointment seemed less about the racist material and more about the fact that we’d paid up to £50 for 45 minutes of comedy.

‘This is what liberalism looks like when it is just another off-the-peg lifestyle choice,’ said Brian Logan.

It’s odd that nobody in the audience was upset by the rape and race jokes, though. Nobody walked out or hoiked their skirts up and shrieked as if Toby Young had just walked into the room.

Yet aren’t these exactly the same people who formed a torch-bearing mob to hound Young out of a job?

Ironic, given that Young has created more state schools than the combined efforts of the entire audience that night. Silverman can be as racist as she likes, as she’s Left-wing. Bigotry is great when it’s the right sort. Meanwhile the man who builds schools is the prime target of the Twitter Persecution Service. Seems an odd set of priorities.

In his Observer article Alex Renton had reached this conclusion: ‘Silverman has put something back into contemporary comedy that it badly needed – fear.’

Are they weaponising hypocrisy now?


  1. Lisa, anyone who rides a bike in London has a death wish. Do yourself a favour and leave your bike well and truly chained up,

  2. Nick, anyone who rides a bike in London has a death wish. Do yourself a favour and leave your bike well and truly chained up,

    • It’s one of the few joys I’ve got left these days.

      Please don’t close down that avenue of pleasure too.

      As long as I don’t squeeze myself into lycra I’m offending not anyone, surely.

      It’s brilliant dicing with death every day. Sometimes I deliberately cut up lorries, just for the hell of it

      • Cycling within the Dickensian miasmic gloom of the Metropopilis and
        dicing with death isn’t for me. Lycra and lorries, how ghastly 🙂

        • I don’t wear lyrca. I’d look like a man whose been poured into his trousers and someone forgot to say stop.

          I do like to jump red lights though.

          • Cycling along mountain passes and jumping rocks is far more interesting,
            I agree men should never wear lycra, or for that matter anyone over the
            age of 25.

    • I know someone who cycles to work in London, dropping his young daughter off at the childminder on the way. Or at least he used to, I don’t know whether he still does.

      Other than gasping for breath, I am not sure what if anything I said when I found this out.

  3. I could imagine what the Twitter mob/Guardian/Observer would say if someone like Young or Farage or anyone on the right turned their talents to stand up comedy. ‘Young has picked up where he left off, taking his horrible and vile misogyny and attempting to lighten it in the medium of comedy. What he does is make light of his despicable observations. A waste of time and money.’
    For anyone on the left, ‘what a refreshing take on societal norms. Laughed from start to finish.’
    I don’t think the Guardian/Observer could spell hypocrisy.

  4. I bet there was lots of whooping. The percentage of lefties in the audience can usually be gauged by the amount of whooping. Shrieking like a native American now seems to be another way to virtue-signal appeciation of left wing evangelism.

    As Harry Enfield never said: “Whoop! Whoop! I’m enjoying this considerably more than yow”

          • OK, sorry, I was being flippant. I think punked means being fooled into believing something is real, when it is actually hoax / set-up .

          • Are people serving on committees never allowed to make jokes?

            Wouldn’t it be better to judge his fitness for purpose on his actions, such as setting up schools, helping thousands of people get a chance of a better life, without prejudice.

            His track record is pretty impressive.

          • I don’t disagree; I think there are no winners in the Young fiasco*, as I have mentioned elsewhere. But my point about comparing him to a comedian is valid, I think. (*self inflicted)

          • It may be impressive but as soon as someone on the right was elected as member of the board, their past deeds and misdemeanours were always going to be raked up. This is what the left do. Who cares if he’s put thousands of kids on the road to aspiration, what matters to them is the narrative. He doesn’t follow it and for that, he was always going to be harangued.

          • I thought Silverman, Handler and Schumer were all brilliant.

            Now the light has gone out in their eyes.

            It’s like somebody left a pod under the desk while they were asleep, and now they are these dead eyed shells of what they were.

            Personally I thought they were all hilarious. Now they’re all walking tragedies.

          • Whether they a funny or not is course subjective. What they certainly aren’t are people who up for appointment to Gov’t advisory boards etc.

          • He appears to be a man without prejudice, judging him by his actions, as he’s helped thousands of kids to get a better education. And he’s done that indiscriminately.

            Also, he has practical skills, knowledge and experience of setting up educational establishments, which involves the realpolitik of dealing with authorities, political opponents and bureaucrats, suppliers, teachers and parents.

            That sort of wisdom is invaluable. What better person to advise, than someone who has made all the mistakes and discovered the right way?

            And we chuck all that away, for some numpty whose only qualification is a lack of a sense of humour.

            I’ve never met him, but personally I’d judge him by the achievements, but the aggrievances of people who are blinded by their fanatical prejudices.

          • Satan?

            Don’t you know that the standard benchmark is always Hitler.

            The Holy Trinity of Left Wing comedy comprises Hitler, Trump and the Daily Mail.

            On Newsjack they recite this prayer, over and over. “In the name of the Hitler, The Trump and the Daily Mail”. To add to the agony there’s a rhythm section supplied by a canned laughter machine.

          • Eh? You are either deflecting / deliberately misunderstanding or (being charitable) you have not read my reply. Toby Young may well have the skills for the job; but to try to compare the views / humour / judgement of a potential Government appointee to what sundry comedians have said is ludicrous.

          • Except that his tweets were probably meant to be amusing (in his own mind) and were not related to his political punditry or ambition. The lines have become blurred with Twitter.

    • Punked? Can you please explain what punked means? Punk can mean dead and decaying organic matter. On the other hand, a prison punk is a person at the wrong end of the sexual pecking order. Then there’s the musical genre – where you play instruments badly and make glib statements about revolution.

      How’s it out of context?

  5. I have just watched a few minutes of Sarah Silverman. Not sure what was going on but the audience seemed to enjoy it? No whooping but laughter: not sure what they were laughing at though.

    • I thought she was brilliant. So did all the mostly left wing audience. People were adult enough to know her jokes were tongue in cheek.

      Same with Chelsea Handler. And Amy Schumer. Her jokes about hispanics and consensual sex were too near the knuckle to include.

      But we’re all discerning enough to know she doesn’t mean it, and no hispanic people in the audience got upset.

      Then… something happened. They all got into politics.

      Suddenly, the magic has disappeared. I can’t put a finger on why, but when comedians start giving you serious lectures, their appeal suddenly evaporates.

      They’re supposed to be fools, saying the unsayable and allowing us to make up our own minds.

      Not pedantic lecturers, giving us their glib, half baked second hand slogans.

      At least when they’re being funny, they’re using their own material. Once they get into politics, it’s reheated (and in some cases re-hated) crap from the Camp Corbyn.

  6. She’s an American comedian. Toby Young wanted to sit on an official body.

    There’s an obvious difference.

    • Hasn’t he created schools from scratch and given thousands of kids the chance of a better education?

      Is that not proof enough of his dedication and competence?

      He’s clearly not the misanthrope he jokingly pretends to be.

      What about judging him by his actions? He doesn’t go round pledging allegiance to terror groups and offering support to indiscriminate killers.

      My point was that this outrage is highly selective. It’s completely phoney and the height of cynicism.

      • He’s not a comedian, though. If you go around uttering misogyny and sexual slurs, someone will take you at face value.

        • That’s the problem, everyone’s judged at face value.

          Gandhi wouldn’t get past reception at most companies, if he turned up for an interview the way he used to dress.

          Winston Churchill smelt of brandy and cigars, so nobody would employ him as he wouldn’t be the sort of person ‘you could put in front of customers’.

          • Gandhi had delusions of grandeur. They remained delusions.
            Churchill pre-1939 was a joke, but he found his role and succeeded magnificently in it.

          • Gandhi was hugely unsavoury – as was Churchill – but succeeded in his aim of throwing the Brits out of India.

  7. A large amount of comedy (especially on the BBC) has now just become a party political broadcast on behalf of the left.
    Now there is nothing necessarily wrong with that and the UK has a long tradition of using satire to denigrate the establishment of the day, but I take umbrage when it is on my dime (sorry for the Americanism!)

  8. He knew what he was in for. Why on earth did he go in the first place? The only way you would get me to a show by the likes of Frankie Boyle or Stewart Lee would be bound gagged and sedated.

    • I liked her comedy then, that’s my point. I saw her act on Youtube before she came over to the UK.

      Funnily enough, she repeated the entire routine, verbatim, at the Hammersmith Apollo. Only this time I was standing up and drinking over priced crap lager from a plastic cup, having paid £30.

      She was still funny though. But the conceit of turning up late and doing a 35 minute set of unoriginal material was a portent of what happens to all comedians. They all get delusions of grandeur and turn into late stage Tony Hancocks.

        • She was funny. One day she might be funny again. but she’s in the grip of a cult which has brainwashed her.

          It’s the Moonies all over again. With the moonies, the typical victim would be a middle class person who’d lost their sense of purpose and they’d fall for the moral certainties and safety of the cult.

          These days, they’re all besotted with Jeremy Corbyn. They think he’s omnipotent.

          I don’t know what the answer is. Patience I suppose.

      • lol ok you’re absolved. Personally I find most stand up comedy self indulgent and rather lazy. I have a flicker of sympathy for the repitition, given the huge exposure they get these days. What I really dislike though is poor taste. The doctor joke you repeat is like that, clever and in a classic mould, but leaves a rather queasy feeling.

          • Most countries make good ales which is what makes this lager fetish so incomprehensible. It seems to have started in the 80s and (unlike Porsches and red braces) never gone away.

      • He’s dreadful. He’s got all the warmth of a mortuary draw handle. He’s one of the luckiest most privileged people on the planet, and he chooses to spread gloom and despondency. He’s got no reason to be so despondent and pessimistic.

        Where’s the comedy anyway? There’s no surprise revelations. Just a list of predictable grievances.

        I went to see his friend Herring doing a set at Camden once and it was the same selective outrage about the failings of one religion (catholicism) and the complete denial of any nuances in another (the one that beheads people who insult the prophet). He attacked peaceful tolerant people, because he can.

        So they basically attack the meek and let the thugs inherit the earth. Isn’t that a tad cynical?

        Still, each to their own.

        • His bit on Richard Hammond and Paul Nuttalls of the UKIPs was sublime. And I’m privileged – well, I’m white, male heterosexual and work in the media – but railing against idiocy, no matter who does it, is amusing.

          • Wow, an attack on UKIP. Isn’t that original…
            Stewart Lee and Henning Wehn are two of the plainest ‘comedians’ you could find. Omid Djalili is a funny guy – he rips on everyone.

          • I’m obviously not awake properly. If I do it again, remind me that I’m English and Americanisations will not be tolerated. That should do it.

          • I figured it would. If it’s unoriginal and anti-right, you’ll laugh.
            Nuttall? No idea. Then again, I’m not his keeper.

          • And UKIP is established power?
            You should try taking aim at the power of the left. That might make you feel a bit better.

          • UKIP was a protest party. Not powerful at all.

            Whereas the comedy lobby is a multi billion pound global concern. (They’ve diversified out of comedy mind, but it’s a great brand so they kept the name)

            Stewart Lee doesn’t speak truth to power.

            He confirms bias into a safe space.

            If he was funny and charming, he might be dangerous as he’d widen his influence. As it is, he’s stuck in the ghetto of his own prejudices

          • UKIP have elected MEPs. Neither myself nor Stewart Lee do. Richard Hammond, bizarrely, has millions of viewers. Once you cross that line, you’re fair game. And who said comedians have to be charming? What do you want – Michael MacIntyre, stamping on a human face forever?

          • What I meant, by charming, was that if he tried to amuse people, by maybe saying something surprising and original, my thoughts might be provoked.

            As it is, watching some boring pompous borderline alcoholic endlessly repeating unconvincing statements, all based on articles of faith I don’t share with him, is soul destroying.
            If I wanted that I’d start going back to church again.

          • You’re a right winger. You hate left wing comedy. I get that. But what you can’t do here is turn your personal preference into something factual. It’s just that – a preference.

          • I’m not a ‘right winger’.

            I like comedy. Alexei Sayle is the only partisan comic who has consistently been funny and challenging. That’s because he’s the genuine article I think and not afraid to take the mickey out of everyone.

            He slaughters Alistair Campbell on his Radio 4 programme.

            But Campbell is sacred to many bogus left wing comics. They only allow themselves safe targets.

            Being disappointed in the narrow mindedness of Stewart Lee doesn’t make me right wing.

          • You don’t know me and yet you make judgements.

            There’s a word for people like that. Pre-judicial. no. no, what’s the word…

          • Your opinion here make it fairly plain. As to prejudice, I have loads of it. I can’t stand posh accents, for instance, and want to shove the people with them into the gutter.

          • Well I must say, this is a bit disappointing.

            I thought we were having a sensible conversation and then the name calling began.

            My opinion, such that I expressed any, was that I’m a bit disappointed in the double standards of people.

            I’m bored with the cynical use of victimisation and hate speech.

            I didn’t realise that was a symptom of being right wing. I think you may be conceding the moral high ground to your opponents there.

            Who cares about people’s accents? Does my typing have an accent? Even if it did, why are so you terrified of vowel sounds. Surely we can have a diversity of ways we interpret pronunciation.

            It won’t kill you if I say glass and you say glarse will it?

            Whatever happened to tolerance?

          • “I thought we were having a sensible conversation”

            Sensible conversation and Guevara are mutually exclusive.

          • I’m not tolerant and think it’s a fairly mouldy virtue. Should I hate someone for entirely subjective reasons, I’ll discriminate against them. Society is such that the reasons have to be kept to myself, but I’ll discriminate against people all the same. Such is life. I dislike Young because I think he’s a misogynist and I dislike him because he’s part of the so-called ‘chumocracy’ under which we are suffered to live.

          • I can’t stand people who use glottal stops and who drop the ‘g’ off words ending in ‘ing’.
            Everyone to their own I guess.

          • We’d guessed. Violence and intolerance are a particularly socialist tendancy. I presume that’s why you use an image of Che Guevara who happily executed all those with whom he disagreed.

          • UKIP might have been a protest party in your eyes but certainly not in mine. I know people in UKIP who’d be inclined to agree that it was all about Brexit but their 2015 and 2017 election manifesto’s were excellent. Perhaps you should try reading them before you bandwagon with the usual suspects.

          • You know, despite your moniker and leftiness, you never seem to be insulting or downright hysterical like many of your ilk, so you get points for that in my book – and I’m with you on this too.

            Yes I’m a Tory, but I was also a punk back in the day and I still like mocking established power now and I don’t care which party they’re in..

            I just wish more of these insufferably pious ‘comedians’ were a bit more evenhanded in their mockery. I’ve stopped watching Mock the Week and HIGNFY for that reason.

            Commie Corbyn and Marxist McDonnell are such rich veins to mine for comedic content after all…

            “Have you heard the one about the shadow chancellor who thought that a socialist economy was just what we needed?” That’s a side-splitter even without a punchline.

          • The reason why I’m here is that the Guardian is horrifically intellectually stunted to the extent that anyone who can seemingly walk and talk at the same time is traduced as an elitist and anyone who doesn’t want to wear Jeremy Corbyn’s Lenin hat and talk adoringly of the leader is similarly denounced as a Tory, either closet or overt. The intellectual calibre of the Left, such as it is, would barely come out of the end of a Lee Enfield.

            And as to Twitter, I have a work account, but it can be used only for the most anodyne asides. Even when I talked about mental health, a subject I have some expertise in and exposure through to past work with the Army, I woke in a cold sweat a two am and deleted it, such is my fear or being made redundant and such is the job market for people who won’t see 40 again.

            For all its, um, foibles, and the abortion debate last night was eye-popping, what I will say for the Right is that the intellectual standards are a lot higher and it’s possible to have something approaching a half decent conversation about current affairs. It’s made me change my mind about the trans issue for one, and that gives me at least some interest in rethinking my other views.

          • I take my hat off to you Baz. It’s a novelty to debate with someone from the other side politically who is not only sensible but polite too.

            That’s how we are here on the right, most of us anyway, so as far as I’m concerned you are welcome here.

            As for the Guardian, well I have often been dismayed by the intellectual paucity and wilful ignorance of commenters on their forums. I’d love them to engage in robust and intelligent debate but they nearly always resort to ad hom as soon as they realise I’m on the right. Ideology is far more important to them it seems. Sad.

            Oh well! Good to have someone decent to argue with for a change!

          • A bit harsh Col, at least he’s not called anyone a Nazi yet. It takes about 30 secs for that to happen over at the Grauniad.

            Besides, isn’t it a good thing to have someone with opposing views here who actually debates you in an adult manner? I’d be bored if we were always preaching to the converted as it were.

            Anyway, not even medieval torture would ‘reel me in’ to Socialism so you needn’t worry.

          • It’s amazing what a bit of intellectual rigour and respect for your political opponents will get you. Lefties who are gentlemen are few and far between. I may softly/vehemently disagree with you, but I’d stand you a pint anytime.

          • Fair enough.

            It’s odd that he gets so worked up about a man who makes a TV programme for people who like cars, and seems to have fun doing it.

            Stewart Lee’s puritanical streak and his bitterness at other people’s enjoyment seems rather ugly to me.

      • He is funny, but as the article notes, insufferably smug. He writes a ‘humorous’ column in the Guadian, which is about as funny as a dead dog.

  9. With the Puritans of the 21st century, if you’re right-wing and make a tasteless comment about a woman’s cleavage, your career is finished, if you’re on the left and you dismiss Leave voters subhuman racist thickos, well that’s A-OK.

    • We should just ignore the Left and get on with it. Most of them will eventually grow up and admit reality at least privately.

  10. Sarah Silverman is not relevant here. The comparison to make it with Jared O’Mara and John McDonnell and why the same high principles applied to Toby Young are not being applied to them. Andrew Neill skewered a Labour MP yesterday by quoting McDonnell’s words about Ester McVey.

    • McDonnell called for the assassination of Thatcher – that’s when not calling for the lynching of Esther McVey.

        • Hate crimes are collected in a big online database and then ignored other than to use the statistics as proof hate crime was caused by Brexit

    • I saw that piece. He investigated Eugenics.

      So did the journalist who ‘exposed’ him.

      They both investigated Eugenics. Neither seems to express any opinions on it. But of course, one of them is a monster for it.

    • Toby Young’s problem is that you can be an outspoken new media commentator thinking and saying the unthinkable. Or you can be a pillar of the educational establishment – like his father. But you can’t be both. I think he is a fine example of a stupid very clever person. Jo Johnson on the other hand I think is a privileged stupid person promoted well beyind their limited competence.

  11. Have I missed the black dresses and feminine fury directed at the hundreds of thousands of men in this country whose religion commands the beating of a disobedient wife, her incarceration until given permission to leave the house and her forced acceptance of marital intercourse?

    • If that were to happen (the feminine fury at Muslims) in my lifetime, in our society, I’d eat my own head.

    • Cultural relativism – the “acceptable” racism of the leftists. Because their goal is not true equality or justice but just the destruction of everything that has gone before.

      • That’s liberalism. it is essentially the ideology of destruction, with no idea what will replace the destroyed.

        It doesn’t have to have a idea because ‘people are naturally good and things will work out well in the end’.

        So it thinks.

  12. “We all knew exactly what to expect as Silverman’s entire act was on
    YouTube. In fact, it was disappointing that she didn’t think up any
    original topical material for her one UK gig. ”

    You need to get a life mate, watching that sort of video faeces fries your brain, ref Marcus Brigstocke and anyone else on HIGNFY/live or actually not and braindead audience at the Apollo.

    • It’s not without irony that Brigstocke’s name is made up of two form of punishments in which you are detained whilst being subject to ridicule.
      Rather like his act really.

        • the good bits of which are written by someone else. It started as Brigstocke just being his gap year self – underwhelming.

      • Indeed, real name – probably so.

        But no audience – no money.

        If you pay £50 a throw then, I guess you’re going to try very, very hard to find something funny so help you God. ………The thing is, I occasionally I will watch these ‘comedians’ where they show the audience’s ‘enjoyment’ and watch in fascination at their – the audience that is, their glazed looks, hysterical laughter, laughing at something – I know not – and about what, still for £50 a pop, probably I’d be attempting to roll about too, though likely drowning my sorrows and toasting my stupidity – in the theatre’s bar.

        I used to despair and still do, there’s too much political comment dressed up as in your face humour, an endless PC drill and ranks (pun intended) of unfunny funnies.

        Ah, but sometimes ‘The detectorists’ can provide some very funny moments, mixed in with quite a subtle subtext of social observations.

        Although for genuine comic timing, it’s still hard to match Dad’s Army, the interplay between the senior cast was exquisitely done and a sly nod and dig at stolid British social stratification – what fun they must have had off set.
        Chapman, Palin, Cleese, Idle, Jones – when they let if really flow, ad libed, indeed had the spark – too. Michael Palin, a gent and I also have a lot of time for Griff Rhys Jones, there’s some white hot Celtic fire behind the gentle humour. Whereas, Palin is just daft, zany, moderately irreverent stuff but so ‘down my Yorkshire street’ – as it were, we’ve never met but Michael Palin is a school friend I/we never had – his character would have fitted in so neatly with our lot and yet like ships in the night, we are.
        Hugh Dennis, is a laugh I can get with him because he shuns the nanny state, post modernist bombast and its ‘we know better’ admonishing hauteur, personified by the oirish genius who sits across the studio.

        I wouldn’t go to the end of our street to see Silverman, even if someone had stumped up for a ticket – I pay and visit the dentist and have ‘more’ laughs.

  13. “There was a suffocating air of smug. It was the whitest, most middle-class gathering you’ll see outside a Stewart Lee gig.”

    I’ve come across a few Lee fans online and they remind me of 4th form a-holes. Just not very good human beings.

        • There’s no doubting that Stewart Lee is one of the best and funniest comedians Britain has ever produced. I remember watching him on Fist of Fun with Richard Herring long before he was a household name. It was brilliant, clever stuff while BBC 1 was pushing the no brain required antics of Vic and Bob.

          That said. Unfortunately, he’s a left wing fool. I’ll watch him and laugh myself silly. And then afterwards I’ll think ‘What a ****’.

  14. It still fascinates me the association of Jews with the Left. Do the former not realise that the latter would push them under a bus at the first opportunity if they weren’t spouting the same right-on drivel?

  15. Hypocrisy and fake outrage have been the lefts stock in trade from the sixties at least. You can’t really blame them given how effective it’s been in silencing alternative views. Look at the vilification of Tim libdem. Rather than whinge, the centre and right need to learn the lesson and use the same tactic.

  16. How could this situation not have occurred after the so called Conservatives failed to repeal any of the Labour’s illiberal “hate speech” law that brought about the end of free speech in Britain in the first place? It’s now open season on Conservatives because they still haven’t got the guts to repeal the 2003 the Criminal Justice Act, which made flesh the warnings of George Orwell by defining a “hate crime” as: “Any incident . . . which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate.” Why was this thought crime law not repealed as a priority by either Cameron or May? It is a law that meant that for the first time in English jurisprudence it didn’t matter whether a crime had been committed before an arrest could take place so long as someone could claim to have been “offended” or the victim of a “hate crime”.
    Along with this law grew, like topsy, a huge new bureaucracy of taxpayer funded (through legal aid) race hate activists to police the free use of language, defending those who declared themselves to have been offended. This turned all notions of just law on its head as those prosecuted became the victims of someone else’s opinion, often a bigot with an axe to grind. Above all, it is those 18 words from the Macpherson report have been used to effectively snuff out free speech. It all happened so fast that before we knew it we were already well on our way to the situation all those on the centre right now find themselves in. Join the club Toby Young, because in 2002, Robin Page, a television presenter, was arrested for inciting racial hatred when he stated that people living in the countryside, and who supported fox hunting, should be granted the same rights as blacks, gays and lesbians. Or how about fourteen-year-old schoolgirl Codie Stott who was arrested over a “racial incident” in 2006, after she asked to be moved to a different discussion group where her fellow pupils actually spoke English. She was released without charge but only after spending several hours in the cells where her DNA was taken, (read “2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” by David Vincent). You reap what you sow or rather don’t unsow and the sheer stupidity of the so called Conservatives in allowing this law to remain will ensure not only their own demise but the flensing of all conservative opinion from the cradle of democracy and the end of free speech in Britain..

    • ‘defining a “hate crime” as: “Any incident . . . which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate’
      Truly Orwellian. What sort of a conservative, or liberal in power could tolerate this evil garbage.
      One day, I hope, thousands of courageous Britons will enter mosques or at least monitor all mohammedan media outlets & report their feelings of justified offence at the proceedings & their hate filled contents.

  17. A genuinely free state is one which encourages debate and recognise that short
    of libel & encouraging violence, anything goes – though anyone who mocks the disabled
    is a coward & beyond the pale.
    I’m not crazy about potty mouthed comics, especially women, but if they’re funny, that’s OK by me.
    Some of the funniest writers & comedians have been non pc, and even Goon Shows & Fawlty Towers have had some of the best gags censored on recent reissues.
    It’s very sad that wealthy, pseudo socialists have so much say in the world of comedy.
    It’s entirely bogus & self serving and It’s about time for a new wave of alternative comedians,
    ones who reflect what most British people feel about subjects from the EU to islam.
    But whereas the unpleasant BNP, let alone the Tories, never beat anyone up who mocked their politics, even a passing comment on islam guarantees outrage accompanied by violence.
    The leftist mobs, egged on byLabour have ensured that President Trump, our most important
    ally isn’t visiting the UK. His disapprobation will cost us dear.
    As head of state he is the equivalent of our Queen.
    Imagine if a royal visit to the States was cancelled due to fears of mob violent protests.

    • With reference to potty mouthed comics (or pretty much anybody else) I fall back on what my mom taught me – that it is the mark of the poorly educated, I’ve never had cause to revise that standard.

      With reference to the Trump visit, I doubt the demonstrations would stop him, although he may not consider it the proper battle at this point. Writing about this on my blog this morning I said this,

      “Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. I doubt Trump is particularly enthused about the British government support for the Iranian regime either, particularly since it appears to be crass commercialism even by American standards, while protestors are dying in the streets. Nor is the increasing constriction of free speech likely to appeal to him. He may well also be wondering why she apparently has no conception of decision making and leading if so, he joins a lot of Americans, and Britons, for that matter, wondering about that.

      I expect that it’ll work out, we’ve been through far worse, but it is sort of fun to watch the cousins spat.”

      Don’t overdo it, yes, he is head of state as the Queen is, but also head of government and therefore political, and he’s a big boy, able I think to separate the trivial, like the Mayor of London, from the important, like the Iranian protesters.

      • I appreciate your comments.
        The trouble with the UK, is that the police are voluntarily impotent in the face of leftist demonstrators.
        At a Conservative conference a couple of years back, a mob, encouraged by a locally present Corbyn, spat at conference attendees, while the cops did nothing.
        When rioting mohammedans were arrested actually in Parliament, during the Salmon Rushdie Riots, the police let the whole lot off without charge if they promised to leave the building.
        Worst of all, the London riots were allowed to run for a couple of days while the cops stood by. People died, millions of pound of damage was caused, buses & buildings burned, many people robbed in the street.
        But the rioters were leftists & so virtuous – their cause was the death of a
        (sort of) black violent criminal.
        I was on a train from Chicago to Memphis a year after, and a black American in service uniform told us that he had wanted to visit London, but it seemed that rioters could do what they wanted, so why go all that distance to get mugged without any police action.
        Then there was the two days of leftist rioting outside the Israeli embassy,
        unimpeded by the police who pretended it was a demo —
        I could go on.
        Suffice it to say, the US president would be humiliated if he visited the UK
        thanks to highly politicised policing.

        • As i do yours. Of all the places in the world that I still want to visit, London/England/Britain is the top of the list, and yes, the reports do give one pause. As do reports from some of our cities like Chicago. Where more people died violently last year than did from all causes in the US Military, fetal police are nearly as bad, which is what has happened here.

          Not sure if it would wash with POTUS though, the SS guys are something to conjure with, and not likely to leave their Uzis on the plane – which would be very ugly, and wise to avoid it.

          • We love Chicago ,
            Central of course, & have visited it 3 times.
            New York is probably today safer than some parts of London which is more like New York in the 70s with several no go areas.
            Our police are rarely armed & as guns are rare compared to US, many street criminals use knives etc, happy in the knowledge that even murder is often downgraded to manslaughter.
            Central London is very safe & still has some fine buildings & museums
            plus restaurants, character pubs etc.
            Otherwise some of our small, by US standards, cities have much to commend them, also our market towns.
            The fact remains that when leftists riot, and only they do, in the UK
            they are now largely unpunished by a highly politicised police which
            has been in conflict with the Conservative party for some years,
            I know not why.

    • Hmmmm. Gary Delaney eh? Might go and see him.

      I’d settle for anyone who doesn’t start their set with “Any Americans in tonight?

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